Piezoelectric effect?

The piezoelectric claim is probably disinfo. To get electric current from a crystal requires a lot more pressure than minutely shrunken resin can produce and I think it only happens during increase of pressure, like a hammer strike. My spudgun has a piezoelectric ‘trigger’ that produces a spark when you press a button (requires some force), for instance.

Disinformants evidently want people to focus on the crystal component of orgonite because it’s not the primary component; the metal in the resin is what does all the work and teh crystal simply allows us to do slightly more with slightly less metal/resin. Otherwise, the metal/resin mix will greatly enhance the energy of stones and other subtle energy elements within it, also enhances synergy between these elements but that’s only useful when the energy fields of people in the proximity are influenced by it. That doesn’t seem to happen in a significant way when a TB is out lying by a death tower or in the sea.

Disinformants and other poseurs sell ‘orgonite’ that doesn’t have any metal in it. Many of us have seen these things for sale at fairs and festivals as well as online.

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The piezoelectric properties of quartz is indeed true. While the pressure applied by a catalyzing resin is significantly less than the force from a strike of some kind, it is still enough to activate these properties. Sharon and I had an inquisitive fellow approach us at a recent event we were vending and speaking at…he wondered if it was possible to use temperature extremes (on both the resin and the quartz) to induce a greater application of pressure on all ingredients in the mold cavity. An interesting idea, for sure! More in Harold’s ballpark than mine…

I have seen this pattern in poseurs too (along with using stuff like sand, glitter, seashells etc.), and yes, the metals are essential to producing the Casimir Effect, which is why the finer metals are always better than the thicker ones. I tend to avoid excessive use of the D word, however, and the piezoelectric properties of quartz is beyond question. There are many sources of information on this that have not been co-opted by the tentacles of parasitic “logic”…


The crystal is either a nice-to-have ‘extra’, not essential for orgonite to collect and transform what Reich called, respectively, DOR to POR, or, conversely, it is one of three essential ingredients, organic material (resin), inorganic material (metal), and the crucial crystal.

One of those statements is correct, and one is not. I have subjectively concluded that A is correct.

In either case, how or why, precisely, the crystal does what it does is, while perhaps at best interesting, it is from my perspective not really salient, and the discussion of it is a distraction, a sidebar. Here on the “Tactical Gifting Forum”, vs. the “World of Crystals” forum, that is. Can you see? It’s not the subject, it’s the CONTEXT. There’s sleight-of-hand at play, misdirection, in Disinformation, that’s how it operates. Teach a man to fish.

Getting people hot and bothered about the nuances of crystaldom is one way to slow or make less-efficient the literal war effort of producing and deploying as much orgonite worldwide as efficiently as possible. It’s particularly easy to mislead the spiritually-materialistic, who are easy prey for the mystical jumbo-jumbo that Reich found so repellant, and warned against.

The aforementioned efficiency may be degraded even more significantly by suggesting the use of inferior organic or inorganic materials, e.g. dirt for resin, glitter in place of metal in TB’s, plastic pipes for metal in CB’s, et al. Collectively, these tactics are what is called in the military ‘harrying the opposition’.

Napoleon Dynamite saying to Uncle Rico that he forgot to put the crystal in the time machine is coming to my mind, here, as a humorous sidebar.

I’m going to let the "co-opted by the tentacles of parasitic ‘logic’ " comment stand on its own merit.

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“spiritually-materialistic” - Ha! Thanks for that, Jeff. It’s a very good one ;-)

I’m happy we don’t spend much time here discussion trivialities, choosing instead to focus on empowering data.

From time to time it is interesting to see what the more popular orgonite videos are saying on youtube. Recently i saw one called something like the right way to make a orgone pyramid. If they seem to be misdirecting or whatever i make a comment about making field orgonite and where to gift.

this guy said the crystals were the organic component. i never heard that one before.

Putting out subtle dis info seems to be a tactic that our detractors like.

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Thanks, guys–it’s always refreshing to get a dose of sanity when discussing crystals. The enemy lost control of that subject matter when the orgonite movement had become established, fortunately. I remember when it was considered a faux pas to even mention theosophy in a critical (genuine) way Wink. I agree that to debate the piezoelectric issue would be a useless distraction and I certainly could be mistaken about it but the fact remains that orgonite works just fine without a crystal in it but that it works a little better with a crystal component. I think it’s obvious that the most pressure in a piece of orgonite from shrinking after having set up is in the center. Most of the time (at least for my field orgonite) the crystal is on the bottom, where there’s arguably little or no pressure from slightly shrinking resin. We disabled the hurricane agenda, are reversing the American/Mexican deserts, have evidently neutralized the US Air Force’s mass murder (tornado) agenda, restored Florida’s reef, etc., with my funky orgonite and orgonite made the same way by our associates. When a crystal is put on or even near a piece of orgonite the same effect is produced. I suppose this makes the debate a moot point.

I think the enemy are always able to flood all public discussions with people who will expound on questionable theories and they can be very convincing, as the chemtrail fear porn purveyors are demonstrating, and might even be correct. Getting clear of distractions is one of the basic skills needed if one has committed to fixing the Big Problems caused by the enemy but only if that person is interested in specific results. Most people in this unorganized global effort, including most of the orgonite flingers in this forum, are mainly doing the field work because it’s fun Cool. I’m pressuring everyone, here, to get more result-oriented and that includes providing enough data to demonstrate that the effects we’re observing are from our efforts and not just circumstantial occurrences. It’s getting harder and harder to do this, unfortunately, but I want people to just think of it as a challenge. Nobody, here, has yet gifted a crime-ridden ghetto, for instance, or replicated Jeff McKinley’s demonstration of orgonite’s ability to reduce crime in a gang-infested high school. He provided before and after statistics to show the dramatically reduced crime rate and also provided a whole lot of anecdotal observations. Those reports were all destroyed by NSA hackers, unfortunately, because it was some years before Capt Azti showed up to protect this forum from enemy incursions in August, 2010.

For someone who wants to pursue the mystical or purely technical aspect of what we’re all doing there’s no end of usable material but that all belongs on another forum, of course; all of that is only a distraction, here, though it’s fine to mention it in suitable context from time to time, as I mentioned the Big Secret in Ed’s thread, today. I think the reason nobody’s got a legitimate forum about any of that is because people who are inclined to be mystics or tecchies are usually also disinclined to keep the enemy from infiltrating and destroying a forum. Maybe that will change–maybe Gabe can succeed if he wants to set up a tech orgonite forum. Two good-hearted Europeans tried and failed but maybe the third time is the charmer. I remind that this forum effort is inclusive, so it’s not a place to advance proprietary work, nor to promote technology that can’t be replicated by ordinary people at home.

For the sake of the record (not to mention personal integrity), we need to be as objective as possible and that includes balanced, rational observations rather than reliance on unproven or arcane theories. I don’t think I’ve ever read the term, ‘Casimir effect,’ and maybe that explains something we’re all doing but the reputable best minds I’m acquainted with haven’t presumed to explain how orgonite works. The late Steven J Smith, who was evidently murdered by the NSA for inventing a free energy engine a few years ago, once wrote a treatise for us to explain orgonite effects but he seemed to be unaware of the ether so I didn’t promote it. I did put his NSA: Citadel of Evil writings up as a link on this forum’s homepage. He was a brilliant guy but I think he only looked at electromagnetic dynamics.

For the spiritually materialistic, who are inclined to believe something because it’s comforting rather than real, explanations tend to fall short of reality: they explain everything without answering anything. Pandering to this fear-based human weakness is how the old corporate order managed to undermine state-sponsored churchianity with theosophy in the 1800s, for instance. To me, it’s sort of like how the enemy also managed to undermine the ‘personal accountability in the afterlife’ issue with their regurgitated pseudo-Hindu/Buddhist reincarnation myth. Historically, the old order has been good at killing several birds with one stone but lately their luck has been changing.

In late 1998, after I’d been making and experimenting with orgonite for a couple of months, I once stuck the sensor of my frequency analyzer to a piece of orgonite and the device went crazy–registering a wide, quickly fluctuating range of megahertz freq’s & presumably beyond. I had the analyzer for testing my crude zapper circuits. I suppose someone could generate a host of fascinating theories about that and maybe someday something useful could be done with that information but it’s still just a curiosity to me because I evidentyl lack the knowledge or intelligence to put that to work.

This movement has been around for sixteen years but we’ve only scratched the surface of orgonite’s potential by now. Maybe it’s sort of like how the only popular use of electricity in the beginning was to replace the more dangerous gas lights. Turning death towers into life force generators, improving climates and depriving satanic (corporate world order) institutions of their sustenance of deadly energy are the main uses we’ve been applying until now. Of course the orgonite component in our zappers is presumably largely responsible for their number one place in the zapper market for the past 15 years and Carol sells a lot of specialty orgonite to professional healers but that single orgonite potential (healing) is as big as orgonite fieldwork, in my opinion; nobody’s really pursued it, yet. I’ve always assumed that somebody is going to find a way to use orgonite to produce unlimited electricity, for instance, then most people probably won’t even give a thought to all the good we’ve previously done with our towerbusters and earthpipes Cool

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According to the psychics, finer metals are not as good as course for field orgonite. Karl Welz uses very finely cut metal for his radionics devices and I assume that’s more appropriate because I have respect for his skill. One of the first things Carol and I experimented with was the size of the metal particles in orgonite. Finely ground metal is always adequate but is simply less desirable. Aluminum foil that’s been put through a shredder a couple of times is also adequate but slightly less desirable than the stuff one gets from a machine shop or metal recycler.

Doc Batiibwe and I got phenomenal results with orgonite we made from powdered metal in Uganda’s war zone in 2003 and David gets phenomenal results with orognite made from shredded aluminum foil. I have one of his 108s made that way and I keep it in the van to protect me on the road. The Doc couldn’t find a machine shop where he lived in the countryside (we used brakedrum turnings Wink) and David also can’t easily get the usual metal where he lives on Maui.

I like the way this issue strengthens the inclusive aspect of orgonite field work. The ‘pastoral’ nature of our work is more inclusive than if we were required to be ‘technical.’ George Carlin expounded on that issue, comparing ‘pastoral’ baseball to ‘technical’ football.

I get kind of long winded when someone on the forum even remotely appears to challenge my integrity Cool

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A quartz crystal can boost pure orgonite power by just touching a piece of resin and metal matrix without any other stones (“pure” orgonite). No need to include it in the matrix. No piezoelectric effect is possible in this case.

When crystals have their effectiveness reduced over a long time in cloudbusters, they can have new crystals added by just sliding them down the pipes, over the old ones. No piezoelectric effect is possible in this case too. This returns the cloudbuster to its previous performance.

One can make versatile personal devices that can have their colouring crystals changed in this manner Wink. Just make an flat top HHG without any crystal and pile the desired gemstones over it, together with an amplifying clear quartz piece. Very useful for experiments with rare gemstones also.

“No piezoelectric effect is possible in this case”, Edu, that’s incisive, from my perspective. I’m sure sharp-eyed members of the orgonite forums favored by the search engines will be immediately copying your post over to their own forums, to clarify the truth, and defray false allegations about their own integrity.