Original Bilderberg Hotel Busted

Hi all,

I guess it was more or less my duty to do this one. I’ve not done that much gifting lately sad to say, but thanks to an occasional well-spent afternoon, the complete city of Arnhem is now gifted. Arnhem is not that big a city, but it has been the scene of a famous second war battle (‘A bridge too far’), and also houses the original Bilderberg (Bilder-mountain) hotel. I spent yesterday afternoon biking up and downhill with a box of TB’s (100+). Highlights were as mentionned, the usual death towers, the war-cemetary that recently was visited by her majesty, whose father Prince Bernhard co-organised the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954. (The war cemetary and the hotel are about 1 km apart) It was great fun to finish this one off and interesting to read what’s on the censored wikipedia-pages (the entry on orgonite has been banned as you know) on the Bilderberg group. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilderberg if you care to read for yourself, there is a picture of the hotel as well. the hotel itself did not feel that bad, but there was a large antenna array nearby that did.
One might hope that busting that spot is symbolically important aiding the demise of their filthy secret agenda. Glad to have been the one to do this!

worth: 1 helicopter

all the best


NB to Carolien: I lied to you about not having TB’s left, just a little joke on them, sure you’ll appreciate


worth: 2 helicopters

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Great work, Dirk!..

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