Please Be Aware: Concerted Attempt To Undermine This Effort

Don Croft
07 Feb 2008 06:12
Subject: Please Be Aware: Concerted Attempt to Undermine This Effort
I’ve seen this happen at least once a year for the past seven years but we’ve weathered them all, so far. The assaults generally take place in mid-summer but they’re apparently jumping the gun, this year. I like to think it’s out of desperation.

Maybe a little history is in order, since most of the participants and readers came along after most of the previous agency campaigns to destroy this network ended in quiet failure.

In July, 2001, when Ken Adachi first started posting my reports and the orgonite cloudbuster instructions, an outfit called Glogal Light Network started buying and distributing hundreds of zappers from us. It was a newagey organization founded by an American guy in Austria whose name I don’t recall but who wrote a lot of promotional books for Theosophy. That bunch told me that a man who called himself ‘Jehoshua’ (sure, what else?) had come up with a mass produced version of the orgonite cloudbuster and they started collecting money for him from their members. I supported the idea because Carol and I felt some pretty extreme urgency about the horrific condition of the atmosphere, which we’d just sampled on our trip from Florida to California to Idaho. It really didn’t matter to us whether our name was attached to the solution, then. Jehoshua had made his business conditional on having his name attached to the product, not ours.

Fortunately, perhaps, this fellow turned out to be a scammer. He took many thousands of dollars from Global Light Network without producing any cloudbusters, then he vanished. You might not believe this, but our contact at GLN told us that he believed Jehoshuah had ‘ascended.’ Cool See why I’ve shied away from directly associating this work with the newage movement ever since then?

That was six months or so before teh death towers suddenly proliferated across the globe. By the time those started sprouting like mushrooms there were already thousands of cloudbusters in operation, thanks to the timely dissemination of the free instructions, so we never witnessed the full impact of that new DOR weaponry, thank God. We had to shift gears, though, and start going after the towers in addition to just having cloudbusters in our backyards. Most of the folks who built cloudbusters in the first year weren’t interested in busting towers, by the way.

In May, 2002, when Yahoo! silently banned me from participating on my own cloudbuster forum (the day after I posted the results of our first towerbusting sortie), which they host (it’s still there and you can see what happens when a forum has open membership and no standards) the next forum effort was flooded with a consortium of very clever sociopaths who tried their best, for the following year, to make a monkey of me. Unfortunately for them, I laugh harder or sooner at my own foibles than anyone else does.

The following year included a powerfully motivated effort to discount orgonite in favor of groundless claims about some proprietary water. Carol sampled some of these devices that were being promoted by one of our former associates as the ‘ultimate environmental healing protocol’ and was unimpressed, though we never urged people to abandon that pursuit (we were being set up to openly criticise it). A whole lot of enthusiastic people blindly bought into that scam and wasted time and effort, prompting me to take a gifting trip to savaged Atlanta to demonstrate that orgonite was still viable, which put us ten thousand dollars in debt but helped us reclaim our good reputations, at least. Carol was able to join me for much of that trip.

I don’t fault anyone for getting sucked into clever scams. It took me an entire year to figure out, by the way, that much of what Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr Robert Beck had been promoting was irrational, fake science and plagiarism and that zapping is a lot more effective and also much simpler than she apparently realized. I then started finding ways to simplify, then improve zappers. Several people, including Carol, helped with that.

When we got home from Atlanta in April, 2003, we became acquainted with ‘Laozu’ Kelly, who had just gotten interested in orgonite research and development. He thoroughly disproved the silly water claims, by the way, and in the process found out some interesting and useful things about orgonite’s relationship to water. We’ve always consulted Kelly whenever we looked for consensus among reputable energy sensitives about new devices, their functions and parameters.

I suppose it’s worth mentioning that several other scammers’ efforts were woven in and around the silly water stuff but since I was no longer associated with any of those people on a forum, none of it stuck to us. They did poison a lot of former associates against us, though, and that sort of thing still goes on. Since this isn’t an organization, backbiting hasn’t apparently slowed the dissemination of this simple but empowering technology. We just want to stay viable in the game, not to control it.

There were several other efforts mounted to obliterate the objective standards which have sort of mysteriously created themselves around this global, grassroot effort and of course these insidious assaults failed because those standards are not directly related to anyone in particular. See, in order to undermine any group of people, the world odor’s agencies need to first create the impression that one or a small number of people within the group have authority over the rest. Once that’s been done, it’s not hard to poison the reputations of those few and to even set them against each other by stroking their egos with ‘servile flattery.’

An example of that sort of infiltration/sabotage effort was when a fundamentalist Christian gal who has a (sycophantic) following on the internet tried to convince me that ‘Bible code clearly indicates that Don Croft is a prophet.’ She said that if I would affiliate with her, she’d bring a whole lot of Christians into the gifting movement.

I think the first tipoff, for me, that this was an infiltration scam was the fact that this woman pretends to speak for God Laughing but when someone we trusted, a little later, urged me to reconsider her offer I figured out that this particular ‘bible code’ software, that anyone can buy, is just another tired CIA effort to confuse and titillate the undiscerning; no more explicit than a ouija board. This trusted person had sort of tried on the fundamentalist Christian paradigm at the time, so we gave him some slack. He had been a Theosophy proselyte, before–same mindset.

This gal now advises people that ‘Don and Carol Croft’s orgonite instructions are evil.’ It’s a hard sell, since all we advise is to mix ordinary metal, cheap resin and a bit of crystal together Cool

It’s been said that Roger Bacon ‘translated’ the Bible (King James version) in order to encode masonic dogma. Parasitic scholarship? The world odor usually has several purposes in mind when they sponsor efforts like that. In this case, they can point to the Bible as ‘their own.’ It’s also been claimed that Roger Bacon oversaw the aggressive witch pogroms in England in those days, which were concurrent with the Inquisition, of course. I can’t document that but I think it’s so and a good illustration of how the parasitic world odor operates.

One of the prophets in the Bible did apparently foresee that in the end times just about everyone would be fooled by scammers. I think the British aristocracy after WilliamII (the parasitic spreaders of ‘the empire’) pioneered modern, massive-scale scamming when they set up the ‘Hindu Theological Seminary’ in Calcutta in the late 1700s in order to subjugate India without an army but their bastard child, the CIA, perfected and amplified these activities to a collosal scale through the Monarch programs, the What To Think Network and Hollywood, not to mention the newage movement and modern religious fundamentalism.

The urge to sycophancy is perhaps a universal human failing and this, too, is something that the agencies have attempted to exploit, again and again, including the present campaign. A sycophant is a ‘servile flatterer.’

I don’t know if you’ve been the object of that sort of saccharine adoration but it’s kind of sickening, especially since it usually hides a dagger. When someone I don’t know opens an email with flattery I’ve learned to wait for the ‘other shoe’ to drop: veiled jealousy and resentment from weak, manipulable and schizoid individuals.

If you’re an accomplished person and receive emails from very clever sycophants it may be that you’re tempted to believe that they’re sincere. If so, you’re being set up to be manipulated through your ego and you’re more likely to accept the notion that you have some authority over someone else or that your opinion automatically counts for more.

One of the standards that have come to be accepted by the more discerning people in this informal network is that it’s more appropriate to draw attention to the work than to ourselves, though of course it’s healthy to take credit for any valid accomplishment. Our egos have a valid function, after all, and to claim that we’re entirely clear of being moved by our own egos is to invite all sorts of flatterers and other backstabbers into our lives and, God forbid, into this network. Fake humility isn’t useful. Shying away from claiming responsibility for accomplishments invites scammers like ‘Jehoshuah’ to upstage us, too, which I contend is a disservice. Some say that excessive shyness is just another form of arrogance. I agree.

Maybe ‘sycophant’ is synonymous with ‘slave.’ The world odor’s paradigm of ‘citizenship’ is slavery, please consider; the opposite of personal accountability and freedom. You might be or know someone who has opted not to be subject to the PC brain police (mostly-unwitting behavior modification technicians) and to the What To Think Network. These few are the ones we generally seek for friendship and support because we can count on them not to be manipulated by clever backbiters or by comfortable, bland popular paradigms into sabotaging us.

It’s for the sake of these few that I created and maintain Etheric Warriors. Most people just aren’t interested in personal integrity and most people don’t have a conscience. It’s just the way the world is and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, as long as we can keep fairly clear of their machinations. The Pajama People are like that, though of course there’s a little Pajama Person in all of us, all the time, which is why we have to stay on our toes and avoid being moved by flattery and disinformation.

Part of my makeup is a strong desire not to have a following, which is maybe why The Operators pegged me with a sense of obligation to promote simple but empowering technology and to discourage sycophancy and chest pounding. I’m more motivated by the urge to expose and neutralize parasitic tyranny than to serve or heal others, frankly, though defeating tyranny is a pretty good service and I do love my fellows and I happily sacrifice for them/you now and then. If I were a self-righteous chest pounder I’d tell you that I only want to serve YOU, though if I were as humble as possible I’d want nothing but to serve you. I sure don’t want to be shot in my bed some night by Homeland Sekurity operatives, though.

Other people are made with a strong desire to have a following and I wouldn’t trade places with them to save my own life. I think that the desire to have authority over someone else is the most repugnant of all human failings. Of course we all have at least a little of that in our makeup so we can empathize with all the Hitler/Maitreya wannabees out there.

Many more are motivated to blindly follow alpha personalities, which is where the trouble mainly lies. I’m mainly aiming this post at those folks, who probably already resent me for being an iconoclast Laughing Blind followers are the engine that carries every parasitic campaign forward and gives it life, of sorts. It’s not hard to recognize them:

Fundamentalist Christians, Jews and Muslims who believe that clergy and/or dogma must not be questioned. Newagers are a subset of that bunch.

The vigilant Political Correctness mob (the brain police) who are steered by unseen behavior modification specialists (CIA forte) and the public school system.

Militant environmentalists who officially ignore orgonite, who believe fascism is going to help them achieve their unclear goals and whose leaders are paid by the Rockefellers and their ilk.

Anyone who won’t question fake but institutional scientists, such as the ones who have lately flipflopped from ‘global warming’ to ‘global cooling.’ Note that all their claims are based on things you and I can’t possibly verify, including ‘the manipulation of DNA,’ ‘eating blue monkeys,’ ‘ticks from Lyme, Connecticut,’ ‘cattle flatulence,’ and ‘The ionosphere over Antarctica.’ Their vaunted computer modeling of the real world has been entirely discredited–no more viable than Dungeons and Dragons.

Blind imitators in general, including anyone who believes that any of us can have the final word on anything, especially something as new and relatively unexplored as the dynamics of simple orgonite.

I had a long talk with Carol about this tonight and we came to the conclusion that the best way to handle the present, veiled campaign to divide this network is to say nothing specific about it and to just have faith that it will come to naught on account of enough people having the discernment not to be sucked into it.

I can tell you that since we began sampling the higher dimensions in November, and working together from ‘there’ in the weekly chats, this sort of thing has become a lot less distressing than before. This is timely, empowering and entirely accessible to anyone, just like everything else we’ve promoted over the years, much of which comes from other people. It may be that the realization that we can operate in dimensions higher than the fourth, which is the glass ceiling for the entire world odor, is what inspired the present current but veiled assault against the network, some of which I track with email trends that I haven’t discussed, yet.

The urge to mystify phenomenal but natural processes, which is what characterizes the action of orgonite and energy tossing, fits hand-in-glove with the inclination to assign authority to individuals. The intellectually lazy will always try to slough off their own discernment responsibilities to clergy-like individuals, after all.

One reason I promote the book, CRYSTAL POWER; CRYSTAL HEALING, by Michael Gienger is that he de-mystified the subtle energy characteristics and processes of gems and minerals by simply gathering a monumental amount of subjective observations from a wide variety of people over several years. The result is a body of hard, consistent evidence and a solid framework of working principles. This, as much as anything, has inspired my own efforts to keep this wonderful, global-scale healing work out of the purview of channelers, armchair magicians, chest pounders and idle pontificators.

As a happy result, many thousands of people are doing this work around the world without feeling a need for approval from any of us. Many of them don’t even know about us, in fact, which is the best sort of testimonial, in my view. Can you imagine how fast this work would grind to a halt if every gifter felt compelled to have one or another of us review his or her plans and devices before moving forward? It’s the simplicity and the quick confirmations of anyone’s gifting efforts which drives this movement, not the proprietary or implied abilities of a few individuals. Of course, the latter will always have a suitably honored and honorable position in the development of the technology and protocols of gifting and energy tossing.

We’ve seen, over the years, a lot of people succumb to the urge to assume personal authority in this movement and the inevitable result is that they’ve marginalized themselves. We didn’t do it to them. I never openly criticised them when they were pounding their own chests and mystifying the mouth breathers because the agencies want me to do that, of course, and I also just don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or to play ‘King of the Dung Heap.’ I’m just not an alpha guy. I think the self-marginalizing process with chest pounders is an interesting, self-healing attribute that demonstrates of this movement’s viability and perhaps the direct participation of The Operators, whoever they are. Unfortunately, once one has discredited him/herself by trying to gain an advantage over others it’s awfully hard to recover his/her previously good reputation.

Lao Tse advised in the TAO TE CHING that water is the most powerful element, partly because it always seeks the lowest level. I think one can get a lot of instruction about the function and power of genuine humility by contemplating the teachings of this wonderful old but ever-new book. In another chapter he says, about the hole in the middle of the wheel where the axle is inserted, ‘because of the place where nothing is, we have the use of the wheel.’ I think Lao Tse wrote a comprehensive operating manual for the human spirit.

Some of the marvellous, awe-inspiring Persian poets in the early centuries of Islam offered some mystical, passionate but also practical advice, some of which is only now becoming understandable, perhaps. Like Dr Reich and Mr Tesla, they were kind of ahead of their time. Have you considered that healthy orgone is a manifestation of love, for instance? If not, please think about what you’ve accomplished in your own region by distributing simple orgonite when you read these words:

If the sky is not in love, then it will not be so clear.
If the sun is not in love, then it will not be giving any light.
If the river is not in love, then it will be in silence; it will not be moving.
If the mountains, the earth are not in love, then there will be nothing growing.

When I find my own book of Rumi’s poems (much better translation, by the way) in the spring I’ll post some even juicier insights from there Cool but it’s just been too cold to rummage through the boxes in the hangar that we pulled out of storage recently.

Can you see that I’m not conducting a witch hunt by discussing the less comfortable subjects? I just think it’s prudent to occasionally draw attention to both the healthy and the unhealthy dynamics that operate within this unorganized movement. The more we can focus on the work and on our own intuitive promptings, the less inclined we’ll be to reflexively defer to individuals and to assign arbitrary authority to them. That unfortunate habit is an accountability issue for the lazy, blind imitators, in other words. Everyone here is accountable; it’s the nature of this place.


07 Feb 2008 14:09
Subject: Re: Please Be Aware: Concerted Attempt To Undermine This Eff
Great post, Don. I don’t know what the present assault is – I’m sure those whom it concerns will know – but it is always inspiring make clear what working with orgonite is really about: waking up and healing, being plugged into the world. This brings its own benefits in personal terms.

I have trouble with folks who deny their ego. I know it’s a double-edged sword: without it, we wouldn’t accomplish anything in life, we would have no initiative; if we give it to much free rein, we ultimately get derailed by its insatiable appetite for ever more attention, then get wrapped up in our own bubble and become irrelevant to the world. Like it or not, we gotta have it.

I have times of slack every now and then, but reading other warrior’s thoughts and practical experiences always gives me the impetus to keep at it. Right now, I’m preparing the next sea gifting trip, while the boat is laid up for repairs, pouring as many TBs as possible. More of that, with pictures, when it’s been done.

Good to have a bit of the movement’s history spelled out from time to time, thanks!

Don Croft
07 Feb 2008 15:17
Subject: Re: Please Be Aware: Concerted Attempt to Undermine This Eff
Thanks a lot, Paddy. I hold my breath hoping that nobody, here, feels singled out when I make general appeals like this one. I was told, this morning, that the same assault materialized on the French forums (thanks, Kass!). I’ll ask Georg if he’s seeing the same thing on the German board. It’s always good to collect intel and confirmations, even about the unpleasant stuff.

In the courts of the caliphs, eunuchs usually ruled; the old world odor’s insidious bureaucratic dynamic in the most obvious form, which came to full fruition at Langley in 1947. People who pretend not to have egos remind me of those eunuchs Cool and it helps me appreciate why Dr Reich so vigorously stressed the importance of having sex regularly with one’s life mate in order to maintain some sanity, happiness and equilibrium. That recommendation got him booted from the Communist Party in Austria when he was a young psychiatrist in the 1920s because the men he counseled stopped being impotently furious at the bourgeoise and stopped attending the rallies. It’s impossible to manipulate happy people, which is why simple orgonite is the ultimate magic bullet to bring down teh world odor behemoth by simply making the PJ folks disinterested in terror and goose stepping.

I think it’s cool that you’re sea gifting around Scotland in your own boat! I’m planning to build a Caledonia Yawl for Carol this year–got the plans and book last year. I’ll always love sailing small open boats in the sea. Here it is:……index.html

This has become a popular design for home builders, which isn’t surprising. It’s got a motor well for a 3.5hp Nissan two stroke engine, which can be stowed out of sight when sailing. I got sick of having to tack upwind for hours to get home after a pleasant day of sailing Wink

I have a photo of one of these with a Chinese lug rig (my favorite rig for cruising). One can use several rigs for this boat.

Got a pic of your vessel, Paddy? I’d love to see it.


07 Feb 2008 19:02
Subject: Re: Please Be Aware: Concerted Attempt To Undermine This Eff
I’m flattered that you should think of me as a sailing man, Don Wink but if I let that pass I would be adorning myself with unwarranted feathers. The boat is not mine, it belongs to a friend, I have been a landlubber all my life and the fact that I went out to sea on a calm day is almost equivalent to your flying endeavours, in terms of gathering the courage to do it. However, I hope that will all change gradually and I look forward to the next trip. I will have to acquaint myself with boating knowledge and terms, so that I can bluff my way through a conversation Wink

I will post pics of the boat and of the gifting trip as soon as I’ve worked out how to do that, I’ll put them in the relevant thread. We had to motor that day anyway, there was hardly any wind and we only had an hour before the harbour gates were closed again. That Caledonia Yawl looks like the archetypal happy boat to me!

Yes, eunuchs. The removal of cojones, figuratively or literally, must lead to a big vacuum in life that necessitates having power over others in order to fill the empty space, the need for physical fulfillment. I agree that orgonite is the magic bullet and I have recently decided that this is going to be the thing that will fill the rest of my life, one way or another, even though I have plenty of other interesting things going on. It’s a kind of pleasurable duty, almost, but I do it out of my own free will, so it isn’t really a duty.


Don Croft
08 Feb 2008 14:23
Subject: Re: Please Be Aware: Concerted Attempt to Undermine This Eff
Thx, Paddy–sure courage is relevant and sort of personalized. I’m scared to go up tall ladders, for instance, or swim in the open ocean where the bottom isn’t in sight. Comedian Steven Wright said that he’s afraid of widths.

Georg has to get a captain license to take his boat into the sea from surveilled boat launches, strange to tell. I wonder if that isn’t just one of the many ways the South African gov’t keeps blacks, most of whom are still mystified by materialism and dispassionate tyranny, away from earning a livlihood with fishing or something. His police-state-mandated surf launch training wasn’t a waste of time, of course.

We all earn points whenever we take steps to overcome our fears. I think that’s why firewalks are so useful. Just like gifting, firewalks are something anyone can accomplish, though the latter takes some preparation by skilled people, of course.

I appreciate your pointing out that gifting is not an organized effort. If this weren’t so, there would be gate keepers and gurus. I love hearing accounts from travellers about blue orgonite cloudbuster holes in a DOR-molested sky in places like Korea and Slovakia, where we don’t yet know of anyone doing this work.

Looking forward to more sea-gifting reports from you! Since there are at least four of us doing this from small boats, doesn’t that constitute an unorganized navy? Cool