Pickering Nuke Re-gifted

Hi All,

There were some stories in “the news” lately about a radioactive discharge of cooling water from the Pickering Nuke into Lake Ontario, so I went down there this morning at sunrise to check the place out again. The plant itself looked and felt ok, there’s a lot of orgonite sprinkled around it on land and I’ve been told Steve Baron has gifted it from a boat, so I wasn’t all that worried about it.

The water seemed fine and there were the usual flock of water fowl floating on the lake and in the lagoon, so I felt pretty confident the water was ok. I think the birds would have fled if it wasn’t. As I walked over the low bridge that crosses the lagoon a big muskrat paddled right over to me. He swam right to me, looking at me the whole time, and then passed under the bridge. He seemed very happy, and that was before I did anything. I swear the critters know, just watch them when you’re out gifting.

There was a thick grey soupy mass of obviously unnatural “cloud” hanging off shore. I’ve noticed this off and on since gifting the plant. The sky over the plant and Pickering cleared and stays cleared, but maybe a mile or two out into Lake Ontario it was still there, hanging like a thick, uniform grey sheet. So this time I tried something new. I planted a good number of Earth Pipes around the the facility, pounding and clanging away before the early morning joggers were making their rounds, and an amazing transformation happened again.

After driving in only a few pipes I could feel the energy shifting and so could the birds, they started honking, chirping, singing, and flying around in an excited and elated mass of beaks and feathers. It was quite a sight, and I half wanted them to calm down a bit so I could finish the job without attracting so much attention [Image Can Not Be Found] They weren’t worried about it so I decided not worry myself and just got on with it.

Pretty soon that grey wall of muck started to smooth out, turn white, and look much more pleasant. The edges of it started to fray and dissolve, and peeled back to reveal some big saucer shaped “clouds” that were hiding in the previously solid mass. I think we all know what those were [Image Can Not Be Found];

That grey wall kept transforming and turned into a nice bank of puffy cumulus, and the sun rose bright and clear into a brilliant pastel green/blue sky. The whole area felt great and very much relieved, and my dog and I drove home with big smiles on our faces. All in all a lovely way to start the day. [Image Can Not Be Found]