Photos: Tetsuzi Japan

I learn most from Don-san and develop Orgonite of a new type in Japan.

I thank all of EW.

I continue doing gifting of the earth pipe of a new type in Japan.

New Orgonite heals nature and a past soul and makes many people happy.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

nazoK orgoniteblog

This photograph is the latest Orgonite bracelet.
[Image Can Not Be Found]

Than Tetsuzi which is an English weak point.


Thanks, partner! I think you’ll find out that most of us enjoy the Babelfish translations, by the way. It’s wonderful to have a photo record of your long-range earthpipe campaign in Japan. I especially like the photos that show happy elementals [Image Can Not Be Found]; and their appearance is the best kind of confirmation, I think.

Next week, when Carol and I will go over the mountains, drive past the higher-D Lemurian city near St Regis, Montana, and visit Dooney and Stevo, I’ll ask Dooney to photograph Tetsuzi’s new pendulum, which I’ve been using. He’s a fine, very insightful craftsman, by the way.

I’ll then post the photo with some comments from the psychics. You’ll probably want one, too.


Thank you for Don-san.

I am very happy by doing gifting of earth pipe in the sky and the ground.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I wait for some comment from a psychical research.