Portuguese death tower maps - incomplete




These maps contain known death towers (the ubiquitous mobile network antennas) as of August 2013. It’s a start and encouraging me to get off my behind and do some busting ;-)

Here’s 2 backups of the KML files in case the originals disappear or someone wants to fiddle with google earth:



I can see how data like that could inspire someone who is fluent in a half dozen languages but doesn’t drive would feel motivated to get a personal motor vehicle, Carlos Cool. Cyclingflinger in Belgium has been systematically flipping all the death towers in and around Brussels and I’ve known a few others who do this work on bicycles. When I was their age I’d have been inspired to do that if I didn’t live in an area that was too hilly.

You may find through traveling around that a lot of death towers and especially weather weaponry are not listed on maps. The techs, nearly all subcontractors who have no clue what they’re servicing, need an easy source online for directions to the weapon sites. The perhaps nastier weaponry that we don’t see on the maps is all probably serviced by the sewer rat agencies and they’re loathe to publish anything at all except disinformation, pornography, ‘news,’ and entertainment.

Maps are handy for being thorough in the field, though, because in cities whose planners seem to have been cows and rabbits one can see every tower if one will mark off the areas where all of them have been physically seen and then flipped.

When we did Atlanta in 2003, which is enormous and has one of those tortuous steetplans, I even opted to rent a small car with an automatic transmission because it had become exhausting to constantly shift gears in the Zapporium (camper/truck)

Everywhere we’ve been in the world since 2001 we’ve seen a pretty consistent ratio of one death tower per approx. 2,000 people. I gather that in some areas, including cities in many Arab-speaking countries and perhaps China, there are a lot more towers per capita for some reason.

This is true of other forms of parasitic infastructure, too. For instance, Carol saw many times more surveillance cameras in Italy than anywhere else. We an only speculate about such things but we wonder if there’s more poisonous infrastructure in areas of the world where the Old Parasite is more afraid of the host populace than usual.

Other areas didn’t get death towers until later than the rest of the world. We didn’t see any of them in the lovely city of Santa Cruz in late 2002 on our second trip to Bohemian Grove, for instance. One could speculate that there are fewer death towers in areas where the Old Parasite has less cause to fear the host and the Santa Cruz area is relatively wealthy/Republican–fascist? The next time we drove through there we busted all the new death towers but there are probably more now.

Thanks Don, I appreciate your comments. I’m working on improving my transportation options, part of which involves a bicyle.

Definitely, maps aren’t the end-all of finding targets but they’re a good starting point. While living in Amsterdam, the beginning of my gifting experiences were much aided by an official website listing all the locations of antennas. I think it was called antennanet.nl but I believe it is now defunct. I also relied on Dirk (who posts as psychiatrist) to help me find targets. Dirk was a great mentor.

It’s true some of the antennas were not listed on the website - I was excited the first time noticing that. I’d have a big home-printed map in black and white, covered in tape so the water wouldn’t damage it, and every once in a while I’d mark newly discovered towers. Maps are handy when you’re going up and down streets you don’t know so well to know where to go and to keep an update on what’s been done already. Still have scans of of those old, dirty maps.

All the gifting I did in the Netherlands was bicycle-powered :-D Now I’m in a more hilly place but I don’t see that as being a problem. It’s also an opportunity to get in a better physical shape. Win-win all around.

Hi Don and all on the forum,

Thanks for the acknowledgement. I am simply proud I did gift the biggest patterns in and around Antwerp, which is the economic and military capital of Belgium. In fact, I’m glad you recognise this. The biggest khazarian maffia is like the flying flees around the diamond of Antwerp, its heavy forts!

Some things have already been gifted in Brussels, like my family part in “the champ d’oiseau” and the biggest quartz generator in the natural museum of history. This will aid th eorgonite.

Tomorrow, I’m working on Mechelen as I’ve had it with the royal microcosm in Brasschaat, it seems those lodges are doing their same rituals over and over again, you can follow this in the 3d, as you would meet up with the same visualised people, not ![:)] They have been annoying me with more than 300 internet cable cuts for the last two weeks!

This is how large I could gift around Antwerp, from Roosendaal to Aarschot, when the hills got up there in flemish Brabant, which is ofc a harder ride when you have to roam around to find towers that are’t the map!

I’m actually preparing advancements for Brussels, what is Brussels other than the beast bastion of the so called “Grand-Orient” and their charming socialistic zoo?

Europe is a big projecting scene of that masonic fieldplay …

More to follow,