Orgonon Gifted

Greetings Gifters!

It is with great pleasure to join you here in this effort. I’ve been watching this forum for a couple of years now and been in touch with Don. At this point I feel I have something to share. Thank you Don for the invite. Thank you to the warriors for all you do!

Recently I visited Reich’s Orgone research lab located in Rangeley, Maine.

I was so impressed by Orgonon. Visiting there really brought it all to life for me. I’m on a limited budget, so I didn’t spring for the in-house tour this trip. What I did do was place five TBs around the house. I used the compass to determine positions for placement. The TBs are placed in a pentagon. As the building has a Southeast facing, it was easy to start at the North end as the point and worked my way around using my compass to determine placement for the other pieces.

As I worked my way around the house I passed a tour guide who was showing some folks around. I overheard him telling them that some people believe that orgonite works to restore the environment to natrual equlibrium. He went on to say he wished that someone would gift this place so the stormy weather would discipate. I just smiled and went on to Reich’s tomb.

At Reich’s tomb I placed a TB in his head. I hope it will free his spirit. Don, it was interesting to return here and find in your mail that Reich was still there. Maybe Carol can see if the gifting made a difference.

I’m planning a return there in a couple of weeks to pay the admission and gain entry to the house. Any feedback regarding the gifting technique would be appreciated. If an earthpipe is required, I could go prepaired to take care of it.

Photos … 2/Orgonon/

I thought you might like to get a look at the place for yourselves.


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