Positive Feedback From Another Psychic

Don Croft
05 Jul 2008 09:08
Subject: Positive Feedback From Another Psychic
Funny Quote of the Day – Simone de Beauvoir – “To catch a husband is an art; to hold him is a job.”

Hi Don,

Yup, hurray for the water gifting. The ground here [Newfoundland, if memory serves. ~D] is so rocky on the coast of the North Atlantic that most of what I’ve done is in water. Energize the lakes, the creeks, the drainage systems, etc and you can see the effects in the sky. And I love how water elementals just about bowl you over with their happy response. Do Sylph’s ever make amusing shapes with the clouds? I swear, I saw one put together a dragonfly and another one made a genie coming out of lamp.

Anyway, I was just reading a few things you wrote on the EW forums about the whole mind control with the born again stuff. You wouldn’t (or maybe you would) believe the mindfark the Church does on people with psychic tendencies. I went through two mental meltdowns thanks to that. What happened was I lost the ability to feel energy both times (don’t know why) and each time thought I had lost contact with God and was going to go to Hell, overwhelmed with guilt and fear. Horrible panic attacks and was physically sick for weeks. Really bad energywise. Both times it drove me into being quite religious again. Reading the Bible didn’t do much to help, rather scary book in many places. (Revelations is great book for people losing their minds to actually lose it completely.)

It’s tough trying to deal with psychic sensitivities when you’re in an environment that either wants to attribute anything supernatural with either God or the Devil. Speaking in tongues was seen as a sign of being a real Christian in our Pentecostal church. Some people just babbled rubbish, others spoke actual languages which I recognized. It boggles me now how people were encourage to open their minds wide open and channel whatever came in. I found I could easily do it. Not just with talking, however, apparently I can do it singing, whistling, playing piano, and sometimes drawing. But I recognized that it wasn’t just the Holy Spirit like the church said. My whistling was forcibly taken over one time, which scared me.

I also did things like communicate with trees, find things that were lost with my mind, wander around out of my body while asleep, and stuff of that nature, so I never really talked to any of the super spiritual types at the Church except once : I once mentioned I seemed to have other people’s memories in my head and saw places I’ve never been to. In return, I was asked if I participated in witchcraft, read fantasy novels, had unconfessed sin, etc. Of course I read fantasy novels – the beloved Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. Hah. I mean, Lewis had talking trees and river elementals in his books. I decided not to mention it again, since I was told I needed to repent for something because what I was experiencing was bad – unlike the spiritual gifts the people on the prayer team were wielding. And some of those people were just creepy. Anyhow, I seemed to be invisible to everyone important at church. I was bypassed and looked over like I had a Do Not Touch sign on my forehead. Quite a good thing in retrospect.

Anyhow, at this point in time all I can describe my beliefs as is something along the lines of Taoism. And I’ve never had panic attacks since I woke up about reality except the few times when I was psychically attacked. I am not sure what the church was trying to accomplish with everyone speaking in tongues and often boosting energy as a whole congregation for their purposes. I’m not sure what you know about the whole Pentecostal church thing but it’s really not your average church’s activity.



Sure, I know about Pentecostal churches, Becca. I’m from Missouri, where it apparently got started. When I was a sign painter in St Louis, a sleazy Pentecostal preacher hired me to paint a sign for his ‘Seven White Horses Army of God Church,’ which I think had a congregation of around 20 families. He made a lot of money, apparently Wink and I suspect his flock lived on Beanie Weenies and shopped at Goodwill.

Bornagain chumps and newagers radiate the same charm, as I’ve said. I suppose there will always be foolish people who will swallow hooks baited with ‘all the answers,’ but at least the much smaller but more effective demographic (people who value discernment and commitment) is gaining ground for the first time in recorded history. The saddest part, for me, is that religion has always marked stages of advancement for humanity but has so quickly been overtaken by the corrupting influence of clergy. I’m pretty sure the Prophets (including Muhammad, ‘The Comforter’) also feel disappointed in Their followers.

The next saddest aspect, for me, is that so much of the old world odor’s mind control protocols found their way into religious scriptures. The stupefying BOOK OF REVELATION, for instance, along with all of Paul’s ‘epistles’ were arbitrarily inserted by the Council of Nicea, which intentionally overlooked all of the more substantive writings from apostles, like Barnabas and Mary Magdalene, who actually had something new and worthwhile to offer rather than the rehashed helenist and gnostic/mythra ramblings of Paul and the rest. I suspect the fourth century, AD, author of REVELATIONS was no more or less insightful than Nostradamus but he was certainly not in a position to speak authoritatively about anything.

It’s said that ‘Guilt is a gift that keeps on giving,’ and guilt is Theosophy/bornagain-chumpism’s surrogate for shame, which is a potentially constructive emotion, but you apparently figured out that weekly reprogramming is necessary for perpetuating a parasitic cult, like Pentecostalism. Good for you!

I think your water gifting was largely responsible for the timely disappearance, a few years ago, of that incredibbly persistent whiteout over Toronto, a thousand miles or so to your west. Your psi sensitivity is no doubt guiding your hand and I’m terrifically pleased to know that you’re focusing on water and getting clear confirmations from the wonderful elementals. Sometimes Sylph cloudforms are so distinct that there’s no question about what they’re showing us. The clearest one we saw was over the Gulf of Mexico when Jeff and I were gifting off the coastline along the Everglades National Park (read: enormous draconian underground base Wink ) when that black, angry artificial horrror-storm over the landmass was buffered by Sylphs over the sea. In that case, Jeff and I saw a very clear, persistent form of a dolphin mother and her offspring.

It takes a genuinely open mind to perceive our interactions with elementals (for the moment, I’m assuming Sylphs are ancient elementals) but it might be the most fun and exhilarating aspect of gifting.

‘Devils’ who have plagued some of our associates only seem to be performing an educational funciton and no harm has been done. When the lessons are learned, the ‘devils’ depart. In one case, the lesson was that the tormented one apparently had to oversome his misplaced anti-egoism and simply ask for help Wink which is another way of saying that he sincerely prayed.


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