Persistence Needed to Get Thru Hacking to Science Forum

This is actually a positive sign

The very refined slander campaign against Manfred failed to stop him from setting up the science forum, so now the $#!+birds are resorting to ‘surgical hacking,’ instead.

If your email to Manfred is not answered, send it to me at [email protected] and I’ll pass it along to him, for now. While Georg and crew were in the slammer I was unable to email Friederike, so Francie passed my mail along to her. It’s sort of like the old telephone tree but the only emergency is hacking and unless these CIA/MI6/NSA criminals are doubly intent on stopping you from reaching Manfred, a simple forward usually breaks through their hacking barrier. If you can’t get through to him after that, let me know and I’ll post about it. They really fear even that little bit of exposure, fortunately.

We’ll sort this out and if they don’t stop, pretty soon, we’ll see about identifying these thugs and give them some personal attention in a chatroom.

I got the following from him after I forwarded some email to him:

Thanks for forwarding this message, Don.
It shows, that the shitbirds really don´t like ER.
There is still some difficulty to sign up on the board and
I still can´t figure out why this is so. Signing up and logging in
works fine if one uses the alternative URL:

I give this URL to everyone who wants to participate and is contacting me by mail, but seemingly some mails get blocked.


The corporate thugs know well that a science foundation is now needed for generally understanding what orgonite can accomplish. That’s why they’re trying so hard to prevent it. They know, based on their recent, stinging failure to imprison Georg and his associates in Mozambique, that overt opposition is counterproductive.

The awe-inspiring dynamics of subtle energy will someday be taken for granted as much as the workings of electricity, steam and horsepower now are. We’re intensely proud to be among pioneers in this newer enquiry.

For the past nine years we’ve all been acting on our gut instincts and that’s been sufficient to grow this network among similarly motivated people but orgonite is about to enter mainstream awareness, so some hard science basis is needed. Who else but us are going to take on that responsibility?

I’m giving Manfred and the participants of his science forum my unreserved vote of confidence that they’ll identify and demonstrate some solid, verifiable scientific standards in a way that Dr Reich, himself, would applaud.

I don’t ever want to see any of the clever fakers, slanderers and agency-sponsored Pied Pipers gaining any ground at our collective expense. We’re earning our reputations, here, and everyone else needs to be held to the same high standard.


Thank you very much for starting this thread, Don.

If someone is registering on ER, I normally get a notification. I´m then contacting the new member, asking to drop me a few lines about their motivation.

Some of these mails are bouncing back, some of them get through.

Contacting new members before activating the accaount is a necessary process because in this way the board can be kept clean and free of spambots or other bad stuff.

So if a new member doesn´t answer, it is possibly a bot, someone who isn´t really interested (There´s no hidden stuff inside the board, folks!) or possibly doesn´t do his email daily. Therefore I keep these “sleeping” registrations, but will delete them after some weeks.

I also got used to check the spam/trash folder in my email, because there is often mail to find which isn´t trash at all. But there I only recognize mail from people I´m already in contact with.
So please, if you registered on ER, check also your trash folder, because my re-mail to your registration could be in there!

But sometimes a number of mails simply don´t reach me.


Thanks, partner, and congratulations on the intense interference–very nice confirmation for you. I’ll ask the psychics to help us clear some more of that agency trouble away from , shortly. It’s fun to track the effects of those focused, international chatroom efforts. Posting about it will count some more coup on these corporate freaks, too.

I suppose their supply of sociopathic MKids is running low enough that they’re creating/recruiting spambots, now

The subject of ‘subliminal’ frequencies that are broadcast through disinformation websites and forums into the brains of the less discerning was brought to Manfred’s attention when a spook agency added some of that poison to his free, online offering of canned orgone, which prompted him to rather put his invention out in the form of CDs–a positive step made necessary by their interference. He earned some good points by exposing the sabotage, too. The agencies can’t sustain a lot of that kind of exposure. They shoot themselves in the foot every time they try those tricks against us, fortunately.


This morning I encountered another difficulty.

An automatic mail from the ER board notified me to have received some private messages.

When entering the URL as usual, nothing was displayed on the screen and after a while I was notified, that the connection to the server had been set back.
When entering the alternative URL, everything worked fine, also login, reading and writing messages.

When re-entering, the same notice was displayed as before, and there was no server connection.

After an hour or so, now also the official domain is working again.
Can´t say if this was occurring just by chance or due to hacking.


A few days ago I tried to make a post on ER but when I submitted it; I was told something to the effect that a draft had been sent to the Admin’ or something.
I figured that perhaps Manfred wanted to read through the new topic before posting it on the forum so I let it pass.

When it didn’t appear; I sent him a PM to ask its fate and heard nothing.

Then earlier today; I tried posting the same topic again and it was immediately accepted.

I received an email from Manfred just now to say that the regular link for ER doesn’t work and only a note appears saying no connection to server.
I tried it and it worked fine.

It seems to be amateurish and sporadic interference rather than a concerted effort to crash the site (making the title of this thread look very accurate).

They wouldn’t be interfering with us if they didn’t regard us as a threat (which I suppose is a compliment coming from shit-bags like them).


Thanks for posting this, Dan.

The boards´s settings are, from the begining on, all in the way that there is no admin´s or moderator´s approval needed for any post.


From Manfred to Dan, CC’d to me. The public exposure of hacking crimes really greases the wheels and helps move the agency hackers out of the way (we’ll nail them again in the chats, shortly):

Dan, there seems to be increasing interference.

When entering the URL today, there is no site being displayed. Just a note is appearing that there is no connection possible.(In Mozilla Firefox)
When entering the alternative URL, everything is working fine.

Would you please post your experience on EW in thread:
Persistence needed to get thru hacking to science forum….

This is the link:

I´ll do the same concerning my problem.

Thanks for notifying me, will CC also to Don

It’s good that we’re creating this thread because the only way agency hackers can succeed is to do their work in a way that nearly everyone will assume is ‘an act of nature,’ or some such. Capt Azti is the first software engineer I’ve met who readily states that this sort of thing is done intentionally. All the rest will bend over backward to explain away hacking, though I’ve noticed that a few of them do it in a sort of strained way, as though they know quite well who is doing this but are terrified of admitting it, especially to a phillistine (incomputerate; me .

The magic of the internet, or at least one small part of that magic, is one individual’s easy ability to initiate an avalanche of dawning awareness. If I’m correct, this notion fits perfectly with Danion Brinkley’s stated claim that the popular use of internet and cellphones is an intermediate stage on the way to species-wide telepathy, or (in my imagination, at least) a return to it after a very long hiatus.

After we started systematically going through the families of the former movers of the corporate world order (we don’t know who the current families are in China and Mongolia who bought it from those pukes) last October several of us who make a living in this milieu (orgonite and healing) got hit very hard in the pocket books and personal energy fields. We kept at it for several weeks until we’d gone through the entire list and by January or so things were back to normal for us. They hit Carolien the hardest, by the way, perhaps because she’s doing this work in the very country where the corporate world order got started, officially: The Netherlands. I think we helped weaken these monsters some more, too. Even though China now owns them, they’re still armed and dangerous; deranged and incredibly frustrated by their failure to achieve global genocide in the previous decade.

After ‘assembly’ the old families moved it from vulnerable Holland, in the early 1600s, over to a more secure, island fortress (Great Britain, who had the best seamen, too) and started globally expanding/infecting. [Image Can Not Be Found] They had India within a century and had addicted a whole lot of Chinese to Indian opium. Then their missionaries were sent throughout the world to bludgeon millions of unwitting native people into misogyny, mayhem and cultural/economic decline. The missionaries were the first wave: their function was to disorient and fragment the target population so that the merchants with soldiers could come in and begin raping the land. I think that’s what they now call, ‘Making The World Safe for Democracy.’ [Image Can Not Be Found]

Those families’ previous headquarters island, Venice, had suddenly lost its security buffer against the Turks after the fall of nearby Constantinople, which they had owned along with Rome. The very first Illuminati corporation, Dutch East India Trading Company, got started shortly before the move to London. Notice that in all the ensuing wars, England and Holland never came to blows. The Belgian Illuminati rats got some crumbs from that table but the corporate hammer inevitably came down, hard, on France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Germany and Russia in order to put them under corporate control. Just like with internet forums, the infection agencies always prefer subterfuge to open warfare. That never worked as well on the Germans and Austrians, hence WWI and WWII. The London-directed Bolsheviks, ‘Young Italians,’ ‘Young Turks,’ ‘Young YouNameIt,’ fake revolutions handled most of the rest easily enough.

Makes me wonder if ‘Young Persians’ are being paid to discard the present CIA/MI6/Mossadomite®-sponsored regime in Teheran, not that it should be kept breathing, of course. Before America’s braindead baby-killers make any more countries ‘safe for democracy’ I hope to God we can finally make America safe for democracy by peacefully discarding this horrible corporate federal government through state secession.

It’s really funny that China simply bought that ancient Illuminati organization and is deftly preventing those old families from ducking into their pricey underground bases and destroying humanity, now [Image Can Not Be Found] . According to historical standards the Chinese are the smoothest operators: they very quietly took over the corporate world order without shooting any of them or creating fake revolutions, leaving numb, powermad but impotent politicos like Obama rattling sabers at their imaginary terrorists.

Some might speculate that this was the plan of the perhaps even more ancient Chinese/Mongolian families since millenia ago. Some may also wonder if the Vryal were involved with those families at that stage of planning.

You might be scratching your head, wondering why I’m mentioning this but I like to plant reminders that everything the dope-dealing horror agencies (CIA, NSA, FBI, MI5/6, Mossadomites®, FSB (KGB), Triads) do to humanity is based on centuries of corporate exploitation. These aren’t just a bunch of sociopaths on a lark; they’re sociopaths employed by the parasitic world order. The world order is the main problem, always. It’s apporpriate to call the professional sociopaths of the spook/mayhem agencies names but they’re all expendable to their masters. We like to mainly go after those masters in the chats but of course it’s necessary to also hit back when their agency freaks attempt to harm us. If we only did the latter, we’d merely be reacting. No war has ever been won from a defensive position, of course, but one of us is more powerful than a hundred of those because we get a lot of help [Image Can Not Be Found] so why not carry the fight to the strategists, themselves, who don’t know how to defend themselves?


Beautiful Don!

Powerful stuff. The skies of Hong Kong have been clear all this week. Sylphs overhead this morning.

I have discovered a very POWERFUL PREDATOR. It’s called my immune system. I feed this beast raw food and super food. It is alive and beautifully vicious. Give me swine flu for breakfast I’ll eat it up! Bird flu for a snack wonderful…a tasty morsel of raw delight. Put it in perspective folks the ghouls WANT you to be passive and afraid and to burden your personal predator (your immune system and also digestive system) with KFC, McDonalds, hydrogenated vegetable oils, pizza hut, white sugar, fried doggy-doo-doo) or anything else cooked de-natured and de-mineralized.

I’ll tell ya. You start drinking 16 ounces of fresh green vegetable juice a day to build digestive fire, wearing a terminator zapper. Getting some super foods, drinking alkaline water and super-oils in your body … I guarantee that your personal predator will eat swine flu, salmonella, bird flu, liver flukes, tape worms, cancer for LUNCH!! Same as gifting your neighbourhood…the ghouls can’t take it…they get DIGESTED by the beauty of it all.

On the left-hand side of my website are the sketch notes and also the Powerpoint presentation for my “Off the Charts Vitality� workshop. It’s all free. The Powerpoint presentation is over 150 slides and I guarantee that you will learn something from it. Feel free to download and watch it. You will see from it that clear powerful and “Off the Charts� health is very very simple.

Walk around with your heart boosted. Boost right down to the core of the Earth…out into the Universe. Run that energy through ALL the orgonite gifted on the planet. Let all your divine orgasms ripple out into the living field of Mother Earth. Eat a parasite or virus for lunch…they are surprisingly quite tasty.

It is indeed a powerful time to be alive on this planet. The ghouls are desperate they don’t want you to be powerful. But you ARE.

All the best…Hong Kong John