Paris And Surroundings Giftings


I am happy to report that 3 gifters are starting to become very active in Paris.

I think it was worth mentioning it here.

The report is there: … e-t162.htm

Here’s an english translation, as accurate as I could do.

Hi everyone, this is just to tell you we (a small group of 3 people) started gifting in the Paris region, especially in the south-west (Velizy and surroundings)

About 250 TB for the moment and new orgonite pourings will complete this in the following weeks:

We started with the bigest sites (the abundance of antennas in the suburbs is not what’s missing…) military bases and a centre of nuclear research.

Admire the soup in the sky during the gifting (chemtrails being laid continuously during about the 4 days of gifting, sunday to thursday morning)

It’s funny to see that 15min after the gifting of a place, planes comme exactly on the same spot… I don’t know exactly how they determine the changes in energy, but I’d really like to know [Image Can Not Be Found]

Above the zone during the evening [Image Can Not Be Found]

And we finished with the motorways that make a nice straight line:

I hope to give you some more news/reports in the coming weeks [Image Can Not Be Found]

Kevin one of the three, told me to mention the kekeboys were involved and that Don will understand [Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found] Good to hear Paris will be a better place soon. There is a lot of good targets, I hope one of the first they will take down is the long axe through town starting from the Louvre piramid, through Jardin des Tuileries, Place de la Concorde, Champs Elysées, Arc de Triomphe all the way to ‘La Grande Arche de la Fraternité’ (big arc of the brotherhood – (sic) at ‘La Défense’. When I orgonised a similar axe through Marseille, gifting only one end of it was enough to get helicoptered within half an hour or so. The energy shift will influence the whole town, best worth for their effort. There are plenty of good burrying opportunities in the Tuileries gardens, and the bridge leading to La Défense crosses a river [Image Can Not Be Found]. My first move would be to plunge a ton of orgonite in the water there. And of course in general, to overgift the river crossing town (Seine).
Hope we will read of their accomplishments here, too, thanks for the translation.



pictures don’t seem to come through… pity
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[Image Can Not Be Found]
[Image Can Not Be Found]
[Image Can Not Be Found]
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