Petro Magic - A New Boosting Target

We’ve been having some interesting group chats lately, which I’ve talked about on [my blog/url:3frzh83c. I didn’t want to post it all here because like all my chat reports it is wildly subjective, but it has to do with how we believe the NWO has been using all of the petroleum under the surface of the earth as their source of “black magic”. We have been working on taking back this power and eliminating a major source of energy for the nefarious ones. Life just keeps getting more interesting….

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Thanks, Coach–this is really good stuff and I hope people will read your report about it. When many people see this they’re going to have an ‘AHA!’ moment, as I did [Image Can Not Be Found] . Great job, Dooney and crew!

Cassandria’s forum is the proper place for sharing psychic intel as a group but Dooney continues to lead an exploration into the mechanics of the occult arm (tentacle?) of the old corporate order and how we may disable all of that. The handy part is that we find this information simply in the process of defending ourselves from their sorcerers, NSA technomagic, Jesuit creepiness, Vryal blood sacrifice rituals, ad nauseum. We get some nice changeups when otherworldly species get involved in assaulting us and our livlihoods and we’re pleased to find that over the years it’s been getting easier and easier to defeat those efforts.

The main feat is almost always finding the hiding assailants–the ‘man behind the curtain’ in some cases. Psychics who are not emotionally stable are easy to fool by the psi corps with implanted thoughts, emotions and dreams… Reputable, stable psychics like Dooney, Carol, Hawthorn, Cassandria, et al, are generally more grounded and they also have the advantage of mutual support and mutual vision, which makes all of this a lot less subjective than what might be gained by a single individual.

This process of assault and response is a little bit like how the corporate order’s millions of new death towers induced us to find out how to use orgonite to turn them into life force generators. I’m sure that none of us would have led such interesting lives if it weren’t for being savaged by this receding but still dangerous old secret order/parasite.

Even though the subjective component is marginalized when our psychic associates work effortlessly together (with generous assistance from the unseen realms, of course) it’s risky to report about it because a lot of that challenges most people’s credulity and that’s a slight liability in such a large group as this one. Cassandria’s psi forum is set up for a much smaller and specific demographic but at least the postings will be available for anyone who’s interested.

This movement wouldn’t have gotten started, nor could it have survived if not for the participation and contributions of reputable psychics. These people are rare and precious. They’re the new ‘scientific instruments’ for discerning the value of new discoveries and I think that has always figured into subtle energy and free energy technology. Reich took his own acute energy sensitivity for granted, I think, and probably wondered why everyone wasn’t seeing and feeling what he did. Tesla was obviously also sensitive to subtle energies.

Kelly McKennon visited us yesterday–hadn’t seen him in awhile. He’s been exploring some very interesting new orgonite applications and will be posting about it on Manfred’s science forum, Kelly (Laozu) is powefully sensitive to subtle energies and has a science background. He, Carol and I developed the earthpipe’s parameters by experimenting on underground bases in our region about ten years ago. That was fun. Gale Stark in Texas came up with the earthpipe concept before that, after she had a vision.

Dr Reich advised people to be aware of mystical processes without being a mystic. Mystics tend to be shackled by dogma and so their minds are not free. For exploring subtle energy dynamics one has to have a genuinely open mind. Psychics who are theosophy drones aren’t much help in these sessions, for instance. Everything frightens them because nothing that’s real actually fits into a dogmatic paradigm.

I’ve always wanted to see a variety of legitimate forums, etc., devoted to the exploration and application of orgonite technology. I sort of jumped the gun ten years ago and encouraged some folks who soon ended up sponsoring CIA/NSA disinformation forums, which Google favors over the real sites. The way to ensure that the parasite will control a new forum is to not intelligently and decisively resist the various sewer rat agencies’ efforts to infiltrate and take it over. Live and learn, eh? Manfred’s forum is set up for anyone who will report about his or her genuine science-related work but for some reason people, except for Laozu, are afraid to go there and Manfred was beat up pretty bad, etherically, but he and his site are still standing so I think something good is bound to happen, there. Manfred didn’t want to fight back when he came under assault and in that case nothing we could do for him had a lasting positive effect. Vittorio is going to fare better with his new Italian blogsite, apparently. He wants the support.

Dooney’s blogsite is bound to prevail, as is Cassandria’s psi forum. Maybe we all need to get busier with Facebook and such, as Ai Wei Wei did. At some point these forums might become obsolete but that’s all in order. I suppose we can each gauge our effectiveness and viability by how much of the ancient parasite’s resources is being directed against us [Image Can Not Be Found]


I agree that we should be MUCH more active on Facebook…

I am, having decided about 6 months to a year ago that if I wasn’t somewhere near the top of the NSA watch list then I was surrendering to being a frightened victim and a slacker…

The PJs ARE awakening; but, it takes a concerted–IN THEIR FACE–effort to get them to pay attention long enough for them to begin to have the necessary “AHA!” moments required to more fully awaken into their “personhoods” rather than continuing as drones and non-resisting slaves…


Don, does not seem to be a valid URL.

Perhaps you meant to write [Image Can Not Be Found]

That’s the one, Cassandria, thanks. Years ago, when Manfred was under severe assault for putting up that forum, ‘someone else’ had and it was a sickening sort of presentation. i recognized the individual in the video part as one who also showed up in sponsored-faker orgonite videos on Youtube but I don’t know who he is.

You hit the nail on the head, Azti. Those among us who are not under assault ought to take note [Image Can Not Be Found]


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