Oval-Shaped Rainstorm in Botswana

Tino ‘Greaser’ Phutego got a fine confirmation for the two cloudbusters he recently set up in Botswana: an oval-shaped field of rainfall shown on satellite weather imagery, encompassing the two CBs, which are some distance apart. The other CB is hosted by a childhood friend of Tino’s.

Since he’s so isolated I felt he needed a little boost, so I’m posting the report. He’s flipped all the towers in and around Gaborone, the capital.

Carol and I produced a perfectly round area of rainfall with our first cloudbuster in March, 2001. In that case we only heard about it a few weeks later from a neighbor when we returned home from our first gifting trip. We’d only finished building the cloudbuster the day before we left and had it standing, assembled, for only a few hours. It rained steadily for ten days or so but only within a 20 mile radius of where we were living. The rest of the state remained in a severe drought, no doubt due to the HAARPies. It was pretty bad in those days–remember?

Georg made twenty cloudbusters for teh Kalahari Desert in Botswana and the adjoining area of South Africa, 8 years ago. A fellow who’s name escapes me distributed them in each of the vortices that Carol pointed out on the map for Georg. The fellow knows all of the people who owned the enormous game preserves in which most of those vortices are located and they were happy to receive them.

I remember that G was quite disappointed when the 20 CBs did not end the drought that was on the verge of creating a famine in the region. Undaunted, he and Trevor then flipped all the death towers and weather weaponry along the Indian Ocean (upwind) coast from Mozambique to Cape Town. I think that in between those two campaigns, Georg and an Australian gifter flipped a whole lot of the death towers and weather weapons some distance inland. It all counts, of course, but the coastal gifting (early 2004) finally opened the floodgates and the entire Kalahari has been getting regular rainfall, ever since.

The greening of the Kalahari finally got a public mention, last year, when some Rockefeller-funded environazis claimed that ‘The greening of the Kalahari is due to global warming.’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

Doc Stevo showed me an article in the local newspaper where he lives, which similarly explained away the lush green countryside of Bitteroot Valley, which is technically in a drought. He and I took a walk and the unseasonably (mid-summer) green grass was up to our necks.

In late 2002 we saw another perfectly round storm (TV weather report-satellite image) in another drought region. This one was centered on James DeMeo’s residence in Southern Oregon. It was a month after he ordered a cloudbuster kit from Michelle Ridgely in Baltimore [Image Can Not Be Found]

Within a year there were many thousands of orgonite cloudbusters in the chemtrail-assaulted countries so I doubt people were seeing round storms on TV, much, by then.

See why the PJ folks are losing interest in global warming doomsayers? The HAARPies did manage to produce a heatwave in the Eastern US, though, so I hope more gifters in the affected areas will get out and turn those ubiquitous weapons into healing instruments, especially along the coastline.

A greaser is a pilot who makes consistently smooth landings. Tino earned that name during his previous career, flying military transports [Image Can Not Be Found] and he’s one of my aviation mentors.