Please Earthpipe This Freakshow For Carolien!

Don Croft wrote on 22 Nov 2008

The psychics found the current problems mainly originating at this MI6 institution:

She’s in Holland, so I’m hoping that one of our intrepid English colleagues will find an opportunity to go over here and earthpipe this place. It’s apparently one step down from TAvistock Institute in terms of massive-scale mind control dissemination; it’s where many of MI6’s psychic predators are trained, too.

For some reason, Carolien’s success with seems to threaten MI6 in a peculiar way, so we regularly go to bat for her in the chat sessions. Gifting this property might pull the rug right out from under the sewer rats’ efforts to cause her to fail at business. The reason I mentioned earthpipes is because the psychics are seeing some especialaly unsavory underground activity there. If anyone knows the history of that mansion and teh family connected to it maybe we can get more insight about why MI6 has chosen the place to help create their psi army.

I think we’re going to go after Mme Doktor Freud, Siggi’s daughter, who runs Tavistock, to see if that shakes any new targets loose from MI6’s hive



Don Croft wrote on 22 Nov 2008

Some earthpipes around TAvistock would also speed up the demise of the corporatre world order, of course. Tavistock is the flagship of massive-scale mind control programs which the CIA grew it’s much bigger Monarch Program from and spread it throughout much of the world after the 1940s.

I don’t remember if someone has already done this to the Tavistock Hive.

I pitched towerbusters and holy handgrenades around and into the high-fenced CIA HQ enclave at Langley, Virginia, in the wee hours but that was before we knew about earthtpipes. I even bounced a TB off one of their cameras and was back on the freeway by the time they sent out their armada of search vehicles. What fun! It pays not to tarry in one spot while gifting the devil’s garden



Don Croft wrote on 22 Nov 2008

I posted that during Dooney’s chat session (Sat.morning here) and when we went to Tavistock the psychics found a Wheel under there, along with two imprisoned guardians. We sorted all that out and it looks like this was what we were intended to find by helping Carolien.

The psi/group sessions seem to be integral to disabling and reclaiming important energy vortices like the one that Tavistock has been parasiting. The clincher is gifting and our resounding group success at CERN is the best example I know because there was dramatic feedback in 3D when that ‘weapon of mass destruction’ facility essentially collapsed ‘on schedule,’ on the eve of its planned success

Please bear in mind that what I’m reporting is subjective; not authoritative, but if you consider it to be practical battlefield intel, as we always do, I hope it will help your own gifting efforts.



Carolien wrote on 23 Nov 2008

My father died at the respectable age of 81 yesterday. So I asked the chat group at Dooney’s to boost him a little. Apparently, people who pass away can be somewhat disorientated about losing their physical body. Sending heart’s energy by boosting can help them comprehend and accept better. My dad was fine, he sent us a smile for the boost, so Stevo said. To him it was like we were praying. Which is quite funny, since I knew my dad as an a-religious all his life (as i am, still).

During boosting, Dooney saw this long, dark-haired male figure hovering over me. Certainly not my chubby, ever bald dad! I grasped this was my spirit guide – or guardian, if you will – of who’s existence I had learned by a Dutch spiritualist psychic. The features Dooney saw, matched his description exactly. Which I had never told Dooney or the other chatters about, by the way. When the chat conversation addressed this Dutch psychic however, Stevo saw him having an MI6 handler. After mentioning the Arthur Findlay college in Britain as the respectable (or is it?) psychic school where he had been trained, the connected information – as Don described in above posts – began to roll in.

It’s a process that never stops to impress me, for – besides the information the psychics share to evaluate each other – all the boosters throw in their subjective feelings and thoughts simultaneously, like pieces of a big puzzle we’re solving. Even if it’s just having goose pumps or lyrics sticking to our mind. The synchronicity of it is soooooo cool!

It puzzles me too, why MI6 seems to have a vast interest in obstructing my biz. Don had asked me to keep him updated on the progress in sales – which had stopped after we all had boosted the banksters. By attending to some specific biz boosting sessions, the psychics already had found MI6 to be the ‘pain in the neck’ source for that – and I’d just sent Don an email on how well traffic had picked up the week afterwards, but had come to a halt yet again. Apparently, their trick is to pull some black magic in to erase my website from awareness. Literally fogging it (Dooney sees it as covered in a grey haze), so people forget.

Mind you, I am very aware that my biz has only just started, so we’re not talking huge Wall Street crashes here. But it’s an obscure fact that – after boosting and posting about it publicly – the sabotage of my shipped packages has completely stopped, for example. Same as the traffic picked up profoundly after our latest joint effort in chat, which led to the waking of several guardians found numbed and frozen under freemason’s headquarters, the London HQ in particular.

If it wasn’t for these confirmations (and my goose pumps in chat), I’d doubt that my ‘small biz’ troubles could lead to such big targets. Of course I understand that orgone energy – with it’s capability to reverse desert-like weather conditions, neutralize nuclear radiation and create single cellular life from sterile sand or dead leaves – is a threat to the ill-intending, I rationally consider my efforts as insignificant in the scheme of things. Yet the occult nature of the world order is beginning to dawn on me, now the obvious sabotage has shifted to my personal life lately.

Don asked me what is keeping me from posting about that. But I shy away from it, I guess. To read and learn about mind control and such is one thing, but sharing strange events and my thoughts on them publicly, is something else. We all have our weird, occult experiences – no doubt there. And getting in the open about my biz sabotage took me a while to grow guts for, yet helped me overcome a lot indeed. I just don’t want to become a freak show myself, because of the subjective nature of my impressions on the occult. However hard the evidence is to me in my personal life, the dress code on the streets is still “pyjamas”.


Start gifting or making your own orgonite, at


Paddy wrote on 23 Nov 2008

Now it’s my turn to compliment you on your courage and openness, Carolien, as you did when I bared my soul by speaking about my depression back in the summer. I understand very well why we don’t want to post about such very personal experiences for all the world to see, I’m always concerned about being self-indulgent and weak, but as a result of my own experience I realise how important it is to accept help and to let others know what’s happening. With every such post we expose their dirty tricks a little more and thereby render them ineffective.

Too right about the general dress code!



Don Croft wrote on 23 Nov 2008

Thanks, Caroliien and Paddy–I don’t see this as ‘baring our souls,’ so much as providing some desperately needed corroboration for our readers who experience similar things but are afraid of considering them more than just imaginings or paranoia. So, telling about our own observations and experiences is a public service and when others besides me do this, then EW won’t be seen as the Don Croft Show–an oddity.

This is now perceived as kind of like Alice’s Restaurant in real life; ‘a [viable] movement.’ It takes so few people to turn this world around with orgonite that I won’t be surprised if we end up merely as historical footnotes after the demise of this horrid corporate world order and the ensuing global peace and prosperity period.

We haven’t yet discovered why MI6, Jesuits and other $#!+birds are trying so hard to make Carolien fail with but if it’s important to those rats, it’s sure important to us, too.

Stevo got hit pretty hard after yesterday’s Tavistock assault but he was fine after a night’s sleep. Another confirmation that we did some significant damage to that MI6 hive. Enough orgonite will finish it off, of course.

I looked up ‘Anna Freud’ on Wikipedia and they told me ‘no such match.’ I looked it up on and got a Wikipedia link about Anna Freud, ‘inventor of child psychoanalysis,’ but of course there’s no mention of her having directed Tavistock Institute until her death in 82. Larouche’s researchers had claimed that she took it over from her dad, Sigmund, at his death. Molesting and programming children on a large scale was apparently pioneered at Tavistock under the Freuds’ direction, then vastly expanded by the CIA, starting at MOntauk.

All of teh psychic ‘colleges’ in the West are part of the MI6 and CIA hierarchy and all of them are based in Theosophy. I keep mentioning Theosophy and Bornagain Chumpism as exceedingly destructive ideologies because those two are the foundation of the corporate world order’s genocide agenda. Even though these two groups are at each others’ throats, they’re seamlessly joined, sort of like how the Democratic and Republican Parties are in the US.



Carolien wrote on 25 Nov 2008

Maybe I do have to get the story out about my experiences as a prison counsellor. And the events that led to my resignation. It’s the only thing I can think of that possibly relates me to mind control and MI6.

Boy, this is huge for me to do.

Please understand that I have sworn an oath of official secrecy, which I still validate regarding the prisoners I have counselled. But I better explain you the merits of my late job as a clergy first.

In Holland, it’s a constitutional right for prisoners to request for religious counselling. Therefore, protestant referents and catholic pastors are assigned to each prison, as well as imams nowadays. After WWII, atheists and agnosts were included and humanistic counsellors were appointed for their spiritual care. First as volunteers, officially representing the Humanistic Alliance in Holland. Later, the government also employed them as civil servants with official duties – like their religious colleagues. In 1995, I was engaged as such a humanistic prison counsellor, serving both bosses: the Department of Justice and the Humanistic Alliance.

The main part of my job was talking with prisoners about their lives, hopes and troubles during imprisonment – in private, confidential conversations. My official secrecy allowed me the right to refuse being called to court as a witness. This was meant to ensure the freedom of speech for the prisoners involved, for they themselves could not even dismiss me from this right to remain silent. Much like a priest’s confession, if you will. However, it also obliges me now to not freely share my experiences with you and choose my words carefully. Even after getting the sack, I still do respect the principle of a sanctuary for people in prison – for which Don probably thinks I am a fool to believe. Maybe so….

For when I learned about orgonite – in 2006 – the implications of etheric technology or radionics began to dawn on me, and raised some profound questions about my humanistic view on life. Such as the inherent freedom of thought, which I had assumed to be unassailable. What if such tech was used on prisoners? How could I advice people to take responsibility for their lives, if their thoughts and behaviour were indeed manipulated from outside? By analysing the stories prisoners told me for myself, the evidence of mind control grew day by day – leaving my humanistic view on life as the mere academical anti-thesis. Gradually, I found myself in a serious dilemma.

Of course I could have gifted the prison area and see what would happen. But I was afraid for that. Afraid to see real changes, that would urge me to draw conclusions and quit my job. I earned good money and still thought I made a difference to people’s lives. Then, life chose for me….

Early 2007 evidence streamed in, that my confidential conversations were listened in to.

Mind you, it’s totally legal for the Department of Justice to order detective forces to tap phones, search offices or whatever more is needed, to check possible misdemeanour of personnel. It’s part of working in jail. But there are specific regulations to not compromise professional secrecies, even under those circumstances. I was used to that. And I had already noticed an increase of times that I heard an echo on my phone, both at work and at home.

Yet the information that reached me, was different. Specific private details from my confidential conversations with prisoners turned up in interrogations, for example. It concerned a few prisoners – from separated divisions – whom I had spoken at different locations in prison. The complexity of these private details, also gave me reason to believe that they were gathered over a period of time. So they couldn’t have been accidentally overheard.

I was quite shocked when I understood the implications of all this. If this was really happening on a structural basis, I was a well-paid spy for the government without knowing it. Still, I had to stay focussed professionally and consider the possibility of a setup by prisoners. Freaking out personnel is a welcome pastime for some. And it was part of my job to handle such situations with integrity, too. However, a possible setup didn’t fit an important fact. For the details involved, were much to the criminal disadvantage of the imprisoned suspects themselves.

I decided it would be best to confide the case to my superior of the Humanistic Alliance, at my annual evaluation in March. His level of official secrecy topped mine, so I could speak out freely about my findings, without violating my oath or endangering my clients. Much to my astonishment, he didn’t think much of it and disagreed on the impact it had for our work. It blew me away, for I realized that my superior was also the next in line to go talk to. If he didn’t take me serious – I had nowhere to go.

For recently, he had accepted a second position as official for integrity issues at the Department of Justice. His superior in line – for both functions – was the same woman, too. She was head of the spiritual counsellor section at the Department of Justice and higher official for integrity issues, also. Their acceptance into both positions had caused surprisingly little debate among colleagues. Apparently nobody bothered much about the conflicting interests that could arise. Conflicting interests that would leave prisoners without anyone to confidentially confess to. Who cares, anyway?

Right after my annual meeting with my superior, a joint evaluation with the prison board director was scheduled. Since he hadn’t formally spoken with me yet, we agreed my superior would leave us two and join the conversation later. I was still shaken and asked him straightaway what he knew about this categorical monitoring that violated my official secrecy. First he pretended he was never informed about any specific monitoring as prison board director, and lectured me on how probably all was within standard regulations. When I quite desperately kept insisting, he suddenly snatched this remark: “I don’t know what you’re up to, at work or at home, but I wouldn’t visit those websites if I were you”. Say what???

That’s when my superior knocked at the door and entered.

The conversation that followed became quite ugly about my professional achievements. At that point I was rather blurred by emotions, realizing the impact of the words just spoken. It was true. All was true.


I will write about the events that followed in the coming days. For the record: if anything happens to me, hell breaks loose for them.


Start gifting or making your own orgonite, at


John wrote on 25 Nov 2008

I did gift the Tabernacle place but probably not enough, no earth pipes, all concrete. Wouldn’t mind some idea where the main hive is. They may have some site outside London. I know RD Laing was something to do with them and I think he had some place outside London.

"The Royal Free Hospital at the University of London works with Tavistock Clinic, as well as the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) of Sussex University. "–Springmeier. 30 Tabernacle Street 120 Belsize Lane, London NW3 5BA Tavistock Centre 120 Belsize Lane London NW3 5BA

I don’t get any business at all to speak of. Only old customers now and then. I did get a few when I threatened to give up, must have broken through the fog.


Paddy wrote on 27 Nov 2008

Carolien, once again thanks for your courage to put this information out, I’m sure this was not easy for you.

This blatant misuse of your trust and integrity proves not only how rotten the supposed present world order is (don’t even mention the so-called new one!) but also the fact that we are living in a zoo or a circus as animals to perform tricks according to our conditioning. Until the moment we begin to wake up, that is – and that they cannot cope with, as shown by your superior blurting out that you’d better be careful about what websites you visit.

Discovering who we really are is a long process, often painful but also very exhilarating as we are coming into our true inheritance. Painful because most of what we thought under the ‘official’ version of life was true turns out to be only half true or downright false, exhilarating because when we know that what is causing us pain are merely parasites that cannot withstand the spirit.

Please write more when you have the time, I’m sure many readers will be grateful too. All the best



Carolien wrote on 29 Nov 2008

Thanks for your support Paddy, and thank you John too for thoroughly earth piping the Arthur Findlay college recently. I am sure a lot of people besides me will benefit from you gifting this place, MI6 included. I told John I definitely did gain some peace of mind, but with my father’s death and us all boosting the Tavistock mind control chain, I cannot tell what caused it. Anyhow, all this is not about me, but about providing possible corroboration to others indeed.

Don mentioned in another thread somewhere, that he thought it important to recognize the psychological ‘agreement’ or ‘hold’ these mind control agencies have over us – in terms of survival or autonomy – rather than mystify this ‘bad luck’ as some spiritual lesson. I agree that’s a very empowering notion to take at heart as tactical info. And I have another work-related experience to illustrate….

(Forgive me for stressing your attention with this long-winded thread. If I don’t get it all out now, I probably never will. And there’s so much usable info to share, I think, that it will take me a few more posts too. So please allow me to continue about the previously mentioned events at later date.)

…… At some later point in time – when it was clear to me they were going to fire me, but I hadn’t shared this with anyone at work yet – I walked up with this prisoner to my counsel office. He was a new client and I had never met him before. In the hallway he expressed his doubts to contact me, for he had a long story to tell and wasn’t sure if I could help him. Since I was used to this kind of hesitations, I reassured him he was totally free to try me out and quit at any time he desired. But then he said something very remarkable: “Yes, I know. But I heard you’re leaving soon?”.

There was absolutely no way he could have known! Neither from personnel nor fellow inmates, that is.

But it got even weirder. One day, I came to collect him for another conversation. He totally surprised me by saying “I had this dream tonight about your father being seriously ill and I think you should contact him right away, before he dies”. Now, as creepy as his remark may sound, I had good reason to trust this man’s psychic abilities, as proven on other occasions. Also, I had broke off all contact with my parents a couple of years before, of which he didn’t know of course. So when I got home, I phoned my dad after all these years to ask him how he was doing. This confused my dad of course, and he totally got angry at me for barging into his life again like this. (he was fine, btw)

When I later asked Dooney and Stevo what this was all about, they saw this man as an MI6 asset. And the whole thing as a scam to upset me. Imagine the effort involved!



Don Croft wrote on 30 Nov 2008

Thanks, Carolien adn Paddy, and excellent work, John, as usual.

The reason that reports like these are so valuable, Carolien, is that so many of our readers have had similar experiences and insights but have been programmed to question their own sanity on account of it

Sure, the corporate $#!+bird agencies like MI6 expend a lot of personnel and money to knock each of us off track because, after all, they have millions and millions….and millions and MILLIONS of paid or programmed sociopaths to keep busy and they have really deep pockets. I’m not joking.

The biggest threat to the coroporate/occult world order is simply exposure. A close second to exposure may be open consultation about how to deal with this big problem and we’re attacking them effectively on both of those fronts, here.

Marney in UK told me that she’s going to visit that Theosophy brainwashing $#!+hole with a bunch of orgonite, shortly. She also notes that there are probably some good people there and I agreed with her. Institutions like that can’t have any credibility without a few genuine people on staff, after all. MI6 blew up that bus at Tavistock Station on her birthday, by the way: 7/7. I looked up that date in the Cards of Destiny book and it’s a seven of diamonds ‘birth’ day and a seven of hearts ‘planetary ruling card’ day. That’s a whole lot of sevens and of course the corporate $#!+birds pay more attention to dates and numbers than anyone else does. I wonder if they blew up the bus there in order to siphon off some public terror energy for Tavistock’s use. It’s what motivates these terrorists, after all.



Carolien wrote on 01 Dec 2008

It was after that meeting with my bosses in March, that I decided to finally gift the prison area. Looking back, it was more an act of desperation than courage – for I needed more proof to comprehend what was happening, still. The following report is based on only some of the notes I took of my observations, during those days. I might have to split them up in a sequence of posts and add some comments for readers to understand. Though much of it speaks for itself, perhaps.

1 April 2007

“At least eight earth pipes”, Carol said were necessary. Eight! Shees, what is going on out there??? I never would have taken my own dowsing results serious, if I had come up with such a figure myself. That’s for sure. Didn’t Carol and Don use eight earth pipes total for the whole Death Valley area? Six for Fort Knox, within 100 miles? Boy, I am mad! To think I considered myself getting too paranoia, overstretching the proof in my analysis of the stories prisoners told me. Ha!

For consider this: … my sudden absence of mind – like my mind was turned off – at exactly 5 o’clock when the cells were shut for the day and those huge light poles (or were they?) turned on at the courtyard. The nasty itch all over my back at those moments. Or the increase of suicide attempts among prisoners, since that new prison director had arrived. Why did the board accidentally forget to include our lawfully prescribed professional obligations in the new suicide protocol? And what was that man with a clipboard doing on the roof, studying the antennae the day after I gifted some tower busters nearby? How come the posters of the evangelistic prayer group – which I had protested against – were removed right after I had decided for myself I wouldn’t let them bother me anymore? And what was that sculpture in front of prison actually about… just some modern art, or a blunt representation of what was going on underground?

[Image Can Not Be Found]
(UFO shaped metal disc on descending wall)

22 April 2007

We gifted our first 5 earth pipes today.

23 April 2007

What a strange day. I tried to get to work, but the tramway was out of order. I waited for a long time. This weird looking, sluggish man approached me and asked if I could tell him which way to go. He talked very very slowly, but wasn’t a foreigner. After I’d shrug him off without giving directions, he didn’t even go and ask the other people who were waiting. After two hours of waiting I had enough and went home. I decided to get some copper pipes, but the store owner wouldn’t serve me anymore. He kept asking what it was for. At the end I managed to agree on a large order. Back home, I had just poured myself a cup of coffee when this small airplane flew low over our house. It turned and flew right over again. Again from west to east, the best way to take a peek. At the same time this van drove by slowly. Group4secur…something", with two uniformed men, talking into their radiotelephones and bending over to look through our kitchen window. I could see their logo on the van, large pyramids.

[Image Can Not Be Found]
(It was this chopper, not a small airplane. I think my notes were wrong because of the excitement. But the date I took this picture matches allright.)

24 April 2007

Today I took my bike, to make sure I would arrive at work. On the corner at the power plant, I saw this small excavator and a contractor’s van parked alongside. One of the two men standing outside, was repairing a street lantern. Or so it looked. He had this metal device in his hand, connected to the opened pole, like he was measuring something. Shortly before, I had seen two other men in orange jackets, at the two big ponds nearby prison and this power plant. These ponds were recently created for recreational purposes, so the constructor’s sign said. The men at the ponds had looked like they were taking measurements too. Next to their equipment, they had parked their car and boat on a trailer. They were probably surveying the land, but I took a mental note anyway.

25 April 2007

When I arrived at work today, my colleague walked up with me to the personnel entrance. Right after he logged in, before me, all doors blocked and we couldn’t go anywhere. The hallway jammed with other people entering after us, which caused some chaos. It turned out the login system suddenly failed completely and I heard one of the door-keepers say he had never experienced anything like this. A coincidence? One of the prison directors walked by me without greeting back, upstairs, giving me the bad eye.

26 April 2007

So lovely! Today, an elegant heron accompanied me on my ride to work, gifting along the channel. It flew over the water, crossed my path and waited for me at the verge of the road, twice. I boosted him when I passed and wondered if he could feel that. When I wished him to further follow me, as a sign, I heard the flapping of wings behind me and there he was, slowly and graciously flying ahead of me on the empty road next to the channel. It went on for miles! Him stopping and waiting, me passing by on my bike. Wow, what an experience! The only traffic we met, was a speeding van from Eneco, the electricity company.

27 April 2007

This morning when I arrived at work I saw something remarkable again. Outside the office buildings of Ballast Nedam – a builders company housed next to our prison – stood a group of serious looking people, guarding a huge pile of boxes. The stickers on the boxes said “removal” and “confidential” and the boxes were strapped with quite alarming looking orange striped tape. Inside the prison building, the door of the main computer room was open and a technical maintenance worker was agitatedly making a phone call, while studying the computer. As the elevator doors closed, I saw him hurrying to the other computer room across and slamming the door angrily behind him. Obviously, he was upset about something.

To be continued…



Dooney wrote on 01 Dec 2008

It has been interesting to note that the energy that Stevo and I perceive changed radically after the weekend we boosted the Arthur Findlay MI6 college and Tavistock. Stevo’s business picked up markedly for the past two weeks. I also felt much more hopeful and cheerful, so much so that I remarked about it to Stevo. So I think continued boosting along these lines is a good idea. Has anyone else felt such a change in energy?



John wrote on 02 Dec 2008

Good to hear.

My gifting of the place seemed to flow pretty well which is a good sign. Fortuitious a few times. We have been making a few peacemakers for the Yew trees around here so took some as well, and ‘just happened’ to find a perfect spot in Peckham (not bad for for a city during the day), the worst suburb in London, for a small 21 mm CB with about 15inch pipes, made to charge water, so I dug it in pointing down.

At the college, right after I finished the 15mm peacemaker and the 9 EPs (I know why I became an expert at digging post holes now!), the Church bellringers turned up (next to the College) and the bells rang out!

Nice pics first 2 taken by Cesco:


Carolien wrote on 02 Dec 2008

29 April 2007

We gifted 4 more earth pipes today, plus all the transmitters we could find in the neighborhood.
On our way up there, we passed this meadow with sheep. It was an amazing sight! The whole flock had turned to look at us coming and was bleating loud. Not at all in fear, more like a sort of greeting. I could hardly believe their reaction, for I had passed them before and they had never shown such oneness. Like they knew. So cool, I will never forget that. This day had a startling end too. Just after our last earth pipe went in, the sky overhead suddenly filled with blue beams and white spewing jets following those blue beam trails. I had never seen so many blue beams before.

2 May 2007

When I was waiting for the tram to bring me to work, I noticed this unmarked white van, parked under trees in the middle of the traffic square. A man beside was digging a deep hole, up to his shoulders already. Another men was giving instructions. A weird spot to do any digging, I thought. On my way – half a mile further – I saw five unmarked white vans parked together. Several men in orange vests were digging a lengthy gutter alongside the pavement. They seemed quite focused on their work, unlike the bored attitude that public fieldworkers usually have. Around the corner near the hospital, I saw two men covering up their gutter with sand again. Near the highway, close to prison, I saw a whole bunch of unmarked yellow vans – one white car of Eneco, the electricity company, parked in between. A dozen men with orange vests, sitting on or in their vans. Though it was lunchtime, none of them were eating or talking. They all stared in front of them and looked beaten. I had never seen any cars parked at that spot either, normally it’s not allowed. And how about that – at the very corner of prison and the office buildings of Ballast Nedam, the pavement was dug up too. A large white truck of some infrastructure company was parked beside it and two men were busy digging a deep hole. This really colossal spool of blue cable stood next to the truck.

Entering the prison building, I looked in the direction of the power plant and saw a white chopper hovering above it for quite some time. I had regularly seen black Chinooks flying over there, but never an unmarked white chopper like this one.

In jail, the elevator for personnel was out of order all day. At the end of the day it worked again, but the buttons downstairs were removed.

At noon, I had lunch with my colleagues. We were all chitchatting about our activities on Queens Day – the national festival – but I could feel a kind of tension between two of my colleagues. Suddenly, one of them changed the topic abruptly and said: “Isn’t the queen a member of that secret society of international bankers and other royalties, who plan wars against each other? What’s the name of that group again?”. He looked me straight in the eye, like he was expecting me to answer his question. The other colleague was obviously embarrassed. I didn’t respond, but he kept insisting: “Now what is that group’s name, I can’t remember”. Recently, I had posted about gifting a Bilderberg hotel on EW. The other colleague then changed the subject again and shared this strange story. About a Chinese queen who had thrown a disobedient child in a pit, within one sweep. Later that day, this colleague constantly tried to bring up 9-11 in my conversations with him. “They all lost their minds after 9-11, don’t you think?”, he said.

9 May 2007

Two men in suits, carrying large suitcases, accompanied the technical maintenance worker today. They were busy all day at the main computer room. By the looks of them and the way our technician over-courteously treated them (everyone who saw, giggled about it), they seemed important. I haven’t seen any supplier trucks at the courtyard all week. Maybe I missed them.

To be continued…



Carolien wrote on 04 Dec 2008

18 May 2007

This is the second day I wake up after a night full of heavy dreaming. I feel sad and can’t seem to shake it off. “No support, never any support” is hammering through my mind. It feels surreal to me. Usually my own worrying thoughts are preceding this kind of sadness. But this feels different somehow. More like subtitling. Weird, I was quite happy before. I have been waking up like a child on it’s birthday, for weeks.

22 August 2007

As I was doing my administration, at 16.45 PM suddenly all electricity went out. Computers, lights… the lot. There was nobody left in the other offices and I couldn’t leave with all those doors locked automatically. So I decided to wait until the emergency power circuit would kick in. It didn’t. After half an hour or so, I struggled my way out through the pitch dark building. Luckily, the intercom still worked, so at each door I identified myself – glad to have a woman’s voice, so they couldn’t mistake me for an escaping male prisoner. Downstairs, guards with radiotelephones were posting at the doors and after another half hour of blindly searching my way out at their instructions, I finally reached the personnel exit. The hallway was jammed with people and I asked the head of security what had happened. Apparently the shutdown was caused by a fire at a nearby electricity transformer unit, in the prison area.

Outside, I saw the fire-brigade posted at the corner of the Ballast Nedam office building. The same corner where I had previously noticed this group of people guarding a pile of “removal” boxes and where digging and cabling was done in May. Some smoke was coming out of this grey enclosed floor unit, that supported the offices on top. I was surprised to learn this was an electricity transformer unit, for it had quite huge ventilation grating all over. I had always thought it housed the air-conditioning of the offices above. (All three company office buildings had such a floor unit). I casually asked one of the firefighters, but he confirmed it was a transformer.

24 September 2007

They’re starting this hepatitis vaccination program for personnel. I received a notification today. Vaccination is voluntary, but if you rather pass, you have to sign this “refusal” form. Now I am not sure I should be glad about this finally happening. Last year, it was me and my colleagues who asked the medical staff to inform us on work-related disease prevention. At the time, the medical staff wasn’t too alarmed we weren’t informed yet. I remember them saying it was our own responsibility, then. They even advised us to ask our own family doctor for hepatitis vaccination, if we really wanted to.



Carolien wrote on 04 Dec 2008

There is lots and lots – and lots more observations I could share. Possible indications about underground activities and mind control on prisoners or personnel. But I’ll leave it for now. As I said, I have my official oath of secrecy to consider, which I – perhaps naively – still validate even after being fired. The stories of prisoners hold stunning more clues. As does all the other proof I have safeguarded. Of course my death will resign me from keeping silent and it is up to me to consider coming out at any time I think is proper – like when something happens to my loved ones. But I am not William Cooper of course, so I don’t worry it will become that big.

I did not know what to expect after gifting, what to look for as possible proof. So the notes I took, are my subjective representation of extraordinary events, that I thought were maybe meaningful in this context. Even today, I cannot grasp the wider picture or bring myself to conclusions. It’s too much to comprehend, still.

I am not even sure either, if people understand what my observations refer to, if so. The malfunction of a DOR tech computer system, the sudden excavations and renewed cabling in the area, the overwhelming number of workmen in unmarked vans, the signs of departure and a fire covering up… if a few earth pipes can cause that much synchronized activity, the implications dazzle my mind.

The one thing I am sure of is that my resignation stank. But that is an issue that will be resolved outside this forum. Though I am open for any job offers!


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