Orgonizing lightning conductor and copper water pipes?


I was just thinking that when an Earth Pipe is built, the principle is to have piece or orgonite with a single point crystal and a conical spiral to lead the orgone inside the tube. As I understand the copper tube amplifies and facilitates the orgone flow in one direction.

Copper is often used over here (Europe) to build lightning conductors and also sometimes to build the wide water pipes (channels) to get rid off the rain (the ones outside houses, going from the roof to the ground) . The lightning conductors create an electrical path between the tip of a building and some underground water.

What if we attached one or two pieces of orgonite (with the same type of crystal and copper spiral used for EPs) to the lightning conductors or the external copper water pipes of some houses? Wouldn’t the copper help the orgone flow going inside the ground?

If it work, that would transform many houses in EPs and reduce the need for copper tubes.

I did not try it yet…