Our First 108's

Quite often when We are thinking of starting a ,new never before attempted by Us, Orgonite project it is

very revealing how successful it will be by the, unfortunatally succesful attempts by THEM to slow the project down or stop

It all together… This 108 project was no different ….within 1 hour of getting back from bkk I had the smoothest 108 gifting tbs sorted arranged out on the floor in a crude 108 design to see how big a chunk of wood We needed to get tommorow … then Na walked in the door asking

why the POLICE were asking around about Our address while We were away… lived on this soi for over 3 years and I think I’ve only seen one cruiser a couple yrs ago . and I hadn’t even made a crude arrangement on the floor yet and now the POLICE are looking for Our house…

Took Us about better part of a week to get everything together to build the first one…

and in that time incredible Sylph shows with the most spectacular being 2 days before final assembly hundreds of small identical Sylphs filled the sky like a regiment waiting for an assignment was beautiful sorry no pics…….

Went with 6’ for the first one , started rain

Storming, thunder lightening the day before in anticipation of it …

Soon as the last tb was glued in place We heard a large very slow moving jet directly overhead Our property at an extremely high altitude… It was all white cept for the back third was dark blue… We knew the jet was assessing the drastic increase in the por field…. By 5pm small drizzling started, 5:30

Lightening flashes off in the distance… The rain kept on building into a full on down pour with 8 hrs of thunder and lightening… Na said this is not suppost to rain like this in the dry season…

The next day Sunday We heard numerous reports of 30 minute hail storms 5 km nw of Us…. front page of the paper said"lemon sized hail stones in the north of thailand many homes damaged and more expected to come….

By Monday the outer edges of the KHEMKRUD we’re lightening up enough to give Us the nicest mountain sunset WE’ve ever experienced ,the sky was so clear the sunset was the most incredible I’ve seen in northern Thailand in 5 yrs….

. the only time We’ve ever cleared for a sunset like that is 3 days after arriving on the beach with the beachbuster laying on the sand pointing towards where the sunset is going to be…. in this case all we did was assemble Our first 108…. these 108’s are powerful! and is easy to see, when looking back, why I was kept away from deploying one till now… the one were building now is 8’x8’

and will go up from there… thinkiing want to try 108 ep’s sledged in … hmm I wonder if that could be done with a 100’ tape? any ideas out there for Me on this?

We also heard hail reports of the night Before 10 km west of Us!- That’s 2 nights of back to back hail hmmm. Hail is Very rare in Thailand … Last time We caused that was 3 years ago when We built and gifted out some c/bs here … The hail made the paper quoting an aging resident that He hadn’t seen hail for 68 years….

the factory sold 5 of Our new larger earthpipes to Alex in malaysia and He reports "Maybe it’s just my area, but it’s almost like monsoon season. It’s really weird. I’ve never seen this kind of weather at this time of year. It should be dry and sunny, but it’s not. I’m worried what the actual monsoon season is going to be like… Right now for example, it’s raining, raining for the past 3-4 hours. Rained almost every single night.

3 days ago it was bad, the thunder was shaking the house so much I though bombs were dropping. The roof, doors and windows were vibrating so hard that it set off the alarm three times. Crazy!


Crazy is right… Today the sky was absolutely spectacular… Driving out for My nightly brisk walk/exercise, into the sunset , couldn’t believe how clear the tall doi Suthep mtn is… So clear it was almost like the mountain moved closer… Crazy…. Mathew will ride His scooter up there tomorrow and take pics …. I’ve never seen Chiang Mai crystal clear from up doi Suthep in 5 years… This will be incredible evidence of how powerful these 108s are if its as clear as I suspect if is holds tomorrow wow just can’t wait, plus the new 8’x8’ should be assembled grid willing tomorrow…. Oh btw We had no less then 4 copter flyovers today while working on the 8’ 108 [Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]. THEY hit Us overnight with the worst whiteout We’ve seen yet… Can’t even see doi Suthep mountain anymore and it is 15 miles in front of Us… 8’ 108 is almost ready and will be deployed an the roof soon,…

Will see how long THEY can keep this up??

Workin on the next 8’ 108 for Bangkok and another for Our rice farm Orgonite experiment in Nakhon Sawan…

… 2 days later and still whiteout…. 8’ 108 is standing up on its side so can receive 3 coats of stain to hopefully discourage ants here in the sub-tropics…

Next day While staining turns out We only built a 107 so the final

T/b just glued on today …. Will be interesting to see what happens when the 8’ gets turned up to the sky… The roof, it will be mounted on, points at about a 30 degree angle towards doi Suthep mum(thai mtn)

The 6’ has been deployed/buried all this time, can’t see the sky although points skyward…

Got the 8’ mounted on the roof today and a spectacular Sylph showed up….

within an hour clearing a nice blue patch overhead but… We have been inundated with the hazy whiteout for days now and it is not water vapor I’m sure …. A German expat friend of a friend sent word to Me that I have to make more Orgonite cause Hs new Baby is having trouble breathing when outside and others have noticed the whiteout itching Their noses for over a week now… I explained the latest ATTACKS are directly related to the deployment of the 108s…. ie: before during and after the 6’ deployment, skies were incredibly clear then THEY hit Us!

This is embarrassing , Our 8’ 18 pattern was cut out incorrectly [Image Can Not Be Found]

Will make a new one soon and get galvanized flat metal roofing sheets to build the new 108s with…. If I wasn’t so occupied daily with taking on the most corrupt g& si CABAL IDE like to think would have noticed this before the roof mounting but I got to say by the appearance of the Sylph shortly after the roof mounting these things are powerful … Can’t wait to see just how powerful an 8’ is when using an accurately drawn pattern!….

Next day… Very interesting day . The pattern is only out 1" on a few and the tbs are fullsized 3" muffins so it seems to be still workin ? Guess only 1" out on 3" still puts the tb where its suppost to be at least the centre of it… The white haze is staring to diminish and THEY are no longer flying over during the day but shortly after sunset there were numerous low flyovers many slow moving large jets and a big ARMY type helicopter by the sound of it Huey?... Flying over at night can only be cause THEY know We collect THEIR pictures (when were quick enough)… should post this ongoing 108 record soon as it’s very obvious THEY are paying very close attention to this 108 experiment!

Local Sunday night market was forced to close as a few hours of lightening brought rain and wind… It is not suppost to be storming like this now with the hot /dry season upon Us…

Wind is becoming noticeable the last few days as well…. Wind is vey rare in northern Thailand that I’ve seen over the last 5 yrs… compared to sk especially Makes little or no wind enjoyable and starting to look into paragliding lessons… it would sure be an incredible feeling gifting while sailing through the skies with the Sylphs guiding the way… Helmet cam on flying through a Sylph [Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Yep these, 2 so far, 108’s are powerful! This is a pic of the 8’ mounted on the roof… The 6’ is under the bed that sits directly below the 8’….

during yesterdays walk/exercise I came around the corner and seen a thai Man pointing up in the
Sky to show others nearby a CHEMTRAIL SPEWPLANE trying to lay down a swath directly overhead the roof Your looking at a pic of…but it dissipated within 4 or 5 seconds! this is a scene that very rarely occurs in Thailand, in fact in 5 years I’ve seen maybe a dozen SPEW-overs but never ever over Chiang Mai, only seen those when were on a massive TOWERbusting mission involving 1000s of tbs over 1000s of kilometers….

in Regina sk the average day would see no less than 200 SPEWOVERS but We’ve distributed
10s of 1000’s of tbs there in a city of 200k… It is the most gifted land on the globe and that was My goal over 10 years ago when I proved to MySelf that Orgonite works BIGTIME!
Spoke with My Bro lastnight and regina and saskatoon(My hometown) have record snowfalls… That’s the most snow in well over 100 years! I told Dave K last week that all the snow there is
a direct result of those extra large earth pipes We built and deployed there last summer….

Chiang Mai province has had 4 days of rain, not a lot of rain but it has rained a little for 4 straight days, weather has cooled off considerably … I will remind You that it is still the dry season here and traditionally lasts for 2 more months near…

Orgonite has certainly changed thailands weather for the better, when We moved here 5 yrs ago
It was in drought, air was densely polluted, huge percentage of People wore breathing masks etc
I will some day soon update The Thailand massive gifting post as is long overdue and can spend time on it now that I have another 2 months to stay close to home [Image Can Not Be Found]

It appears to Me that the bigger We build the 108 the more powerful it is, have any Warriors built a 108 bigger than 8’ yet?
also still waiting for suggestions from anyone on ideas bout 108 earth pipes being being deployed in a 108 pattern, getting them in accurately is what I’m most concerned about…. [email protected]

I just had to add my testimony to the incredible job Gare did with gifting Regina, Saskatchewan. I drove through the area the September before last, and I could hardly believe how the city and the whole region around it felt. It was the best energetic atmosphere I have yet experienced anywhere and a very welcome change from Winnipeg where I had been the day before. Winnipeg definitely needs some work, or at least it did back then. Regina felt like a different dimension [Image Can Not Be Found] . For miles across the flat prairie as I approached Regina I could see the sky get more and more deeply blue, and feel the ambient energy get better and better and better. It was so good it really is hard to describe.

Gare did one awesome job with that city. You’d have to go there to see/feel what I mean.


thx Mike… yes regina is done cept for the 108 that should have been deployed there years ago already, after I’ve seen
the amazing results here in chiang mai the last month, fellow gifting Partner Dave K is building His first 108 as We type this…

Dave and I poured up another 220 kg drum of resin, into tb’s and ep’s, last summer for winnipeg… but it is yet to be gifted due to time constraints and lack of a first rate Gifting Buddy… it would have got done this coming summer but now I have the best reason in the world to stay here so … do You have time , gas & car to take care of it? the ammo is sitting waiting…

self – edit [Image Can Not Be Found]

Gare, after Steve Baron and friends had distributed tens of thousands of towerbusters, etc., throughout the Toronto metro area in 2004 the sky remained whited out for some more months until Becca, as recommeded by Don Bradley, dumped a whole lot of orgonite in the sea off Newfoundland. Since then whiteouts are rare in Toronto.

So I’m wondering if the sewer rats are heavily vested in keeping Thailand’s sky whited out on account of your similarly extensive work in that county.

Violent weather is something that orgonite has never created, in our experience, and is more characteristic of weather warfare. When orgonite devices (especially orgonite cloudbusters) influence rainfall it’s generally soft and steady and the water tends to soak into the ground quickly. Thunder is soft and lightning is rare. Hail, especially large hail, indicates extremely high cloud formations into the stratosphere, rather.

I assume there are a lot of orgonite cloudbusters in Thailand, based on your and others’ reports from there.

The cop visit and the violent weather might indicate an active agenda to destroy what you’ve gained but the wonderful thing about orgonite is that the more bad energy is thrown at it the nicer the atmosphere becomes [Image Can Not Be Found]

When I was field testing 3-ounce towerbusters in the summer of 2002 in all the towns and cities across the Snake River Valley in Southern Idaho I regularly produced violent thunderstorms just as I finished flipping all the death towers and weather weaponry in and around successive towns and cities. The nearest orgonite cloudbuster was more than 200 miles away, in Boise, so there was a lot of lightning as well as tall, very tall, dark clouds just over those towns. Within an hour the storms were spent and the sky became clear, again. The sky remained clear all around these anomalous storm cells.

You seem to have a sense that all of this is connected to the 108 and I don’t doubt it, though some of that might be evidence of a reactive campaign by the sewer rats . The faster disappearance of chemtrail-seeded clouds after you set them up is a good confirmation, at least, that the 108s are producing a new effect in the local atmosphere–also the sudden appearance of all those Sylphs, I think. This is a very personal form of confirmation, of course. If you hadn’t been distributing untold thousands of towerbusters in the region the local effects of the 108s might have been even more dramatic, I think.

The timing of Alex’s use of the earthpipes is very interesting! It may be that you and he were intuitively directed in this event. Carol and I may have had a similar experience in 2003 when we were surprised to find a massive HAARP array outside of Delano, California on our way home to Idaho from LA–we had driven up the east side of the three hundred mile long San Joaquin Valley (irrigated desert) to distribute a towerbuster every three miles, as we’d done up the west side on another trip. Delano is near the south end, by the way; Sacramento is at the north end of the desert portion.

The smog disappeared throughout the valley in a few minutes. I don’t remember when thick smog had not covered that valley and I always hated driving through it on that account. Now it’s gorgeous, still clear and all green–not a desert any more but that happened later on [Image Can Not Be Found]

We assumed that flipping that big HAARP array did it all but we later met with Richard, a prolific gifter in Reno whom we’d worked with, and he told us that on the same morning he had flipped a similarly huge HAARP array outside of Sacramento. We were evidently guided to do those arrays simultaneously. I can imagine that the sewer rats’s ‘global warming’ campaign took quite a huge hit, that morning. Maybe you and Alex were in synch, that way. At any rate, thanks a lot for posting your observations, Gare, because these are extremely valuable for the record. We might not realize the full value for many more years but. meanwhile, one of the benefits of thoroughly recording our observations is that the fakers won’t be able to claim credit for what we’re all accomplishing. The CIA, MI6. Mossadomites and perhaps Jesuits have a large stable full of skilled fakers. The Triads seem to be behind in the game, though they’re evidently keeping these other sewer rat agencies on a fairly generous leash for now. I don’t think the Triads ever needed propaganda since their power is of a different sort and I don’t think they care much about public opinion. You’re in Asia, so you’re on their historical turf.

When violent weather happens within 20 or 30 miles of an ordinary orgonite cloudbuster it probably indicates a direct, concerted attack from several weather weaponry facilities, sometimes hundreds of miles away. I think that’s how the deadly tornado was generated in Montgomery, Alabama last spring, for instance. Sometimes map dowsing is a good way to find the key weather weaponry and even underground facilities where the attacks are being coordinated. The sewer rats got pretty good at generating violent weather from underground facilities, in fact. I think they started moving in that direction when folks started flipping the HAARP and other types of weather weaponry with orgonite [Image Can Not Be Found] and I bet the sewer rats had to call on help from ‘out of town’ in that case (Draconians?–just a thought). They’re just as vulnerable to what we’re doing as the human sewer rats are, of course.

Have you taken a look at the polluted canals in Bangkok since you did all that water gifting there last year? We look for comparative clarity and the absence of scum, for instance. Since the city has a lot of canals it should be pretty easy to see if there’s a difference, now. Movies filmed in that town in the past showed opaque, brown water in the canals. If there are coastal waters that were polluted, before, it’s also good to take note if these were also cleaned by orgonite, which is what we did along both of Florida’s coasts and through the Keys during our successful HAARPicane-busting campaign there. Cleaning polluted water and restoring fish population is a secondary benefit of flinging orgonite in bodies of water but I think it’s very important.

Don, We’ve dumped many thousands (10?) into the seas round thailand but thats south of here and I assume the Dolphins moved those to needed underwater TOWER locations, in My upcoming post " Our most productive sea journey ever" I talk about Us starting it cause a Dolphin was spotted swimming in the chao phraya river through bangkok, perhaps the 10 thousand or so that were dumped in there have been moved by Our Friends? I doubt all of the tbs have gone though, so We dumped in another 1800 on that sea journey post, I will get that up soon as possible but right now we’re working on a large order 2000+ tbs for america… the factory produces the tbs without profit so can supply large quantities cheaply, that order worked out to less than $1 per tb plus shipping….

yesterday Mathew and I travelled up to berma for another visa run and visited with Eddie san from japan on the way back, He stays with His lady Friend Songson just south of berma and there is a DOR corridor through that area that We have been battling for five years… all TOWERS busted many earth pipes and Songson has a c/b set up in Her yard by Eddie that Kelly built… one of His torsian angled pipe cbs… We’re building a 108 to mount on the roof of Her cat house hoping that will help? not good at map dowsing but I suspect there is an underground base somewhere in those mountains?

next trip through those mountains will toss one out every 3 km and see if that clears up the whiteout, good idea thx…

how many is a lot of c/b’s? We’ve built a couple dozen and Eddie has 2 but thats all I know about for c/b’s in thailand…

have had many confirmations of our first 2 108’s but the biggest, I think, is that the first SPEWPLANE flew right over Our house within hours of mounting the 8’ on the roof! only ever seen 10 or so SPEWPLANES in all of thailand in 5 years here and never over the house/factory though before the 108’s…

last year Eddie reported that fisherman were spotted in bkk that were never there before and I have noticed the waters are clearing up from scum and much less brownish/dead looking, did post about it in Gares massive thai gifting campaigns I think?

I guess I missed the point that the spewplane you saw over you on that day was the first in many years so that’s good confirmation that the 108s energy attracted that attention, thx. The same happened in Namibia after we started building orgonite cloudbusters there in 2001/2. Those spewplanes flew much lower than usual and we only saw them a few times, then no more.

Of the thousands of orgonite towerbusters we tossed in the sea and Gulf of Mexico around Florida most of them remained, Carol felt. The cetaceans seem to only take what’s not needed locally. I guess they know better than we do [Image Can Not Be Found]

Of the thousands that Dave Emmett tossed in the sea around Barbados a larger percentage was probably taken mostly east, all the way to where the hurricanes are generated off the coast of Africa. She also saw a higher percentage being taken from the English Channel to the Baltic region and the North Atlantic when Braikar was tossing thousands of them from the ferry across the channel over several trips not long ago.

The appearance of ‘megapods’ (thousands of dolphins and whales) off the US West Coast recently might account for how well the cetaceans have been distributing orgonite in the sea. The US and British Navy were hunting them to extinction, before–mostly with deadly sonar weaponry but probably also with the new death towers on the seabed. You probably remember that photo of the flying dolphin that was taken at Redondo Beach in Los Angeles the day that the first orgonite was dropped in the sea near there. The photographer saw thousands of dolphins near the beach and went onto his balcony to take pictures, since this was never seen before. The only dolphin that showed up in any of the photos was that one who was in a series of photos, flying slowly from left to right at an altitude of about 50 feet [Image Can Not Be Found] --if it’s on one of my old computers I’ll eventually retrieve it and post it. That photo was EW’s masthead for a long times before the National Security Agency (top layer of the American sewer rat dungheap) destroyed the forum and it’s Montreal server in 2006 or so.

I’m still interested to know what Bangkok’s historically nasty canal water now looks like, by the way, also that river that you gifted and the coastal waters. These simple confirmations count for the most, in my view. Psi intel is invaluable but it’s always subjective. When dolphins show up it’s always a confirmation–not unlike seeing Sylphs.

Please report on what the sky is like after you do the mountain gifting, okay? All feedback is useful, even when the results aren’t what we hope for. Hopefully, more of us will start flying slow, portable airplanes so that mountaintops and ridges can be easily gifted over wide areas. I’ve found that this is extremely productive in terms of the vitality of the upper atmosphere and stratosphere. I intend to test this impression in the desert as soon as possible. I’ve had to wait to do the Big Artificially Created American/Mexican Desert until three things come together: my piloting competence, time and money [Image Can Not Be Found]. Meanwhile, what’s been done by a lot of people until now has turned a lot of that desert into a perpetual pasture, including most of the Navajo/Hopi land.

The orgonite cloudbusters you mentioned are what I had in mind, though another Eddie in Thailand who lives close to Laos’ border also has one if I’m not mistaken. He’s a retired US Navy guy, married to a local. Eddie-san near Burma also has done a lot of impressive work in Romania, by the way, where he goes regularly. If you figure that one CB covers at least a 200-mile radius in the stratosphere we can probably assume that the entire country is now covered. I really ought to master the metric system since most of our readers use that.


Wow have We ever changed the weather for all of northern and central Thailand since building these 2 108’s… mega rain today in Mae hong son
which is 100km nw of Us… last 3 days, nothing but rain in Nakhon Sawan(300 km south) that is where are Orgonite rice farm experiment is, 200 tbs
Roto-tilled into soil last year, then when there 2 months ago sledged in 6 of Our large earth pipes and will add an 8’ 108 to the farm…. then continue south to bkk and leave another 8’ 108 on someone’s roof there and will be sure to photograph the waters in bkk for You to take a look at Don…

It’s getting very cold, before just at night but now all day today was cold…
Na had to drop by the POLICE station today to pick up some PAPER work for the BANK cause someone mysteriously stole MONEY out of
Her account… Na sais the BANK manager isn’t friendly anymore hmmm… Needless to say She changed BANKS for Her account… when She was reporting theft at POLICE station an officer said to Her that the weather has changed and all the DOCTORS have smiles on THEIR faces… lots of children and older People are sick now cause of the sudden wet cold… 108’s are certainly responsible for changing the weather…

rainy season normally don’t start till may and last till end august…

still have yet to post about the massive flooding that Thailand experienced a little
over a year ago… that got worldwide press coverage… the massive tb distribution caused the rain but it was THEM that caused the flooding that’s
responsible for almost 1000 deaths! was the PTB that ordered the river dams remain closed, as dams were bout to spill over THEY opened them
Flooding out the countrysides for a hundred and more miles either side of river banks… will get that post and probably a dozen others that are overdue up when time is afforded….

btw Chiang Mai is also having steady rain the last 2 days… the rain is lightly dropping on the roof of the Orgonite factory as I type this….

Yes the 108 sure is a powerful device. Make sure to attach those pieces very firmly. If one comes loose and breaks the formation that energy changes pretty quickly.

Whale Orgone had a dead month in Feb, only 4 orders the whole time and 3 of those were from friends. After watching the bank balance get frighteningly low I asked the universe ‘What’s going on. Have I upset someone powerful?’

What happened next was quite something. ‘108’ appeared to me 3 times in the space of a couple of hours: First in a conversation about something unrelated, then I checked my wireless network speed which was at 108 mbps. Finally, I added up the value of the orders I had received since the sales just stopped and the value was £108.

So I decided to go out and check the 108. One of my sheep had dislodged a piece and it was out of formation. The energy of the thing didn’t seem particularly cohesive when I approached it but after restoring the formation the environment suddenly felt more settled and free-flowing.

Within hours I had received another order and they haven’t stopped since. Take from this what you will. I am going to be putting the 108 into production soon, as they really should be around every home!


posted last night in the total WAR thread but will continue the update in this 108 thread where it rightfully belongs… and besides it appears that the CABAL
hasn’t murdered anyOne that Ive heard of today around these parts trying to indirectly put the blame on Us the useless Baby eaters that THEY are!

rained all night lastnight non stop and Our street was flooded again this morning… spent all day in the shop filling molds and pouring surrounded by
a total washed out dirt field… think it was 60 plus dump trucks that We had spread on the land last winter and I’m watching it all get washed awaY [Image Can Not Be Found]

so to recap just setting up the 108 pattern on the back porch caused 48 plus hours of solid rain I decided to do an experiment!
I moved just 1 of the 108 tb’s over by a foot only and within 10 minutes it stopped raining! that even surprised Me that it could cease that quickly?
less than 2 hours later while I was out Wife’s younger Brother remarked that Gare seen the rain was stopping then moved the Orgonite, Na said no look I’ll
prove it to You and moved the tb back into alignment… took less than 20 minutes for the rains to start up again [Image Can Not Be Found]

yes Thommy the 108’s are indeed a powerful device! btw We are pre-drilling then fastening a metal tapping screw (sheet metal) into the back of each tb to firmly hold
them in place after gluing…

will get some pics up of all the 108 devices We’re building as WE will be selling them on Our new website someday along with every conceivable size pattern You can think of between 1 ft and 20 ft square… anyOne interested in purchasing either patterns or complete 108’s or kits to build them please email Me directly [email protected]