Our Visit to Mount Shasta This Week

Carol and I went to Santa Barbara to sell some stuff at the Raw Spirit Festival and to deliiver some of Carol’s customized garden orgonite to David Wolfe for his beloved plot on Maui. The projected crowd of five thousand spenders, which the organizers of hte festival were expecting simply didn’t show up. Instead, about a thousand hippies descended on the campground with drums, bare feet, outrageous libidos and expanded heads, but no cash [Image Can Not Be Found]

They also didn’t bring much pot, which probably disappointed the omnipresent, pugnacious cops (oink, oink!).

We had fun, though, and so did Andy of ctbusters.com, who joined us, there, the day after he raced his motorcycle on a track for the first time. Big event for him, which I related to solo flying my airplane for the first time.

We hastened to Mt Shasta after that. Carol had started reading THE EXPECTED ONE, an (alleged [Image Can Not Be Found] ) novel about Mary Magdalene’s personal written records, on the trip, so I did all the driving so she could read. We walked around the downtown of Mt Shasta (the human town, not the Lemurian hyperspace city) and did some shopping. I bought a book so I could also do some reading–a really good one by Colin Wilson about the evident Neanderthal civilization. Neanderthals are some of my ancestors, via Bohemia.

We expected to walk to that old-growth fir grove near Panther Meadow for old time’s sake because that’s where we had our first multi-sensory Lemurian experience, all night long, at the June solstice in 2001. Carol’s seen and talked with them an awful lot, since then, as have Dooney and Stevo, more recently and also Francie, lately. I’ve only seen their craft a few times, since then including a huge silver one a few years ago when I gifted the top of tall St Joe Baldy (no kidding) Mt. in the Bitteroots.

This is the sort of subjective reporting that Dr DeMento ridicules me about. I don’t think anyone has reminded him that Dr Reich invented the cloudbuster in order to fight back when alien craft nearly killed everyone at Orgonon with beamed DOR in 1947 [Image Can Not Be Found] . I wouldn’t call DeMeo ‘DeMento’ if he hadn’t intentionally tried to harm Georg, Carlos, Tino and Prophet after they were jailed in Mozambique. He tried to make a specific public case, then, that orgonite is harmful. What a pompous schmuck. I want to be a fly on the wall when he meets Dr Reich after he dies and has to account for what he’s done in Reich’s name. I wonder if some gifters will peripherally grace his learned exposition on ‘orgonomy’ in Ashland, Oregon this summer [Image Can Not Be Found] but I pity the person who will mention ‘Croft’ or ‘orgonite’ in his droning, soporific lectures.

Until he tried to harm our buddies he was simply a good advertiser when he attacked our work. Now, he’s put himself in the same category as Horrible Herbie as a doer of harm. I’ll let up when he stops trying to hurt our associates physically, with his lies.

Horrible Herbie backed away from trying to implicate Je Torres in the CIA’s bombing of death towers in Spain after we exposed him, so I hope the same effort will stop DeMento in this case.

I met that lettered stuffed shirt in Ashland in 1998. He evidently built an orgonite cloudbuster on the sly in 2002, according to what we saw on weather radar shortly after that on TV in a motel: a perfect circle of rain, about fifty miles in diameter, centered on Green Springs, Oregon, which is where he lives. Michelle Ridgley in Baltimore later told me that she had sold him a cloudbuster kit a few weeks before that event. Carol said he quickly dismantled it after it started raining. There was a severe drought in his region at the time. That was before anyone did much gifting around there. He started publicly attacking ‘Croft-style cloudbusters’ after that, even took a trip to Europe to dissuade Germans from making them. Right after that, a LOT of Germans, Austrians and Swiss made orgonite cloudbusters, which is why I called him a ‘good advertiser’ for us and generally refrained from referring to him as ‘Doktor DeMento’ in those days.

He’s just a short distance north of Mt Shasta, by the way. I don’t hate the jerk; I just want him to stop trying to get Georg and crew sentenced to imprisonment in Moz for their altruistic gifting efforts. Exposure is good medicine for parasites and I suspect Dr Reich is thanking me from the next realm. He detested sycophants and fakers (parasites like DeMento). I’ll ask Carol [Image Can Not Be Found] . That guy has been craving my condemnation for almost nine years, so let’s see how he likes this.

We expected to go to that grove to sit and look around but the road was gated a few thousand feet in elevation below Panther Meadow, probably on account of snow, so we sat there in the car, tossed food to the ground squirrels and read our books for an hour or so.

On the way back down, Carol told me that when we had started driving up the mountain, the Lemurians showed up and were quite happy to see us. She said they revere and honor us for what we’ve done and when we parked, several of them arranged themselves in a semi-circle around the front of the car and sent us heart energy, also talked to us. I didnt’ have a clue when it was happening but she assured me that I was also communicating with them on a higher, unconscious level. Folks like Carol do that consciously but less aware people like me do it on an unconscious or superconscious level, rather. I like the way Max Freedom Long describes all of this in the context of Huna traditions.

She told me, the next day, that she had offered to leave some of her special Holy Handgrenades for the Lemurians but they advised against it because the I AMers were likely to hunt for them and remove them. In light of what she shared with me from the book she was reading, I asked her if there were women among the Lemurians who visited us on Mt Shasta and she said there were.

I was tickled, earlier in the day of our visit, to see that photos and books of ‘Count Saint Germain’ were almost entirely gone from the racks and shelves of the stores in town that had previously featured that silly horse$#!+, before we finished gifting ‘Count Saint Germain’s’ and the I AMers’ murder ritual site in nearby Pluto’s Cave, five years ago. We did the initial gifting a year before that but it wasn’t quite enough, so a few braindead channelers were still spewing that creepy alien’s hypnotic ‘messages.’ Ryan went with us for the next sortie and he got some pretty neat, if unpleasant confirmations about the necessity to finish the job, deeper into the cave. We started ethericwarriors.com a week or so later at DB’s place in LA, the day after our Devil’s Punchbowl gifting extravaganza/reptilian-freakshow and collectiive initiation.

The saccharine, Theosophical I AMers’ headquarters/bookstore in town had burned to the ground during Dog Days, shortly before we had arrived with Ryan in August, 2004, and they didn’t rebuild, as far as we could tell. Very nice confirmation but the I AMers are still around, of course. We had to carry loaded pistols on our gifting excursions to the satanic ritual sites around Shasta in May, 2003, when the I AMers were still feeling their oats and were more omnipresent and dangerous. ‘I AM’ chagrined by now? [Image Can Not Be Found]

Chagrin: mental uneasiness or annoyance, caused by failure, disappointment or humiliation

Have you noticed that when hipppies stop smoking pot and swallowing LSD they gradually wean themselves from mind-numbing Theosopy, too? A lot of the raw food hippies we meet seem pretty sharp in that regard. The raw foodists who are not hippies are a little more grounded. I think the milieu they usually emerge from is the Algore corporate environmentalist paradigm and the diet tends to wean them from that sort of lockstep hypnotism, too. I don’t think one has to eat raw food in order to become more aware. Some of the best psychics die from heart attacks by age forty, after all (wall street floor traders who live on meat and booze) but Carol and I are both convinced that it’s prudent to avoid processed (corporate) food on account of the bioweaponry that evidently permeates it. I suspect that the ‘organic’ labels in the sleazier corporate stores like MalWart are even spurious.

Spurious: not genuine; false

Hari in Germany, who personally knows Gerd Huber, told me that he specifically got more proficient in English so that he can read the postings on ethericwarriors.com. He taught me a word I didn’t know. He said that he’s ‘autodidactic’ and I had to look that up. It’s a good word–you ought to look it up if you don’t know it. He noted that he’s like me, that way, and I said that Lao Tse’s admonition is always right in front of me, ‘There’s something ponderous and one-sided about the learning of the self-taught.’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

Carol and I intend to get into shape well enough to again ascend to Castle Crags, across the valley from Mt Shasta. We want to do that very steep hike wthout feeling like we’d been beaten with clubs, after. When we went there, before, we hadn’t yet been poisoned by the feds. Now that we’ve gotten so much healing, afer the poisonings, we feel confident that we can do it even better, next time. The bad guys are losing in all ways by now, I think.

At the same time that we gifted Pluto’s Cave, six years ago, we had been given a list of secret corporate/occult/luciferic ritual sites in the region by DB, with good, detailed instructions for reaching them. We thoroughly giftged all but one of the sites, which was inaccessible at the time due to snow. Those proliferous bodysnatchers didn’t see us do any of that [Image Can Not Be Found] . He’d told us that if a path appears at the waterfall at the end of the state park trail up to Castle Crags, it means that the Lemurians have invited us to visit their hyperdimensional city on the other side of the cliff. When we got to the falls, the path did appear but a couple of feds were sitting there, watching us, so we decided not to take the path and vowed to come back. The I AMers, just like the more overt satanists, are CIA/NSA assets, of course. The feds showed up at that spot because they wanted to more directly try to find the orgonite–I guess they don’t trust some of that to their Monarch-programmed drones, not even to their very adamant Theosophy or bornagain-chump-jihadist cultists.

After the meet and greet on the mountain, last Tuesday, Carol feels confident that the Lemurians’ invitation at Castle Crags, six years ago, included a rain check [Image Can Not Be Found]

We had hoped to meet Eric Carlson there but he was on the road, still. He arrived there yesterday. I hope we can include him in our Castle Crags hike if he’s still in the area when we’re ready.


We missed Eric last June, unfortunately. He evidently thought he could make a little side trop to Idaho, since it was just a couple of states away from Northern California but he lives in Massachusetts. You can drive through all of New England in a short day but it’s a two day trip from our house to N. California [Image Can Not Be Found]

This month (November) we drove through Mt Shasta on our way to LA and tuned up a couple of I AM properties. We found out that after their HQ burned to the ground, in early 2004 after we had gifted Pluto’s Cave (their murder ritual site) they eventually set up another ratty-looking HQ down the steet–some bonus informaiton about the location of their little school, where children of I AM (Monarch Program ‘elite’ assets) chumps are indoctrinated there from kindergarten thru high school. Carol and I tossed orgonite around both places and then got back on the highway.

We feel that the evidence that shows that ther fire was not arson was that they had left the protective obsidian chunks hidden on the corners of the property. We collected them and are using them. Luis in Mexico, whom we did some earthpipe work with when he was in Portland, had some training in his youth from a nice Yaqui witch and told us that the ancients considered obsidian to be more precious than gold on account of its capabilities.

They had an odd symbol painted on each of them but they were all kind of worn away. Obsidian works well for anyone, though whoever burned the place down sure got past their protective function [Image Can Not Be Found]

Luis is one of the two other people, besides Carol, whom I know that has had direct contact with Lemurians on Mt Shasta. I’ve read credible accounts of one other person having contact with them but I’m sure there are more. I can’t call my experience with them ‘contact’ since I didn’t see them directly as the others did. I did hear them singing nearby, all night, though, and saw many of their little craft flitting around the sky over Shasta. Carol saw and interacted with them that night.

We found out, this time, that ‘St Germain’ is no longer seen on the mountain in that remote meadow that Carol and I gifted, many years ago. He stopped being seen, evidently, after we gifted Pluto’s Cave the second time (August, 2004), deeper in where the ritual site had been moved after our first gifting sortie, there. Carol says that we had stripped away that predatory alien’s ability to disguise himself as a masonic/theosophical avatar [Image Can Not Be Found] . His natural state makes him look kind of like a leper, apparently. He hasn’t been channeled much since then, either.

The I AMers around Mt Shasta are an offshoot of Elizabeth Claire Prophet’s chumpfest in Montana. I think the ones in Shasta are kind of embarrassed by her–go figure. Theosophy and freemasonry look pretty but kind of stink. Chumps mistake that stench for perfume, of course, becaus the programming dumbs down the heart, which is where discernment happens, and replaces that with triggered endorphin squirts whenever words and phrases like ‘spiritual,’ ‘past lives,’ ‘I am God,’ ‘Christ consciousness,’ etc. are uttered.

Historians are going to have a ball with that old, heavily financed/organized Brit-aristocracy-spawned scam, someday. I’m having a ball with it right now. I"m sorry if my karma has run over your dogma, though.


We were invited to LA, this time, to participate in another David Wolfe’s Do. This was the third one and Carol and I have noted a distinct forward movement in the awareness of the people who subscribe to his presentations. They were generally pretty sharp to begin with and several of them recognized us because they’re gifters.

The thing lasted two full days and an evening and he talked up the zapper continuously, then had us on the stage for five minutes at the end (10PM on Sunday). We had committed to stay up late & we sold most of the rest of the zappers after that. The vendors area stayd open til midnight.

I think he had us on last, this time, because each previous time, when we went earlier, other presenters tried to undermine us with comments, like ‘Don’t kill your parasites!’ and I think it kind of frustrated David. I don’t think they needed to say that in order to sell their goods but they evidently felt that their livlihood was threatened by the zapper. A lot of natural physicians who actually cure and heal people feel threatened that way but the ones who buy a lot of zappers from us and sell them to their patients actually seem to prosper more on account of it. I think it’s because the patients rightfully associate the healing/curing they get from the zappers with the doctors themselves.

Our vendor table was mobbed at each break period. Carol even sold most of the special orgonite pieces she made, this time. A lot of those were left over from the Raw Spirit Festival in Santa Barbara, where none of the vendors sold much. That time, several thousand hippies showed up and mainly just begged from the vendors. These ‘spiritual’ people also looked down their noses at our relative prosperity. It reminded me of the way a flock of magpies show up and keep the songbirds away.

The earlier Raw Spirit Festival was in SEdona at an upscale hotel so the hippies couldn’t afford to bring all that spirituality there. Carol’s orgonite didn’t sell there, though, nor at the two previous David Wolfe Do’s. It was like a dam broke, this time. I wonder if that was largely on account of the vitalizing effects of the 108.

The guys who had badmouthed zappers on stage, previously, all ended up buying zappes and telling me how much they like them, except one: the MD who looked like Tarzan or Fabio (walked around with no shirt and with a snake in his long, coiffed hairdo–I’m not kidding!). It was a treat for me, since I’ve rarely seen disinformants in action in 3D.

He didn’t show up, this time. Since his slide show included a whole bunch of theosophical symbols (which he didn’t comment on) I assume he had been sent to sabotage us and had somehow gotten past David’s discernment filter. The fellow talked for an hour and I would challenge anyone to remember anything he said or even what he was evidently selling. The vendors’ tables were in the same room as the presentations, so I watched his whole presentation. The audience was literally spellbound, which is another indicator that some other influences were in play. David doesn’t attract sycophants, though, and I think just about everyone in that room had bought a zapper and kept using it, in spite of that fellow’s pleading.

The energy of the place last weekend (Hilton in Costa Mesa) was not entirely pleasant and uplifting until I set up a little 108 behind our table on the second day, then it brightened and stayed bright. When you set one of these up in a crowd it tends to turn the gathering into a little piece of heaven. Carol didn’t see or sense any feds, there. I bet it’s too hard for them to hide their natures in an environment like that [Image Can Not Be Found] . I say ‘tends to,’ because the first time we set up one of those was at the hippie fest in Santa Barbara and it didn’t make a dent in those boneheads’ parasitic, arrogant behavior but at least the severe radionics assault on our business dissipated that day and hasn’t been re-established by now (six months later). It’s not for lack of their trying, of course. NSA/CIA sure get points for predatory persistence, as do their satanic subgroups and the Jesuits.

We did some dynamic networking, again, including a MD in Norway who is constantly in trouble with the gov’t, there, on account of his habit of curing cancer naturally. He works with 8 liveblood analysis centers around Oslo. I traded a blood analysis for a zapper and the fellow who looked at the slide was quite impressed and also wants to experiment with zappers. I think this is what sparked the doc’s interest.

David’s zapper, which he’s been wearing for about a year and a half, has very clean copper discs on it. He says he’s never had to clean them. That, to me, is a graphic testimony for how clean the guy is, inside.

Carol and I, in October, finally started making superfood smoothies for ourselves and we’re very slowly introducing more and more live food in our diet. We aim to keep doing this work and having adventures for many years and one has to be reasonably healthy to stay viable, this way. Don’t worry: we’re probably never going to be food nazis [Image Can Not Be Found]

Millions of people are spontaneously detoxifying, now, and the ones who are not aware of healing dynamics get spooked and run to MDs, who are always happy to assist when any Pajama Person commits to suicide by installment through prescribed pharmaceuticals. ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge’ ~The Bible.

Anyone who is open to how incredible the body’s ability to restore itself is can take advantage of the detox period by assisting the body intelligently with liver/colon cleanses, a more vital diet, maybe some periodic fasting, advice and/or treatment with a genuinely competent natural physician (like Doc Stevo), etc.

Whether this peculiar endemic of detoxification has been initiated by bioweaponry or whether it’s a species-wide cyclic phenomenon tied to our rising awareness isn’t clear to me–maybe we’ll all figure that out when more data comes in. In my ‘best of all possible worlds,’ though, control freaks (typical corporate world order profile) find it harder and harder to maintain their poisonous atitudes and lose their minds in the process. Exposure is a bitch for people like that [Image Can Not Be Found]

Andy joined us Saturday and Sunday and sold a bunch of his new, little $26 zappers, which I’ll also start plugging from our site. I plugged them curing my five minute stage presentation, too, along with Carol’s ‘Ferrari’ mod for the Terminator, which is certainly not appropriate for everyone but is a huge kick in the etheric pants for anyone who sincerely wants to move forward. It’s amazing what that gal can do with crystals and coils!


I edit all my posts three times or more in order to more accurately tell my thoughts. I just read through them, again, and it occured to me that you might have the impression that I burned down those I AM chumps’ HQ building. I didn’t do it but I’m not sorry that it happened to their murderous hierarchy’s property.

As I told that French reporter who called me from Mozamique last summer, the only crimes any of us might commit are misdemeanor trespassing, occasionally. That comment ended up in the English newspaper in the United Arab Emirates about a month later. It’s the only time I’ve been mentioned in any mainstream media [Image Can Not Be Found]

If I ever publicly admitted that I toss orgonite from an airplane that could be considered a misdemeanor victimless federal crime [Image Can Not Be Found] but I think most federal crimes are victimless, after all. Crimes against the State. We can’t conceive that ‘the State’ is ever a victim since they’re the ones who victimize everyone else, on behalf of the corporate world order (now, Peking) and even collect paychecks for it. A few million mouthbreathing bornagain chumps and zionists, who are the only real jihad, do it to defenseless Muslims for free.


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