Photos: Tetsuzi-san's Earth Pipe Exposition on Yakushima … 9&un=45532

Tetsuzi sent me this link, today, and I hope you’ll go through the entire album and feel some of that energy that comes through the photos. Toward the end are a couple of pics with happy (I’ll ask the psychics to be more specific) elementals in them

If you look on the map, you’ll see that Yakushima is a round, subtropical volcanic island at the southern limit of the country. When I saw the photo of monkeys, sitting in the road, I sort of assumed this was Hokkaido but apparently there are monkeys living in other parts of Japan, too.

Last year Tetsuzi, who lives in Hiroshima, and Amasaki, who lives on Hokkaido and is an associate of Hugh Lovel’s, conceived a plan to earthpipe Japan’s most active faultlines, including Mt Fuji.

In case you’re new to EW, Tetsuzi Moriwake hosts Iyashira Honpo, which is linked in our vendor section at the lower right margin of the home page. He sent me one of his pendulums–the finest I’ve ever used, also the lovliest. It includes an ‘offworld’ crystal, some fine orgonite and a tiny Cesco coil, skillfully assembled. I’m getting hacked again (already—go figure) when trying to post photos but pretty soon we’ll visit Dooney, again, and she can help me post a photo of this pendulum.

He’s selling a lot of his products, apparently mostly in Japan, so it’s good to know that fine orgonite items are developing a public profile, there.

Tetsuzi and I have been in touch for several years and when we use Babblefish to translate our emails we have to communicate like little children in order to understand each other, but that’s part of the fun. What an amazing development, though! I’ll try to persuade him to post another report. I’ll remind him that many of EW’s other members also don’t use English as their primary language. Our readers appreciate any honest effort to communicate from the heart. Pedants are not welcome here [Image Can Not Be Found];

Laozu Kelly and Eddie Schindler (who lives in Kyoto and posts here, occasionally) visited Tetsuzi a couple of years ago and they all did some surgical gifting. It was so effective that Sylphs showed up in HIroshima’s sky in the afternoon. The most remarkable aspect of that, I think, is that Kelly indicated that the atmosphere in Hiroshima, when they started that morning, was the most degraded (DOR-saturated) of any city he’d visited throughout his extensive travels.

Tetsuzi, before that, had recorded his gardening experiments with orgonite for posterity on this forum–pretty astounding results during that summer.


I checked with Carol and she affirmed that the photo of Tetsuzi pounding in an earthpipe has some very happy elementals in it, showing up as bright white spots. Note that they showed up in the photo of him, not in the other photos of earthpipes, though you may have felt very strong orgone emanating from most of the phots in that album.

Also, the bright magenta coloring around some of his devices on a tabletop are also elementals. You might have seen that color of energy around one or another of your orgonite devices, by the way. It’s highly refined orgone–very, very nice confirmations for Tetsuzi.


I learn most from Don-san and develop Orgonite of a new type in Japan.

I thank all of EW.

I continue doing gifting of the earth pipe of a new type in Japan.

New Orgonite heals nature and a past soul and makes many people happy.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

nazoK orgoniteblog … show/5095/
Yaku-island … 9&un=45532
Yonaguni-island … mode=album

This photograph is the latest Orgonite bracelet.
[Image Can Not Be Found]

Than Tetsuzi which is an English weak point.


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