Pink Dolphins

We did a training this weekend at the house on how to make simple tactical tower busters. It was fun. When the last of the TB’s were finished we looked up and the sky was full of beautiful sylphs. About 15 minutes later a chemtrail jet sprayed over the house. Confirmation of our effectiveness perhaps and the beauty of the sylphs. I’m convinced that the chemtrail program is a “defensiveâ€? program on a part of the parasites. It’s buying them time. I don’t feel it’s designed to poison people or kill them but more designed to deprecate the beautiful energy that is blossoming on this planet. There seems to be a direct correlation between sylphs – beautiful atmospheric energy and then the chemtrail jets show up. I could be dead wrong, but that’s my experience and feeling.

We gifted the orgonite today to the wild pink dolphins off the coast of Lantau Island here in Hong Kong and it was awesome to see them up close. Lovely creatures. … 1&ct=title

There is no doubt in my mind we are “headed home� in this effort to reclaim our planet. The parasites are diminishing in power daily. Gifting contributes exponentially to their lost ground and our global parasite cleanse. It’s also quite cool to receive playful confirmation from the Operators regarding our “sensual boosting� endeavours…very beautiful and my feeling is that the little parasitic agents are scared clueless when faced with a pure wave of playful champagne super-nova orgasmic sparkles rushing in an etheric tsumnami their way. God bless the open-hearted ballerina of orgonite. Perhaps I’m waxing on poetic here but perhaps that’s my style of being an etheric warrior.

Enjoy and happy gifting.

Time to turn my attention to gifting more towards that DOR-fest known as Shenzen China…just across the border.

All the best … Hong Kong John

“I don’t feel it’s designed to poison people or kill them but more designed to deprecate the beautiful energy that is blossoming on this planet. There seems to be a direct correlation between sylphs – beautiful atmospheric energy and then the chemtrail jets show up. I could be dead wrong, but that’s my experience and feeling.”

A good friend and I stood on his back porch in Eastern Pennsylvania in 1997, I think it was, or early 1998, and the sunset was just rediculously beautiful, to the point where I said to him ‘is it just me, or is the world getting more beautiful?’ Not just a ‘nice sunset’, but something different, bigger, like ‘I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.’ My friend, whom I call my ‘science officer’, is an engineer and brilliant intellect who balances my more intuitive character/mindset…he said (sic) ‘no question, it’s a new, higher level.’

Well, the spray campaign started in earnest RIGHT after that, and I felt sure at the time it was a response, that it was exactly like you, John, said, excerpted above.

They sure have had the pedal to the metal here in Eastern PA, lately. A couple of months ago, it seemed like their bulwarks had all but been washed away, and there were multiple-day stretches of some really stunning, natural clouds, amazing light, etc. Last two months, spraying so heavy (and EM buggery exacerbating same) that it’s all been flat, greasy, non-naturally-edged clouds, almost without exception.

The first Humpback Whale came into Hong Kong waters this week.

Very close to Lamma island where I live. Lamma Island is heavily gifted. The water, the harbour… everything. The appearance of sylphs in the last week has been extraordinary and of course the “tag along” chemtrail jets (good LUCK lads cos we are going HOME…no doubt in my mind and HEART) showed up to do their thing. On Tuesday night we had a very large energy open our hearts during our sensuous boosting session. Very beautiful…very powerful…a woman with an open heart is beyond any powerwand or gizmo of consciousness that I have ever experienced. But maybe thats just me. Maybe its just my way.

Really and truly I thank this “heart-warrior creature” of a whale for coming. I feel this beautiful creature opened a lot of doors here with its appearance.

I would appreciate any thoughts or feelings from other readers sensitive to the whales and dolphins. When I tune into this whale I get a similar beautiful feeling when viewing a large and magnanimous sylph.

Happy gifting. Much love and all the best…Hong Kong Johnnnny

As you say Jhon, it’s quite cool to receive playful confirmations from the Operators… I wanted to share the appearance of a different specie of dolphins in the coasts of Chile. Here is a link to a news report:

The dolphins appeared in the Coquimbo bay. This is the port located at the same latitude of Elqui Valley (actually Elqui river flows into the sea through here), and the place were we made our first gifting effort, more than two years ago. Ever since, even though we’ve been focused in the capital Santiago, we’ve gone back and done a lot of gifting in the area. About a year ago, Antonio, who lives in a town very close by, joined our effort and has been gifting all around. This has greatly expanded the gifted area. Ale and Antonio also gifted all the anthennas of Coquimbo and La Serena. When Kelly came we planted a few peacemakers and gifted some vortexes.

Going back to the dolphins, they were usually found about 100 km north from Coquimbo bay. They were the bottle nose species of dolphin. All our encounters with the dolphins have been with that pack. Even Kelly had the chance of saying hi to them. So having a new species 100km south from where they are usually found is pretty good news for us too!

Hi John,
This is so cool. Both the Pink Dolphins and the Humpback Whale. My heart is overwelmed with what this means
for your area. The whale came in to say thank you for the orgonite. The presence of the whale in the harbour will
effect a change on the whole population there. You can’t learn about something like this without it affecting you.
The whale came in to help raise the frequency of the harbour and the area around it. I can tell that he is over joyed by
the difference in the area.

Something similar to this happened for me in Costa Rica with an Orca though. Keep up the good work John.

I believe the chemtrails were meant to dimish humanities health to the point of submission and even death.
All of the gray, whited out skies made everyone depressed and have extremely low energy, not to mention all
the respitory sickness and auto-immune diseases that came out of it. This is just my opinion, from my own observations.

With all the gifting everyone has done, we are neutralizing these effects though. And now the Sylphs have returned
to give us hope. And we are seeing sights like the pink dolphins, the rough toothed dolphins and the humpback whale
that John has written about here in this post. They are appearing, as if to cheer us on in our reclaimation of our god given
right to life. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m so glad I’m alive in these times and get to witness all this.


Thanks, Darling! We can’t get enough of your news about our cetacean mentors’ patient efforts to guide and encourage us.

Another very large whale recently came to greet and encourage David in Hawaii when he was swimming in waters where he has been gifting. For me, that close contact in the water would surely be like meeting Jesus, Muhammad, Zoroaster or Buddha, face to face.

I have that inkling just from my own, briefer encounter with two whales in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, years ago, who stopped to see me when I was becalmed in my boat–paused, looked me in the eye and raised their fins over my head in succession. Stunning! I was literally paralyzed with awe.

Good progress report, Javi, thanks! You Chilean gifters are igniting the continent and setting new standards for the rest of us…


Jeff, Pennsylvania has been behind the curve with gifting, so you or someone will need to get pretty far afield and bust a whole lot of death towers and weather weapons before the $#!+birds are no longer able to sully the sky but, as you can see, there are plenty of people doing that scale of effort in other regions and their reports are showing this happy result.

In the long view, things like chemtrails and death towers are unconcealed, ‘positive (undeniable) signs’ of the existence of a murderous hidden, parasitic global hierarchy and the fact that these weapons are so easily disabled has empowered a lot of us in ways that we never dreamt were possible.

John, as far as I know the pink dolphins had been rarely seen until recently. It was after Didier started tossing large numbers of towerbusters into Hong Kong Harbor, several years ago, that he reported seeing them from the tour boat he was gifting from, at the time. They approached the boat but the people on the boat made a lot of noise and the captain revved his engines and quickly turned toward them, so they scooted.

You’ve tremendously expanded orgonite distribution since then, even to China-proper, and I’m very happy that you’re reporting the visible, sometimes immediate results of that as you progress. Most of the films we’re seeing that are being made in Hong Kong show no smog at all but before the gifting started most of the films made in Hong Kong showed bad smog. It’s handy to get such a public record of your progress.

Also, for the record, Kam Wong was the first person that we know about who gifted in Hong Kong. In that case, six years ago he put orgonite all around the skyscraper that the dark master who is allegedly in charge of the global opium trade lives in when he’s in town. DB had told us about his early visit with the dark master, there, (said that Ted Turner was in the room and was practically p!$$!ng hiumself with fright) and advised gifting the $#!+hole as soon as possible, so Kam simply did it the next time he was in town. Kam, who was living in Queens, also did a lot of ‘surgical’ gifting in New York City, including the AT&T headquarters building that has that massive, octahedron-shaped transmitter on its roof. Do we dare imagine how creepy that big transmitter in the middle of Manhattan was meant to be? [Image Can Not Be Found]

I think ‘hindquarters’ is a more appopriate term for a center of a global corporation’s crminal activities.

In some cases, the really big acccomplishments, like Hong Kong Jonny’s and Je Torres,’ have followed previous, less dramatic efforts.

Georg similarly made and distributed, through a coworker in Botswana, 20 orgonite cloudbusters in key posiitions in the Kalahari at a time (2004?) when the South African Gov’t was advising people to get ready for a famine on account of a long, crushing, artificially-induced drought. The CBs didn’t immediately bring the needed rain but after Georg and Trevor later (early 20005) painstakingly busted hundreds of weather weapons along the coast from Mozambique to the Cape it rained throughout the southern part of the continent, including the Kalahari. It’s still raining regularly and copiously, there.

Who’s to say that the CBs weren’t needed to achieve that result? Some generous German gifters had similarly distributed many cloudbusters throughout Spain in earlier years, while the HAARPies were still able to molest the atmosphere over the entire country, apparently in a very determined effort to turn the whole country into a desert for Al Gore and his corporate/parasitic handlers. In those days nobody was busting towers yet in Spain, as far as I know.

When we get the big, inspiring results, like John is reporting, i like to also credit the earlier gifters who faced an overwhelming death energy matrix and so got less dramatic confirmations for their gifting efforts in those areas because they’re partly responsible for the later victories.

I think Carol’s about ready to start her crystal blogsite. She’s been recovering from a lot of federal poisonings (several years’ worth) over the past six months–a pretty daunting detox cycle but the alternative was probably death–and has had to limit her psi effort for awhile but watch for her to bounce back, pretty soon. I think the cetaceans are helping her recover. I’m kind of useless without her.

Thx also, Doc Stevo, for your vital and timely professional help over the past few years, keeping Carol out of the Grim Corporate Reaper’s clutches.


Carol was inspired to post her comments in this thread, then came right home to tell me about it. We both tried to get onto the forum but hackers had taken it down by then, evidently [Image Can Not Be Found]

That’s the highest unwitting compliment to any of us from the Langley trolls—lets us know that what we have to say is particularly timely and important. Whoever posts something that warrants a phrenetic CIA hacker assault earns a gold star-- Congrats, dear! [Image Can Not Be Found]

Fortunately, the sabotage only lasted a little while, this time. Eric Carlson’s mirror site in France will probably prevent future hacking assaults from achieving these results. He and Alejandro are working at lining the mirror site up properly with the original site in Chile and Ale will keep administering it.