Paul Pantone--Political Prisoner in Utah

Don, have you heard of Paul Pantone? He is the 1980’s inventor of the GEET fuel processor. He needs a big boost as he is incarcerated in a mental institution in Utah and his son is trying to get him out. See these websites for more information:

Embattled Scientist On the Edge of Deletion……antone.htm

GEET Fuel Processor – by Paul Pantone

Paul Pantone Defense Project and GEET Friends


Orbs & such

I’m not sure if this is all real or a lot of woo-woo.

I discovered this site that the psychics may be interested in, especially Carolien. I’ve never heard of him before, though it appears that he’s been around awhile. His site is interesting, like going to the movies.

Bryan Williams – Sargel18



Cindy sends me good intel. I forwared this note to the psychics and after this month’s focus on the false flag attack agenda that the US/British/Israel government have around O’Bomber I hope we can dig into this, also maybe find someoone in Utah who can gift this prison facility.

I’m going to peek at Bryan Williams’ UFO presentation, too. There is some genuine info out there–a needle in the CIA/USAirFarce disinfo haystack, but who knows?


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