Pikes Peak - When I recently needed to make an unexpected visit to Colorado Springs

When I recently needed to make an unexpected visit to Colorado Springs, one of the first things that came to mind was to leave a large HHG on Pikes Peak.

It worked out that I was able to do that along with some other targeted and random gifting in Colorado Springs.

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Here is a picture of a local resident that came out to see me as I was looking for another spot to leave a gift.

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Not sure what is going on there but I’ve never seen so many CT spraying runs. There must have been dozens upon dozens some days and other days nothing. Almost on cue, I watched a local news story about folks who were on a street corner with signs trying to raise awareness of ChemTrails.

The CT’s weren’t really sticking anyway.

It was a welcome diversion to explore the area a bit and to do what I could with the small amount of TB’s (30-40) I was able to bring.

Most of them had small lapis chips in the orgonite mix so that was my early Christmas present to Colorado Springs.

I was also able to introduce a family member to my “ionizers”, which seems to be a term that PJ folks can wrap their heads around without going tilt. It was funny that his small son totally ‘got’ what I was saying and wanted to carry an “ionizer” around with him.

I get the feeling that some gifting might have already occured in that town, but I was more than happy to add my ‘intent’ for freedom from tyranny to the environment.

Was also nice to turn the sour reason for my trip into Lemonade. No better way I can think of to turn a frown into a smile than to toss orgonite and witness confirmations.


Animals “get it”. They’re MUCH more energy sensitive than most people believe. They get hit as hard, if not harder than us with all the bad guy stuff.

I had a doe walk up to me recently (totally fearless to maybe 10 feet between us) and look at me after I tossed a single TB that way a couple minutes earlier. The look in her eyes was priceless – unconditional love and thanks – no way to mistake that. They know! Boy did that simple encounter make my day! Confirmation is always there but sometimes its subtle and you have to look for it and sometimes not.

So in gifting, if you ever see an animal that is “paying attention”, send them a telepathic message through your heart asking them to show you where the best place to put the TB would be. Betcha they show you!

Birds are especially useful. Lots of times I’ll be in an area not knowing the best place to gift and I’ll see a lone Eagle or hawk or recently it was a seagull (but only one with no others in sight which is unusual). The birds usually fly in a tight circular pattern almost as if they’re painting a bulls-eye on the spot. Any time I see that, I don’t even question it. That spot definitely gets gifted. Even the slyphs will show you were death tech you don’t know is there is – just ask them and watch where they appear. Without fail!

One time I was having an issue finding a place to gift a water tank (had an eerie feeling I was part of a box surveillance because I kept seeing the same cars drive by over and over). Got to a place frustrated, looked up and asked the operators to PLEASE show/help me gift this tank. I then noticed motion out of the corner of my eye. When I looked I could hardly believe it. There was a flock of about a dozen pigeons flying over a spot in a tight (tail to beak – I’m not kidding!) circle and they were alternating between that pattern and a figure 8 (also tail to beak close – was almost like a pigeon synchronized flying team it was so perfect – eerie perfect actually). Well, first off, 8 is a very special number but what popped into my head was 8 lying on its side and I got a chill instantly (I HATE chills – wink). Thats the mathematical symbol for infinity! YIPE! OK guys, you got it, they’re going right here! WOW! I was able to gift that spot with NO interference nor anyone watching (except the operators – wink – thanks guys!). NEVER forget to ask for help if you need it. Because of universal law (that free will/free choice thing), they can help but they cannot initiate. Once you ask you’ve taken the first step and now they can come in and help you.