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This is my 4th trip back to France in 4 years and I want to start out by saying that Paris is 99% SMOG FREE !

It is down right weird in a city so large and with so many cars and trucks not to have any smog and even on a hot
90 degree day like today . It is just like what happened to Los Angeles after that city was heavily gifted.

This is the same Paris that just walking about for 30 minutes 10 years ago one would feel dirty and unclean and some people would have serious trouble breathing because of the pollution.

This miraculous event is so covered up that you can guess that the smog police are well aware of all the orgonite
that has been gifted around Paris. [Image Can Not Be Found];

Keep in mind Paris has still hundreds of death towers and they still spray the chemtrails, but what is nice is the chemcrud
is not sticking, the sylphs are out all the time and the death towers are now life force generators.
How is that for less than $1000. (guesstimate) in materials ?

I wish I could speak French so I could ask some of the locals about how and why they think the air in Paris is so clean.

Thank you to all the French gifters that cleaned up Paris ! Paris is totally alive because of Orgonite, go and see for yourself if you can. Eric [Image Can Not Be Found]



[Image Can Not Be Found]

Hey Eric,
kinda funny, a few days ago or more i saw euronews where they were showing Paris and how they were giving warnings on drivers to go slowly because of all the smog and pollution!:slight_smile: it just clicked that why would they want to admit the obvious. i wonder how much of France is Gifted? i have’nt kept up to date with that.

  • Martin

Thank you Martin for that report. Shall I repeat myself ? There is no smog in Paris France. [Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Paris Gifting, American style [Image Can Not Be Found]

Hi Eric, picture request: La Défense (“Grande Arche de la Fraternité” as it is called in full)


Just got this e-mail.

here is an area with waters that I started to gift a few years ago … 19248&z=16

There are two TBs here … 09624&z=17
at the end of Cité Joly, gifting near a bdsm porn shop that moved a few weeks
later [Image Can Not Be Found] now they’re two streets above in Avenue Jean Aicard near a big esoteric
bookshop called Les Cent Ciels. Both horny daemons and fake ascended masters
will benefit from gifts in this street.

Other targets… obviously government buildings in center, corporate towers in
La Défense, occult alignements and magic stars built by generations of
freemasons and satanists. I’ve been told about one, here is it around this map: … 19248&z=16
(1) the Tour Lanterne of Cathedrale Notre Dame
(2) Mémorial des Martyrs de la déportation
(3) Statue Sainte Geneviève on the bridge Pont de la Tournelle … 63033.html
(4) some place in Institut du Monde Arabe, whose accurate location I don’t know
It seems a radionic machine with (1) beeing the thoughtforms of churchianity,
(2) a power amplifier made of victims of nazism, using the tip of the island as
an antenna, (3) the guardian saint of Paris as a frequency modulator, and (4) a
target to be kept under control
Btw let’s gift the historical lab, in rue Cuvier, where Marie Curie discovered

Anyway, happy gifting !

Since we’re at it, I gifted the ‘Notre Dame’ Cathedral in march 2008 as well as 3-4km of ‘la Seine’ river east of the Cathedral and la tour eiffel [Image Can Not Be Found] (Sorry I have no photos [Image Can Not Be Found]; )
Oh yes I have one but it’s not of the gifting…
In Notre Dame:
lol, who are these guys above the saints?

I can report there are at least 6 gifters around Paris that I know of apart from the ones cited here, so there’s sure 2-3 good dozens [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] [Image Can Not Be Found] I’m grateful that they have made big contributions to the city and will continue gifting [Image Can Not Be Found] After 99% Smog free, it’s heading for the 100% POR [Image Can Not Be Found];

Martin: same today again…
In the news they were talking of cars having to drive slower in Paris so that CO2 emitted doesn’t produce too much ozone… Do these scientists still measure these things??

As for the gifting of france it’s increasing steadily [Image Can Not Be Found] avignon was gifted some days ago by a friend and the surrounding, the ‘bassin d’arcachon’ was gifted also, soon it’s up to the center on france, la creuse. and gifters are popping up everywhere around france now, Nantes, Pau, Geneva (in the french part), Brest… etc a bit at every corner of France [Image Can Not Be Found] Still much remains to be done, but it’s on the way so it’s a good prospect [Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Le Defence Gifted !

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Awesome Orbs !

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Paris Orbs !

thanks Eric, good work! keep us informed…

Hello everyone,

Finally I have some time to write this.

During mid December 2009, I made about 1400 TBs that were sent off to different parts of France for dedicated gifters [Image Can Not Be Found]

That’s most of it

And then I made some 500 more for use on a gifting trip.

For christmas 2009 (24th to 27th of December) we gifted around Dreux, on the West of Paris.

I went to meet for the first time a friend I had met on the french forum, at his place we made a Cloudbuster and HHG, so that he could learn how to use the resin.

And brought him the 200 TBs to gifting his place and surroundings.

Now he’s making a second CB and other things.

The CB in construction

We had around 300 TB to gift and 8EP.

After this day of orgonite pooring another friend came to meet us at his place and we went gifting all 3 together [Image Can Not Be Found]

Base 1

The first day was saturday 26th and it was somehow a missed target, we didn’t find what we were looking for, nonetheless sylphs came along so that gifting must still have had some effects.

We went around an abandoned NATO base which is now somehow being turned into a farming depot place.

The sky when we arrived wasn’t very pretty

All the buildings had old things on top that looked like antennas but the ‘panels’ had been taken away.

Inside: some old electrical installations, that show a lot of power was used there in the past (if I’m not mistaken these are 300A circuit breakers)…

Everything was written in english.

Next, big artillery started coming to lay chemtrails, at the beginning there were only 2 exhausts planes, but by the end they all had 4 exhausts.

[Image Can Not Be Found] we weren’t even gifting what we wanted!!

There on this picture we arrived in the middle of the base and saw nothing on the horizon, so we though there was nothing, in fact as you’ll see later the place we were looking for was 1km or so on the left of this picture, it was too far to be seen here.

Other pictures of that ‘missed’ gift; no comments needed.

The sky became progressively blue thanks to sylphs clearing it.

On the way back we found one big tower that might look as some morematerial will be installed there, so we gifted it.

Then for the second day of gifting, the 27th she came again (our friend from Paris) to meet us and we went back to that first base, because my intuition told me we had to go back there because we missed what we wanted and one of us used a pendulum to ask and 3 times in a row it said we had to go there again [Image Can Not Be Found]

Before getting there we gifted some antennas on the way.

The first, it was almost starting to rain and the sky was gray.

About 10-15 mins later we were 1-2km from the first antenna, next to a second one and the sky was oppening up on top of the first antenna [Image Can Not Be Found]

We gifted that second antenna, and chemtrail came right away of top of it [Image Can Not Be Found]

We busted some more towers on the way to the base.

From now on most chemtrails had no chance of sticking and blue sky and sylphs were taking over the grey sky of half an hour before [Image Can Not Be Found]

Again another antenna, always on top of water reservoirs!

Another that pointed straight to a school and its gymnasium.

Nicer and nicer sky [Image Can Not Be Found]

Base 1 again

So we went back on the other side, and JACKPOT!

This seemed more interesting [Image Can Not Be Found]

It’s an aero-spacial station of ONERA to observe the Ionosphere, it’s called Nostradamus.

From the information I found it has 288 antennas like on the pictures.

As a small sign that we were at the right place, an old antenna from the NATO base was lying on the ground.

Gift [Image Can Not Be Found]

One of us did one side of the base, while two of us did another side.

Thankfully one of us went on one side, because the police came to check my car, wondering what a tourist car plate was doing there parked in the middle of nowhere next to this place! He hid his shovel and went to talk to them and erased their suspicions, else on the way back I’m sure we would have found many police cars waiting for us [Image Can Not Be Found]

Some more pictures

One small earthpipe [Image Can Not Be Found]

Finally a nice sylph came in a quick visit, which in my opinion is sign that we gifted enough.

We used aroud 60 Tbs there + the 20-30 the day before which are 1km further from this place.

Satellite view:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Going to a second base, we found another water reservoir with antennas…

Again 3 TBs

And as a thank from nature? we had a nice rainbow for some minutes [Image Can Not Be Found]

Base 2

Then we went to a second base of the Frenchelon network this time, for telecommunications spying? I didn’t find any info about this place…

Pole tube gifting, actually in that one it was not possible, the photo just looked nice [Image Can Not Be Found] however 7-8 tubes were gifted nearer to the base.

Entrance to the base

A bit later the only clouds there were in sky were approximately lining up in a circle around the place.

And a sylph came agin, but it was already too dark, it is almost invisible on photo, so no photo [Image Can Not Be Found]

For this base we used about 30 TBs, one of us went halfway around next to the fence and the two other we gifted a residential lot next to it, mostly metal poles gifting [Image Can Not Be Found]

Satellite view:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

That’s it for the gifting with the 3 of us, it was a very nice experience, then we went back to our friends’ place and took some more ammunitions [Image Can Not Be Found] and me and annette went back toward Paris to bring her home and me to go home afterwards, but we first had 2 other Frenchelon bases to gift, it was in the middle of the night which was actually really good, because it was in plain sight, so during the day anyone could have seen us.

For both of us, our first gift at night in the middle of the countryside [Image Can Not Be Found]

The pictures are a bit enhanced to see something… Making pictures at night is not very evident [Image Can Not Be Found]

Base 3

The first base of the two, it was the biggest

Chemtrails were there at night also…

Some more pictures

She went some days later to take pictures during the day.

Satellite view

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Base 4

Next we went around, actually inside the second base because the fence was almost destroyed. We went to the bottom of most antennas [Image Can Not Be Found]

Day pictures…

Satellite view

[Image Can Not Be Found]

That’s about it, we used around 90 TBs in total for both bases and one earthpipe for each.

We were a bit stupid, we forgot 5 earthpipes at our friends’ place and about 3 dozen of TBs [Image Can Not Be Found]

Anyway, it’s good, because our friend near Paris will used them to gift in the middle of Paris, I don’t know yeat if there are any earthpipes in Paris?

Then I had some 50 TBs left and gifted a bit of the A86 through Paris and 40km of the A4 toward Reims.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

On my way to Paris 3 days earlier I had also used about 20 between Metz and Reims.

I wish I had some 200 TBs more, I would have gifted the whole motorway on 400 km [Image Can Not Be Found]

Now from what I know there is only one Frenchelon base remaining in the south of Versailles…

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The gift map: red are the gifted ones, blue is the one that remains.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Thanks to both friends this was a fantastic experience, we’ll do it again [Image Can Not Be Found]

Again thanks to our etheric hosts for the perfect organisation of everything, during the gifting and for the weather! I had exactly a gap of 3-4 days to travel on dry roads, before that period and after it it was snowing!!

If you want to check the precise locations: … 630493&z=8

This is a map of these bases, but also a world map of all the juicy targets I found

Really really impressive work Braikar and friends, thank you all.

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