Philadelphia Gifting

Thought I’d provide an update of my recent Philly area gifting escapades.

I gifted the two gigantic ‘cell phone towers’ that are literally on either side of the building I work in, maybe a hundred feet apart from one another. One day, one of my dissonantly-cognitive coworkers had a cell phone call repeatedly drop. I said ‘that’s funny, in that we’re sitting right between two massive cell phone towers.’ Without an instant’s pause, they cheerfully prattled to back to me about how it was because the signal was ‘confused’, because it was ‘bouncing back and forth between the towers’. You can’t make this stuff up.

Under separate cover, I gave that same coworker three TB’s, explaining simply that they were purported to ‘clear up electromagnetic pollution’. They immediately put them in a triangle around their laptop on their desk, smiled, and said ‘you can feel it!’

These days I’m mostly hurling TB’s out my car window/sunroof in the near vicinity of nasty roadside towers, wherever I drive. I sort of do it intuitively, like, I see one, get angry, look for a good, brushy area, check to make sure no politically correct citizenry is too close behind me, chuck the TB. So the Schuylkill Expressway and Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania turnpike are getting there in terms of coverage.

A week or so ago, I intuitively moved to ‘bridge hopping water gifting’, taking the side roads where I live and flipping a TB into every stream I crossed, again making sure no one was too close on my tail and would report me as a litterer. I know that they’d be well-intentionedly reporting what they thought was an actual litterer, and must note that I am not, in any form, an actual litterer.

Last weekend I cruised up to my hometown, an hour and a half away, and gifted the most sacred, favorite streams from when I was a kid.

I’m on the brink of losing my job in the latest engineered rube-fleecing ‘Depression’, both I and my wife are under what I regard as more or less constant etheric/energetic attack. I respond with requisite blasting/energetic countermeditation, and try my best to coach her to do the same, without getting down to the gnarly nitty gritty of it. You see, she’s assimilated much of the subject matter of orgonite (and, with me as a husband, a good bit of other miscellanous arcana), but the concept of a gallery of ill-intentioned dark mojo-ers attacking us constantly on the etheric level is still, I adjudge, beyond what she’s ready for, at this point.

So I work on helping her with ‘positive thinking’ and ‘banishing fear’, as broad, effective concepts, rather than saying ‘there’s this cadre of bad guys, see, we think they’re in a dead-energy field in the Gobi, see, or maybe in some underground hidey hole that your tax dollars paid for’, or something of that sort.

Personally, one of my favorite meditations/thoughts is ‘the more you mess with me, the more time and energy I’m going to spend sending it back to you tenfold, so maybe you want to go mess with someone else.’ My uncle always says, if someone is bullying you, you don’t throw down the gauntlet and say ‘you can’t take me!’ – that’s just what they want, an exciting conflict. You rather say ‘if you keep going the way you’re going it’s not going be in your best interest.’ Put it in a framework that their narrow, selfish self can understand.

One time, early on, my wife said to me ‘I don’t know if I trust this whole orgonite thing.’ And I replied ‘your trust, or your belief, or mine, has nothing to do with this. It’s not a philosophy, it’s a device, a simple, cheap device, like a bic lighter, but even simpler than that.’

When I told my sixty year old mother in law about orgonite, I closed with ‘it’s based on the work of a man named Reich – they jailed him and killed him in jail and burned all his books.’ And she replied, immediately and with complete sincerity ‘well, it’s all true, then.’

So, anyway, wanted to place this report in the face of it all, blows against the empire and all that.

Thanks for listening,


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