Posting on EW puts one in the Treasonous Sewer Rats' gunsigh

For the past five and a half years it’s been abundantly demonstrated by successive, failed internet forums that there can’t be a ‘newbie forum,’ unfortunately. I don’t think it’s necessary to analyze that but every forum that’s pretended to be for ‘newbies’ has, in fact, been a minefield for the incredulous, unfortunately. The vast majority of people who are new to this empowering information simply take it and run with it, otherwise, and those are the crowd we at EW play to.

Here’s an illustration for you: *****, who has gifted all of hte death towers and HAARP arrays on Maui, has started to take on the island of Oahu, which is a Swiss Cheese of underground facilities and heinous surface facilities. I posted his report about his first major gifting sortie on that island–he mainly focused on Pearl Harbor and some coastal arrays that time. Apparently he has some business interests on Oahu that require him to go there.

I invited him to post here because his reports are consistently good and here’s his response (followed by mine to him):

hi Don,

i have more trepidation signing up for ethericwarriors than busting deathtowers in oahu. that’s coz i feel that if i finally sign up i’ll be in the frontlines of this whole thing. i’ve been happy just quietly doing my thing here. or is there any difference? that’s coz i already correspond with you. i mean i haven’t had any real overt stuff happening to me. do you think this will change when i sign up?

in any event, i’m just as amenable to you posting my email reports to you at ew.


Haha–you’d likely experience intimidation and harassment by various sewer rat agencies if you post on EW, *****; I won’t deny it. I think you’re prudent to keep on gifting with a lower profile, as most are happily doing now, and thanks a lot for allowing me to share your reports in posts! If I were in your position I’d likely do as you’re doing, though I wouldn’t trade places with anyone in the world right now–this is a lot of fun for those few of us who have the stomach for taking the sewer rats on, directly.

I’m posting this, in fact, as a warning to anyone who wants to join EW just for the sake of company or recognition. It’s probably not a good place to cruise for boyfriends or chicks, either, unless one seeks a confrontation with world-class criminals along with romancing a warrior. I’m awfully glad I’m married to one (warrior, not predator; been there, done that).


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