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Some months ago I suggested to David Ochieng Omolo, who lives in Migori, Western Kenya, and Mrs Lionida Atieno Odondi, who lives in Kisumu, Kenya (a port city on Lake Victoria) that a trip to the coast to meet the dolphins might be a rewarding adventure for their families. Early last year, these two pioneering souls had emailed me to express their interest in distributing orgonite (‘Gifting’) after reading about it on the internet. Lake Victoria is part of Kenya’s western boundary and Migori is not very far from Kisumu. That’s the small region where Carol went in September, 2001, to spend a month in a large, AIDS-decimated village, working in the clinic with our zappers. Carol doesn’t remember the name of the village and these folks only heard about her visit from me. I think we’ll eventually find out if the solar-powered ‘crowd zapper’ she left with the Kenyan man who ran that village clinic is still in operation or needs to be replaced. Zappers cure AIDS in most cases, of course, but the number of people dying In Western Kenya from Dr. Gallo’s bio-engineered weapon is staggering. David is in his mid twenties and is married to Florence Atieno (Emmah). They have a baby girl, Dazynavel Awour. He’s a bricklayer by trade and has also rather educated himself, partly through the internet. Emmah operates a small shop. I don’t know anyone who is more resourceful and persistent than David is. Life in Western Kenya is quite hard, though you’ll probably never hear David or Mrs Odondi say that. After many months of delays in getting the packages of orgonite and the cloudbuster that were kindly sent to David and Mrs Odondi by Georg Ritschl of orgonise-africa.net he took the initiative to travel to Nairobi (a day’s journey on a crowded bus over rough, often muddy roads) and consult with a postal official, who promised to expedite all of the packages sent to people in the gifting network in Kenya. The official is Prisca Nyakundi, now also a fellow gifter, and she graciously invited our traveling friends to spend a night in her home in Nairobi on their way back to their homes from the coast. Mrs. Odondi is a young widow who operates a small merchant shop to support herself and her 13 year old son, Billy Kibiator. Last November, around the time that my good friend, Dr Rushidie Kayiwa, in Kampala, Uganda, was ready to visit these remarkable people, there were two tragic events: Dr K was caught in the middle of a sudden riot in Kampala (very unusual in that peaceful country these days), was overcome by teargas and $800 worth of resin, which was in his car for the Kenyan gifting network, was stolen. Uganda borders Kenya and Kampala is close to Lake Victoria, too. Shortly after that, in Kisumu, Mrs Odondi was also caught in the middle of a sudden riot and was seriously wounded in the leg by a soldier’s bullet. She spent a month in the hospital but has recovered, thanks partly to her zapper, which prevented infection. Billy’s school holiday provided the timing for the trip. When I broadcast the announcement, a couple of months ago, that our Kenyan comrades will be traveling to Mombassa in order to attempt to make contact with the dolphins several people in the network kindly sent donations. These donations came from the Caribbean, New Zealand, Canada and USA. David Slinger in New Zealand, who is earning a livelihood with his wife by selling their lovely orgonite creations in stores and online now http://www.lifeenergy.org/ provided specific suggestions to the crew for reaching the dolphins south of Mombassa. The Slingers owned and operated Dolphin Dhow for tourists near Mombassa for some years before returning to their native land a couple of years ago. David had made the first orgonite cloudbusters in Kenya before that and had distributed a lot of orgonite in the local area, including some in the sea where the dolphins are most often seen. By the way, not long after David made his cloudbusters another friend of ours, Dr Paul Batiibwe, made Uganda’s first orgonite cloudbuster and tracked some astonishing atmospheric effects, including the end of a long drought in the area and the return of blue skies, replacing the usually HAARP-whited skies. Dr Paul later set up a solar powered crowd zapper in a village in order to collect documented data on the effects from controlled experiments. He runs Kiboga District Hospital mostly without resorting to pharmaceuticals, which means he’s under the gun from the World Health Organization, which is generally unpopular in Africa at least. A close associate of his (another friend Dr K’s and mine) is Kizira Ibrahim, an accomplished herbalist, psychic and traditional healer. Dr William von Peters, an old-school (read: effective) naturopath and pioneer homeopath who has uncurable.com , also traveled to Uganda and will be setting up a medical college with Dr Kayiwa and ‘Secret Supporter’ as partners. Dr von P also is titled, ‘Professor,’ in Russia, where he regularly goes to conduct seminars for medical doctors. He sells some fascinating electromedical devices from there on uncurable.com , one of which Carol and I use to erase pain and quickly heal damaged tissue. Gifters are a pretty interesting and diverse bunch, don’t you agree? I just wanted to give you a little history and background about the network in East Africa. Another gifter, Salva Kirr, recently showed up in Sudan, by the way, which is a troubled country that Dr Kayiwa has visited to gift and do some networking. Salva is taking his familty to Yei, near the capital, Juba, where his wife was offered a teaching job. We’re not sure how to get orgonite to them there because the country has almost no infrastructure. Salva and his family endured horrific times in their village in Southern Sudan until they were forced to seek refuge in Kenya, where he learned about gifting on the internet. They returned to their village just before Salva contacted me a couple of months ago. Dr K will be on his way to Western Congo to gift another troubled area shortly. The Doc and I sometimes feel that ‘trouble’ is is just another word for ‘fun.’ I didn’t edit David’s report much because I want you to get the most from it—-which is best expressed in his own words, not mine. I also want the other forum participants for whom English is a second language to recognize that we don’t have to win awards for grammar or spelling in order to post effectively, as David’s demonstrating very well. I’m really pleased to be able to share this phenomenal report and I’m very proud of David and Mrs O! We’ll arrange for them to return to Mombassa for some followup before long. At the end of her trip to Kenya in ‘01, Carol’s African hosts took her to Mombassa for some R&R and they went out on one of the majestic, Arab-style sailing dhows for the day. That was seven months before she figured out that dolphins have a use for orgonite so the only things she brought home from that excursion were some happy memories of her companions and a sunburn. Carol told me that Mombassa is quite a popular spot for European tourists, as David indicates in his report, but she also saw a magnificent Massai warrior, replete with shield and spear, running barefoot through a middle class neighborhood there. ~Don ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
DAVID AND MRS ODONDI TRIP TO MOMBASA. OUR JOURENEY. We left to Mombasa on sunday evening as we planed before.From Migori to Mombasa is a two day joureney. We got there on monday evening around 4.pm. we were surprised to realize that we had to board a ferry to Ukunda where we were heading. For me i was paniking coz in my life have never get into some thing giant like that carry people, cars and lorrys at the same time. But some how it came i my mind that it was part of our adventure. We crossed to the other side. We stood there for some time studiying Mombasa town before we left to Ukunda where we were directed to. You know what uncle, Mombasa is surrounded by the ocean I mean the hands of the ocean. At 5.pm we took a matatu to ukunda where we were supposed to board hotel. From Mombasa to ukunda where the beaches are is almost 35km to 40km. I never thought it such too far from Mombasa town like that. Within 50 minutes we got there asked some people who standed near the stage to show as nice hotel so that we can book. We were taken to one nice hotel there. Talked with the manager bargain and bargain till we come in terms in what to pay for the days that we stay there. We payed the amount then we were given keys of our rooms. Took our bath and supper too. Uncle we were really tired that we could not have even manage to go out that day, so we just stayed in our roooms. The weather in Mombasawas so diffrent from Migori and i never thought that there is hottest place in Kenya like i expirience in Mombasa. Its really different you cant even cover your self with the blanket. In our roooms we had phans which neutralize the hotness of the weather. AQUIERING SOME DETAILS BEFORE WE START SOME GIFTING. In the morning we woken a little bit late, took our bath then headed to the beach. it was really hot that morning, some thing that really scared me most. If I can say, its good for some one to take bath every one hour if possible. After taking our break fast we headed to the beach to take some details before we start our gifting and if we can find some one to show us a round and whom will take us to Shimoni. We got there around 9.am. Uncle i can say that we were the luckiest that morning after we aproached one man middle age whom turn to beach boy. so we talked and talked and at last we came to agreed in terms with that beach boy. the main reason why we needed him was for him to show us around and some places where we were directed too by David. On our greatest surprise-- the ocean started moving back in the ocean leaving the white sand and many small types of fishes. At around 11.am the Ocean moved almost 1km to 1 and a half back to the ocean. There were many whites there you can even thought that is some where in U.S.A. blacks are just few. The beach boy took us around before we too about to go around, showing us many types of fish with there name, which the ocean left there. Later we hired a boat to take us up to the place where the ocean moved to. At around 6.pm the ocean was coming back and people were moving out of water, coz they say that by the time the ocean is coming back the waves do drown people back to the ocean and this wave do over power some, which can result in killing some body. So we stayed at the land to see how it do come back fully. at around 3.pm we took a matatu to Shimoni to take some details there too, we got to Shimoni early aquired every infornation that we needed and later we were shown around Shimoni too. We came bac late to Ukunda where we book the hotel. Uncle this tribe of Wadigu people here in Mombasa are such a loving people, let me say Mombasa as awhole. And i think that’s why it was nick named (Kuingia ni Rahisi lakini kutoka ni matata) To get in Mombasa is easy but to get out is difficult. Momasa is not like Nairobi where you can not even ask some body when you lost. Look, no body in our families has never been too Mombasa and we got there safely. thanks to Wadigu tribe there and all people of Mombasa which made possible for us.
WEDNESDAY WAS A BIG DAY FOR US OUR FIRST DAY OF DOLPHIN TOUR. So we woke up early in the morning took our bath and brake fast. We were really happy coz that was our first day of our gifting. We put some of our Orgonite gifts in our bags. Then we headed to the stage to take matatu to the beach along with the beach boy by whom came to our hotel early in the morning and thanks to him. Our first gifting we planned it to be in Ukunda beach at pavillion. We hired aboat to take us in the Ocean. We went almost 3km but we couldint see any thing. Something came in my mind and rememred what David told me in his last email. That you have to be at least 2km to 3km away off the shore when you see them. I tried to persuade The driver of our boat to go atleast another 3km to 4km again but he seems to be afraid. As you know some time money speaks louder,then i gave him some money. and he started the ingine again. But we still couldind see anything, So i tried to ask this boat driver if he has ever came across dolphins and whales around there. And he said that it’s not easy to see them, meeting them is just down to chances. So mrs Odondi decided to drop one gift there. And then dicided to move to the other sides to see if we can come across them, but they were no where to be seen. It was almost 2.pm and the waves were too strong. I said to my self that too much pride can kill a man and it has now kill us by not seen any. We guess we were not the lukiest that day, i was really disapointed but some how I got a strong feeling that that we we’ll meet some dolphins some how. That evening we had already arranged that we will be heading to Shimoni where we were directed to by david. So we had supper then slep that night,coz we had along journey tommorow. ON THUSDAY OUR SECOND DAY. I woke up early in the morning took our bath as usual and break fast by that time Mrs odondi aproached me telling me that she had adream last night. That she seen many Dolphins going around our boat and some how she strongly belived that there are dolphins there and insisted that we should go back there. For me i just prayed that we got luck this time, coz i could have not refuse. So we headed to the beach and hired a boat again the same same boat man. And we asked him to take us to that place again, he did’nt resist that time and we headed to that place. Uncle i was even keen sighted even before we were on the land guessing if we could be luky this time. Some time i say to my self its the Gift that Mrs Odondi drop made them came there. The boat man finally surprised us when he sounded that you are the luckies one on this side of the Beach, i asked him how do you mean? He said Look over there and we asked in one sound Where and becouase its not good to point any thing in the lake and ocean he just took us there. Woh, there we found 10 Dolphin around where Mrs Odondi droped the orgonite. So we dicided to drop some again and they were really interacting to the ones which we droped again. Then i asked the beach boy to help me coz i wanted to get in the water, but he was afraid. i tried to persude him till he agreed too. Then we got in the water. And i made amistake when i use my hands to try to balance while i was being asisted. In afew minutes they were all dissapeareded. I guess they were threatened by us. I got back in the boat feeling disapointed and some how say to my self that I shouldin’t go in the water may be they were scared. The time was geting late so we had to go back to the land that day. So we arranged to go to Shimoni the following Day where David directed us. FRIDAY OUR THIRD DAY OF GIFTING Friday in the morning we put many orgonite coz we were expecting to meet big No of Dolphins there. And headed to the matatu stage to take one which took us to Shimoni. We got there safely and hired aboat and headed to Kiziti marine park,it was not easy to get there. And what made me very happy is that we really went at the right time when the Dolphins gather to feed Our bad luck is that the Dolphin over there are being threatened by people and when we got near them they all disapear so i dicided to drop one ball and stayed away. So that they can know that we are just friends and stayed ikm away. Many of Dolphins interacted and feeding too if i may guess. When we got nearer they al disapered again. As i said before that it seems the people over there are threating them. So we dicidede to head towards the ocean to see if we can meet some Dolphins and whales if possible. So we moved about 5km there we meet only many types of fishes. Something told me in my mind to drop one ball there too so i drop one. The time was geting late that we had to go back to the land so that we can get to Ukunda early. so we moved out and headed to Ukunda and you know from Shimoni is really too far about 80km… ON SATURDAY OUR FOURTH DAY OF GIFTING. In our last day of gifting we woke up early in the morning. Took bath as usual and break fast. And we took off to Shimoni. We took our boat and headed towards terminal cruise up and down the coast from north of Mombasa down in to Tanzania. There was no luck there only that we drop one ball too. So we had to head back to kiziti marine park,so that we can take direction towards the ocean. In geting there i was surprised to see pod of Dolphin where we dropped one ball. It was as if the orgonite we droped is attracting them and i belive so. So we haeded towards them slowly so that we couldint scare them till we make it near them. Odondi droped two more Orgonite for them which made them came around our boats. Our guide was paniking, coz he has never seen many dolphin as that. i told them that the Dolphin are such a friendly and only that the people around here are scaring them. Uncle i just wish we were with Carol there to communicate with them or to translate her powers of comunicating to me. So we continou to move towards the ocean and did some gifting to many places.And we got back to the land later after our gifting and headed back to Ukunda. And i just hope by the time they will come to the other Gifts we put to other places where we didint meet them i know they’ll feel better. SUNDAY WE DICIDED TO ENJOY THE ADVENTURE. On sunday we dicided to visit many places.I mean adveturers places. Like fort Jesus ferry and e.t.c. For our partiners i take this orpotunity to thank you very much for your donation for our trip. And thanks a lot. Mostly My Uncle Don and Carol… And my greatest fear is that they are being scared away and i wish to go back there to do some gifting on the land. Your David

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That is such good news. I watched this BBC special this morning about the 3 year old drought in Kenya.

It hasn’t rained there in 3 years, according to the BBC.

They were saying that people should pack it in and move, since conditions there are so

harsh. Funny how I just saw this special and I read about Kenya gifting here all in the same morning