Our report and about dolphin at their dhow

[I got this from Salva Kirr today–the report was written by his wife, Chrstine. They live in Yei, Sudan. ~Don]

It was on 20Dec when we got to Mombasa.It was raining haevely that day.Reports later
indicated that it was all like that in most parts of Kenya.We were forced to spend
the night in Mombasa town.The following we proceded with our journey to aplace
called Shimoni Hotel though they were quite expensive.

The following morning we woke up and went to secure boat booking we had agood time
warming and admiring the best of Mombasa.


December 26 was the big day.every body was more than happy especially i.We put our
gifts in the bag and took off. In reaching at the boat hiring we produce the reciept
and we were givewn the boat and the tour guider and took a voyage to the ocean.I was
too afraid to anrticpate the pressure of going through by boat. David saw the way on
my face and told me to be calm that being afraid scares the Dolphins away.

After awhile david asked me to drop a gift for the Dolphins. when i inquired,he topld me that the
gifts alerts th Dolphins that their friends are around, not enemies.

At around 3pm,the waves had some how cooled-down…
I could now have aglimpse of the Dolphins. They were so friendly jumping alaround our
boat. David took the gift again and droped for them in the water which they reated to
nobly. The time was getting late and we had to live our friends and get back to our
hotel rooms.

David fell sick that evening we thought it wasnt a serious case. He later took some
tabs slept.


David was still sick and he encourage us to proceed with our mission and later we
had to persuade our tour guider and the boss to direct us where he last seen the
Dolphins on his last encounter. We won the battle and our guider took charge. We set

The place was in Mombasa town along the ferry channel. The point was fenced
through there were many Dolphins. It was abit complex to do the gifting thou at last
we managed to drop orgonite gift and the Dolphins-wave was immidiately directed
towards us leaving everybody agape. We post-poned the program for the gifting of

Back to our apartments we had abrief meeting and it was resolved that Salva see the
guards, to chart the way forward so that we could be granted enough time by the
security details at the Dolphins-spot.


We succeded- and were very happy to see the Dolphins exhiharated too. The day was
gone and we went back to our apartment to rest our self for our next gifting…


we loaded our bags with the gifts becoz were expecting
to meet large number of Dolphins-at Kiziti marine [park]. We boareded the boat to Kiziti
marine. Kiziti is on the border of Kenya and Tanzania.Its not easy to get there by
the way. Thou we tried very had to our level best and got there.

We got there when the Dolphins were resting.Then Billy droped the gifts for them.In
afew minutes the reaction was too high. Even the Kenya marine who were there really
wondered at them-coz they’d never seen such reaction from those Dolphins before.

The Dolphins attentions was directed at us. Later Salva took out the orgonite gifts and
droped it in the name of Don and Carol.

It was geting late and so we had to part.It wasquite hard to leave the Dolphins,but
we prayed for their safety.


Took aboat and headed straight to the ocean.We wanted to get atleast 15 km to see if
we could come across the Dolphins in there.But only Sharks and hippos is what we
could see.

We tried to penetrate.Much deeper but we found nothing.We had to get back to Kiziti
marine to see if the Dolphins were still there. I guess we were lucky again and it
was as if our friends knew we would come back. We had only three orgonite gifts
left. We droped one for our friends again. And dicided to go to the other sides of
kiziti if we could find the Dolphins. We droped the remaining gifts there just in
case they would come around there.

Thanks to Don,Carol and other EW members who contributed to our gifting in
Mombasa. Not forgeting Sharon Sahi for her contribution too.


Salva and Christine

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