Please Help Identify This

I’m not sure what this is, and I understand it could be something like a natural gas facility. It says U.S. property on the walls. I found several HAARP and death towers nearby.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

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This may be duct work, nevertheless, I gifted the whole area.
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Lots of chemtrails the past 2 days.
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I’ve searched for the route to the towers on this mountain and did not find them until this morning.


I find the large propane tank of intrest.

I do not if this helps any, but there’s a pond right next to it, and like I said earlier its sits between several HAARP and death tower configurations. The location is difficult to reach because I drove up a one lane snakey road to get there.

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“HAARP that’s not an angel I seeth with thine eyes.” Then what on earth is it? My dear can you spell weather modification? Hmmmmmmmm.
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Can you say nasty? No but I can say orgonite! You’ve been busted! Although this does not strike me as being a high tech device, I wonder if it is some type of atmospheric measuring device. Who knows?
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Take a close look at the building (in the previous photos above) it has several air conditioners atleast 1 on the ground and some where windows might be, so I have to wonder if it could be a type of thermostat or gauge. (please forgive me for thinking, but that’s the nature of the mind/ego) Hey guess what? I will do as I say I do and check it for radiation with the zap checker soon. This baby’s mine!

Regardless of what one thinks about orgonite, gifting, and everything else, I can honestly say without a doubt orgonite has opened up a whole world of posibilities as well as wonder and hope for myself and others. Try making orgonite, or buy orgonite from someone who does, and do a little gifting. “I promise you your whole world will change for the better and so will everyone elses.”


I had 2 people send me emails and I believe they have identified it.

The first email from someone I do not know read: It is a radar array. There is one very similar to it at Sea-Tac airport.
The second email from a good friend read:
Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range/Tactical AirNavigation (VORTAC)
On the above website it says:

The VOR system is the backbone of air navigation in the United States and most other countries. You may have seen them from the air, while driving through the country or at an airport. They usually are round buildings, about thirty feet in diameter with a cone sticking out the top. Many are painted in a red and white checkerboard pattern.

VOR is an acronym for Very high frequency Omni Range. VORTAC is the same with TAC standing for TACAN, a military designation for it’s distance information on a VOR signal. VOR/DME is a VOR with Distance Measuring Equipment co-located at the site.

I want to thank the wonderful people who helped to identify this facility. Now we’ve got VOR, POR, and last but not least DOR.


Here is another informative email I received from a gentleman who nailed the location with an additional comment about towers:

Hi Louis,

I lurk on ethericwarriors from time to time. Your post on identify the
picture is right on. It’s a VORTAC. Used for radio navigation (has
nothing to do with radar) by most pilots in the US, even us little guys
(I’m a pilot btw). It’s basically an AM VHF signal, I’m not sure where
you took the pic, but your forum profile says your near Huntsville. I’ve
attached a pic of an aviation sectional chart of that area, there is a
VORTAC on the NW corner of the city named ROCKET on a frequency of 112.2
Mhz. It may or may not be the one you have pictured, but good enough for
an example [Image Can Not Be Found]

Each one of those red things around the “mexican hat” is a radial spaced
every 10 degrees, each of these radials are used for navigation purposes
in flight. The morse code on the chart is it’s identifier, this allows
pilots to listen to the audio transmitted by the VORTAC and identify it
by listening to the morse it is transmitting, they continually repeat
their ident. Some even broadcast automated weather briefs for the
terminal area (called TWEBS).

Anyway if you want to look for yourself you can go to and punch in HSV in the search box.
Additionally anyone can go down to their local municipal airport and
purchase sectional charts for usually around 4 dollars each. Your area
would be an Atlanta Sectional. Something else that sectionals will help
you with in gifting… all towers are depicted on them as terrain so we
don’t run into them while flyinig [Image Can Not Be Found]

Cool Photos



Well I went back last weekend to make sure all the towers were adequately gifted and guess what? Yeah, you guessed it, they were waiting for me! But it wasn’t exactly the kind of entourage I expected to be there waiting. You see, there was a woman, a man, and child waiting in a SUV who followed me when I traveled onto a gravel road from the paved road… They came behind me and I stopped in the middle of the gravel road (camera in hand) and I asked them what they wanted. (How did they know I would be up there that morning?) Their vehicle was waiting in front of a closed gate facing the road with the motor running. Well the woman (who did all the talking) asked me what I was doing and I told her I was taking pictures and she said I could not be on the gravel road because it lead to federally owned transmitters and I would have to take any photos from the paved part. (They apparently owned some of the land on this mountain had they not been normal everyday people I would have been more inclined to take a photo of them).Well they turned around and so did I. As soon as they turned the corner I stopped and unleashed 10 camouflaged towerbusters and 2 HHGs in every direction. Next I headed back down the single lane narrow road and pondered how I could properly finish gifting a major weather control area such as this if I wasn’t able to get close to the antennas in question. That’s when I took off my orgonite medallion and started dowsing the perimeters and gifting. This area has many towers at ground level plus many spaces were never gifted by us before. Since I finished with this effort the area has received atleast 3 abundant rain falls with much more in the forecast. I figured by boxing in the area with Tbs and Hhgs we would stand the best chance of restoring order to the chaos. I am currently in the process of making our area drought-free by the time Spring gets here in 2008. (I know the elite think it’s all over for us and they will spread wildfires to much of the southeast). But like I said many times they have already given us all the tools we need to defeat them at their own game and it’s only a matter of time before myself and friends get around to the rest of their not so secluded hiding places. I want to wish the family I met up there last Saturday the very best of luck. Great news, there is a good amount of orgonite there NOW and I hope they will all benefit from it in the way of robust health and clarity of thought and much protection from all the EMR. This way, maybe they will understand why a stranger travels untold distances to help people he doesn’t even know and wishes them well after they ask him to leave. This is what gifting is all about. No worries mates!

The trip up the single lane narrow road with HAARP on the horizon
[Image Can Not Be Found]

Dowse it going? Great, -N/U?
[Image Can Not Be Found]

I know a simple towerbuster would be enough but under the circumstances but an HHG will deliver alot more LOVE.
[Image Can Not Be Found]

BTW, there were many many people who live in this area who got sick immediately after the barrage of chemtrails were sprayed which are shown in the earlier photos (above)