Plenty of rain in Australia! Time to gift the reef?

Over the past few months we’ve been getting increasing reports of rain in areas of Australia that have been HAARP-stricken with drought for several years. We only get bits and pieces of reports because most of the Ozzie gifters apparently like to do it without a public profile but it’s an impressive accomplishment. I think the kicker was when someone or several people finally gifted the coastal HAARP arrays. Several people told me they were making plans to do it, not long before abundant rain started being reported. The lack of reports of floods perhaps indicates that there are enough orgonite cloudbusters distributed in those regions. Hugh Lovel’s been making and selling them, there, for several years and Francois of has also been making and selling them, I think. This is in addition to all the homebuilt ones, which may be the majority.

As best as we can figure, orgonite cloudbusters generously ionize the atmosphere so that rain is able to penetrate teh soil quickly instead of running across the top of it. A cloudbuster won’t overcome HAARP arrays’ ability to electronically block moisture from moving inland from the sea, though. Georg Ritschl was the first to tackle this problem on a grand scale after distributing a score of orgonite cloudbusters in the Kalahari and busting thousands of inland death towers and HAARP arrays failed to end that region’s artificial drought. Fortunately, there’s plenty of photo documentation of what’s been happening after he and Trevor took out all of the coastal HAARPies from Mozambique to Cape Town, almost four years ago.

A couple of months ago Carol had told me she suddenly had a very graphic, heart wrenching vision in which some dolphins and whales pleaded with her to make it known that the most pressing ocean gifting target, right now, is the Great Barrier Reef. She’s a little bit shy, so I’m relaying that information.

I’m hoping that enough of our associates in Oz will take this as a signal and will go do some of that, or at least get lots and lots of orgonite into the sea in that region or close to it, so that the dolphins and whales can quickly distribute it and restore that murdered reef. Maybe there’s a timing factor. If there is, I’m confident that someone will now take up the challenge. We stopped trying to second guess The Operators very early on, content to see how it all unfolds, sooner and later.

Carol, Jeff and I revived Florida’s murdered reef with a few hundred ordinary towerbusters, distributed along a couple hundred of miles, and apparently a lot of those were even taken elsewhere by the dolphins. It really doesn’t take much orgonite to accomplish this and the healing happens fast!

Thanks very much for the emailed updates, Australian gifters! You’re doing an exemplary job, smacking down the HAARPies! I think you’ll be very pleased to see what happens to further sweeten your climate after you also toss thousands of ordinary, inexpensive TBs out for dolphins to distribute along the Great Barrier Reef. They like it a lot when we toss a little of the fancy stuff to them during the 3D exchanges, too, as many of us have discovered, by now.


I frequently check out the weather satellite images of this region [ ] to see what’s happening to the moisture and rainfall distribution around Indonesia and the page includes Australia.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

This is the accumulated rainfall for the past two weeks and shows rather more than in recent months.

It is however the monsoon season but the drought in Australia is a long-standing phenomenon that appears to be breaking significantly in spite of HAARP’s best efforts.

I wonder how many of my 2000 TBs dumped off the coast of Bali have found their way down to the Great Barrier Reef (a further 400 were dumped from the Java-Bali ferry this week).


That is some very good intel and good news.

I love Australia and have been there 3 times (pre orgonite making days) [Image Can Not Be Found]; . You would never guess that the Aussie government makes it the hardest for americans to visit.
Although the last few years it has gotten a lot better, now their short stay visa can be done online.

I’m going to check this thread again to keep track of how the NOT drought is doing down under.


My post above shows the two-week rain accumulation up to the 21st of December and this one shows the [u:2fwblc5j]one[/u:2fwblc5j]-week rain accumulation up to tthe 24th of December:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

This indicates a marked improvement in the last few days (see my latest reports on Bali Gifting for possible influences).

The intense rain south of Bali is becoming a persistent feature of these weather images since the latest batch of 400 TBs were dropped from the Bali/Java ferry last week; I don’t know what’s down there but it looks like the Dolphins hit something significant.

The last remaining drought-stricken area of Australia in the south-west of the continent marks the location of the huge HAARP facility.


The ‘persistent feature’ of the satellite images that I mentioned above is marked ‘A’ on this image:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

It started as an intense area of rainfall south of Bali and remained there for days.

It’s now turned into a tropical cyclone and has moved south and just turned west avoiding a direct hit on the coast of Australia at Port Hedland and seems to be drawing in a lot of the moisture in the area (much of central Indonesia is cloudy with light rain as is the north of Australia).

The other 'persistent feature is the intense rain on the north coast of Australia (marked ‘B’) which hasn’t moved since it formed just after I dumped the TBs in the Bali Strait.

I shall be keeping an eye on both in the days to come.

The rainfall in the Great Barrier Reef area has also improved and remained stable throughout this time which suggests that the Dolphins have recently done some gifting in this area too.


Thi image show the accumulated rainfall in the Australia area for the last 2 weeks:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

As you can see most of the rain has fallen in Indonesia where a lot of sea-gifting has been done by the Dolphins who have apparently busted many of the undersea HAARP platforms allowing a healthy rainfall this year.

Australia continues remarkably dry in spite of the good efforts of the Aussie gifters and suggests that rather more is needed before the drought is broken (pity the Kangaroos aren’t as good at gifting as the Dolphins are).

The huge HAARP facility in SW Australia continues to bear visible influence on the region if anyone feels like ringing it with orgonite.


Check out this on the latest rain down under.


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