Pioneer Gifting In India And Cesco's Little Secret

Don Croft
23 Nov 2008 17:49
Subject: Pioneer Gifting in India and Cesco’s Little Secret
Hi Don,

Kelly’s report is now up, it will probably be added to but its in good shape as it is, here is the link: … 0of%202008)

My device can be found here:

Feel free to share the links on EW.



Thanks very much for the report link, Cesco, and I hope that Hari will add some of his own observations here.

I’m sending this URL to Carol and will ask her to post about your Little Secret, which is one of the personal orgonite devices that have a lot of endurance in terms of user benefits and marketability. I hope we can help you sell thousands of them so that you can expand your gifting expeditions more and more.

A nice thing about Andy’s videos with Carol and I in them is that my wife’s shyness is apparent. It’s endearing but I want more people to get personally acquainted with her so that she’ll do more writing.


Don Croft
25 Nov 2008 11:14
Subject: Re: Pioneer Gifting in India and Cesco’s Little Secret
I got an email from Kelly yesterday and responded to it. Hackers blocked my response to him. There’s been a LOT of very specific hacking among some of us, lately, which probably indicates an elevated frustration level at the Langley rathole Cool

Carol’s going to write something for this thread. For a Gemini, she’s unusually reticent but I think I discovered a nice way to spark her to communicate. Notice how I inadvertently induced her to hold forth about teh Sylphs in our filmed stage presentation. She told me that she was not able to remain silent when I brought up the Sylphs Cool

She’s a couple of weeks behind with her work but her local socializing is really paying off and that’s important to her. From all that, her local business friends (Irina and Kathi) have arranged to advertise their store’s orgonite on the Sand Point, Idaho, radio station. I think that’s a global first. We always favor starting big efforts with small, manageable steps.


Carol Croft
25 Nov 2008 17:41
Subject: Re: Pioneer Gifting In India And Cesco’s Little Secret
I really like Cesco’s Little Secret. I use it to fine tune energy and to remove the fog. When I’m doing psychic work and I can’t quite see the
clear picture, I can pick up the Little Secret and hold it in my hand and it will remove the fog so that I can see what is really going on. It’s a really
good tool for boosting too. If you hold it in your right hand when you are boosting it will make your boosting alot stronger. And again more
fine tuned, as far as, where you are aiming your boosts. You hold a thought of the person you are boosting or healing and it makes the boosting
SO much more powerful. Cesco made me a personal one after his last visit. It is one of my favorite tools. Thank you so much Cesco Smile

02 Dec 2008 07:00
Subject: Re: Pioneer Gifting In India And Cesco’s Little Secret
Thanks Hari, and Thanks Laozu and Cesco,

I will be arriving in January to Chennai, and have been generously supported with a couple hundred TB’s. The report on India is encouraging and I am very grateful that this project was undertaken, as are most certainly the 1 billion odd citizens of India. You must have seen the towers, and while the opening of the Sheng Canopy (please read … 0of%202008) may represent the most important etheric development for a region, its likely the distribution of orgonite in stagnant or DOR-ridden areas, like around towers, may eventually be necessary, even if its only to “mop up.” I hope we agree! Hari please inform me if you’ll be back in Chennai Jan-Feb 2009, and thanks again gang for the awesome job!

13 Dec 2008 10:39
Subject: Re: Pioneer Gifting In India And Cesco’s Little Secret
Likewise, I would like to thank Kelly, Hari and Cesco.

Also thought I’d add a picture to the thread of Cesco’s outstanding Little Secret Device (as they say it is worth 1000 words);


I have one, as does Lucy my fiance, and we would not be without them. They are great as a decorative piece to display and even better as an interactive device. When I’m feeling blue or down I take great solace from holding mine and it perks me up a treat.

A great piece of Interactive Etheric Art from a great friend.

Best Wishes


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