Package interference within EU borders

The old “attrition war” practiced by two-legged parasites and their many mindless minions on orgonite and zapper vendors goes on.

Just today I called the Belgium postal service because of a big delay with a package and they explained to me that due to the Portuguese postal service having made the package go through Customs so the Belgium postal service decided to put it through Customs as well, as is standard procedure . Frankly I think someone in the Belgium dung pile wanted to stick a few needles in and decided on this trumped up excuse - I’m fairly convinced it didn’t go through Portuguese Customs because it can take them weeks to process a package

The real shocker of course is that – irrespective of details – the package travelled exclusively within the confines of the European Union, which as you know is bordeless for all purporses of travel and commerce. Can you imagine the uproar if they started randomly checking postal packages within the EU? People are so used to this aspect of freedom it would only accelerate the demise of that overgrown parasite the European Union.

They can’t really do much except slow down progress, of course. Still, it’s good to report these things. Parasites hate exposure and may think twice next time they want to practice this kind of shenanigans. Known members of the “secret police” often get ostracized after the fall of a regime and right now what those human tools are doing is not buying them any goodwill.