Please Boost Gulianna in Genoa

Giulianna is a large-scale orgonite tosser who recently accompanied Silvio and Vittorio in a massive campaign, centered in Genoa, Italy, and she fell and was injured yesterday, so some boosting from our hearts will help her recovery and may spill over and deal with anyone who may have been responsible for it. Genoa was one of the ‘harder targets.’ Silvio has been in touch with her, meanwhile.


I just phoned Giuliana after reading this post because I didn’t know anything and wanted to know how she was. She told me that she was loading her car late in the evening, she stumbled and just fell on the ground hitting her front teeth, which got broken. We had a long talk and I’m sure she’s fine because we talked about many things and she seemed quite relaxed. I’m gonna send her a pendant, I’ll make one this day because she asked to have one. I translated Don’s post for her and she was very moved by that, she’s a really nice person and I consider her as an elder sister. [Image Can Not Be Found] She thanks everyone for boosting her, she said she could fell it.

Giuliana is a kind of unconditional persona, I proposed both Giuliana and Emanuela from Genoa to post in Italian on EW but they are quite hubmle, altought in real life action their are both straight forward and speak their hearth, also are not afraid of strangers and feel about anything that happens. With this sincerity often lead other on the way to get targets or accomplish work.

Yesterday she joked that maybe the 6 teeth she broke can be remade in orgonite, here is a photo of a batch of orgoinite she jmade last week and it was entirely done with the purpose to do person gifting, that includes also one negihbour of her that Vittorio introduced to orgonite , while I was busy taking photos of silphs, so from there it goes that Giuliana is going to give orgoinite to a lotof people in Genoa, the neighbour has a greenhouse where he has a small businees of plants, what do you know, Vittorio is very is nice to hear that she is goint to wear a orgonite pendat from you.

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