Our Kenyan Friends' Dolphin Project:

(Don Croft) #1

This is an appeal for money to be sent to David Ochieng and Leunida Odondi so that they can take their immediate families to visit the dolphins off the coast of Kenya, late next month, during Mrs. O’s son’s school recess.

David is in Migori, Kenya and Mrs O is in Kisumu, Kenya. You’ll nee that info if you’re sending via Western Union. They can also receive MoneyGram. I’m not sure about Thomas Cook wire transfers.

I’d also like for at least two donations to be made to Georg Ritschl, Park View, South AFrica, in a timely way for orgonite to be sent to our two friends so that they can have something to give to the dolphins off the coast near Mombassa. He’s got a shopping cart payment method set up on orgonise-africa.net for 50 towerbusters to be sent for a donation of 109 Euros, by the way. Georg can’t get Western Union. It needs to be sent to him via MoneyGram or Thomas Cook.

Carol went to Mombassa in October, 2001, after spending a month in a village in Western Kenya close to where David and Mrs O are living and her African hosts took her for a ride on a big sailing dhow out over the reef. A New Zealander, also named David, later contacted me from Mombassa and built a couple of cloudbusters, which he left in the area when he returned to NZ. He had a dolphin-contact business for tourists in Mombassa, coincidentally, including a tour boat. The second CB was given by him to a Kenyan doctor but the latter fell on some hard times after that and we lost contact but another gifter in New Zealand, Jacob Toms, has just told me that David will probably be getting in touch with me soon.

It seems appropriate to get some orgonite there ASAP and I thought you’d like to know a little history. These two etheric warriors spontaneously showed up as the first Kenyan gifters last year in the vicinity of where Carol took the first orgonite devices to that country. Until they read the reports, later on, they weren’t directly aware of her visit.

I suggested this journey to our two friends, in fact, because I have a hunch that when some Africans take some orgonite to the dolphins it will signal a ‘next level’ interaction between our species. Since these two have already sacrificed on account of their involvment in this network, why not help them have this honor?

Mrs Odondi, who is a widow, got shot in the leg (spent some time in hospital, recovering) as she was fleeing from a riot that had sprung up around her last month in Kisumu, Kenya. This was close to the time that Dr Kayiwa’s car was robbed when a similar riot broke out around him in Kampala, Uganda. $800 worth of resin was taken from his car, then, which was earmarked for use in Kenya, where Dr K had arranged to teach our two friends and their associates how to make orgonite. David Ochieng’s baby girl was apparently poisoned a couple of weeks ago but she’s doing fine now, thank God. Gifters in Africa often have to play hardball, unlike most of us over here.

Dr Batiibwe, our mutual friend who runs a hospital in rural Uganda, is now gifting in Nairobi, by the way, during an extended visit there and is in touch with David. Nairobi, Carol says, is the most DOR-laden city she’s ever seen and is an engine of human misery for now.

The hit on Dr K’s resin supply was quite a blow, as you can imagine, and we subsequently arranged with Georg to get shipments of towerbusters and HHgs to DAvid, Mrs O and other AFricans for $100 donations to orgonise-africa.net. Georg is quite generous with these shipments and I doubt he’s making a profit but he’s even more passionate about gifting AFrican than I am.

David has experienced considerable interference by the occult/corporate swarm and his baby daughter was poisoned last week. Fortunately, she’s recovering now thanks to the zapper and some timely energy from a few folks in the network. Send her some more, okay? Let’s help keep these courageous folks safe!

When you make your $100 to Georg for this project, please indicate to him where you want the box of orgonite to be sent, okay? I have a guarantee from a Kenyan customs/postal official, Mrs Nyakundi, that the boxes won’t be interfered with. David travelled to Nairobi on our mutual behalf and negotiated with her, in fact.

David Ochieng and Mrs Odondi are both avid gifters and will maximise the potential of these shipments. Another gifter showed up in Sudan but we need to establish whether we can send him stuff through the mail.

By the way, the setback only temporarily slowed Dr Kayiwa down. Last week he gifted extensively in Southern Sudan under extremely dangerous conditions. The CIA and British Intelligence are sponsoring a rebel force there which attacks Ugandan villages and army patrols in the Northern Uganda, where Dr Batiibwe and I gifted a couple of years ago. Dr K, a reputable strategist, has taken the non-violent ‘fight’ to the rebels’ own territory and has probably forced them to vacate Southern Sudan, north of Uganda’s border. He apparently worked with some Sudanese contacts but I’ll get the details a little later and will post them here. He’s making plans to do the same in the bordering region of Congo, another trouble spot.

Isnt’ it cool that a Sudanese villager who lives just north of Kenya has just contacted me and wants to start gifting? See how the Africans coordinate in the etheric realm so effortlessly? This is how the dolphins operate and the Black Race, according to ancient Hopi traditions, are the Guardians of Water so do the math [Image Can Not Be Found]

If you will take part in this by sending money you’re going to also share the thrills because this is true symbiosis. All the Africans lack is money, which we in the West have plenty of, really. It’s not charity, of course; it’s a small investment in humanity’s future.

You can send money via Western Union or Moneygram directly to David Ochieng and Mrs Odondi. Mrs Odondi’s ID card was stolen, so send it to her sister, Charlotte Aluoch Magige. Send directly to David Ochieng Omolo. Both payments are simply sent to their names and ‘Kenya.’ You don’t need to specify a town. These brave people have endured some assaults on account of this work that you and I might wilt under, by the way, but Africans are generally optimists, first.

After you’ve made the transactions, email Mrs O at [email protected] so that her sis can retrieve it. Email David at [email protected] after you send money to him. I think they will be very happy to be in direct contact with you and maybe you’ll be inspired to visit them. I can tell you that visitng our wonderful African friends is a giant step beyond just experiencing AFrica as a mere tourist and you will be greeted as a family member.

If the full amount isn’t acquired for the trip by the middle of next month we’ll try to make sure that they get the rest in time. I figure $500, total, will cover travel, lodging, meals and boat rental for the week of Billy Kibiator’s school break. Five people will be going. I wish I were going. It’s a blast to travel in East Africa; never a dull moment and they’re among the happiest people you’ll ever run into.

David will take a camera along so we can get some pics.