Other forms of orgonite

Did anybody try to make the form of orgonite as a big pebble? I am going to do this as HHG (with crystals in it and paint with GRANITE paint and after that with some waterproof mat lack to seal and make more durable – especially in water) I know that form matters, but I am courious and I love to find multipurpuse solutions and for me aestetics is important, too. I am going to make a little pool (diameter 3 yards) in my garden and this big pebble (some of them) will be on bottom in water to treat it and make everything intersting. I intend to make healing water. Next: water will be circling with help of a pump in a vortex (that’s why round form) AND after going through pump water is going to get another “treatment” with strong magnet and ozone. Any comments? I am curious to see what is going to happen? Will it need still chemicals to maintain water clear algae free. I hate smell of chlorine.

Beside natural look this orgonit pebble could be nice addition in garden – no attracting of unwanted attention… just some oval pebbles…lying around…

I hope I will be able to realize all this this summer. Problem is ozonator and very strong magnet… and this is going to be do-it-yourself project…

Meta, some people make natural-looking TBs for gifting in places where the secret police are likely to search for the orgonite. Their army psychics are too spiritually degraded to specifically sense it, fortunately.

Orgonite has a powerful effect on water, though results seem to vary quite a bit. The small lake that Dr Kayiwa and I gifted near Kampala, Uganda, is now reputed to heal people who bathe in it but it was terribly polluted and dead beore we gifted it with a small amount of orgonite in December, 03. The brackish creek beside our home in Florida remains sort of ugly (though it’s now loaded with fish and probably plants, judging by the new presence of manatees), after six months, in spite of a hundred or so towerbusters along its two mile length. Eric Carlson and I laboriously gifted it from a couple of small boats then. The estuary it empties into is in good shape from gifting, at least, but it was pretty nasty before we gifted it six months ago. A couple of miles further downstream the water in Jupiter Inlet is pristine, clear aqua from orgonite, as is the surrounding sea for many miles. Before, all of it was pretty sad-looking and dreary. Now, there are plenty of people seeing dolphins close to shore, too.

I think you’re going to have some fun experimenting with orgonite in the Adriatic Sea. I bet it’s pretty polluted at your end.

Mostly, water clears up and becomes quite vital with just a little orgonite. Nobody’s explored the use of gifted water for healing. Kelly figured out that the easiest, perhaps best way to energize water is to put a container of it in the middle of the cloudbuster’s pipes not closer than a foot from the top ofthe clouduster’s base. Distilled water holds the energy best and the container should be kept closed when not in use.

I have a similar project in the works to yours and I think it will create a powerful vortex and it will be ‘powered’ by a tubfull of water that’s kept rotating with a pump. A large dodecahedron on a float will rotate in the water and I may need to put a pyramid over the whole thing in order to generatethe vortex–we’ll see. This will be our second vortex-generating attempt. The first one was quite successful and was kept running in our backyard in Idaho for a year and a half until we gave it to Dooney and GPS (‘Great and Powerful Stevo’) in Montana, where it’s still running on their property.

Lots of people are inspired to develop new approaches and the best thing to do is to just follow through with the ideas we get, I think. There are many, many ways to achieve any specific results, now, and the solutions might come through anyone’s mind, any time,so it’s good to pay close attention to our instincts and inner promptings. The ‘sharing’ stage has more impact when the idea has already been developed into 3D, of course, because we’re all more interested in results than in supposition.