Powdered Metal for Orgonite?

I got this email from a fellow with stage-four cancer who asked about zappers and is committed to not agreeing to chemo or radiation. I stongly recommended Andy’s $35 basic zapper to start (http://www.ctbusters.com/shop/…ic_zapper/) and told him that since I can’t promise or predict specific results it might be prudent for him to try this one, first. I tell all my prospective customers this if they’re not directly referred to us by one of our own customers. I advise them that if they experience progress with the basic zapper then it’s likely that they’ll experience more and sooner with ours.

The correspondent told me that he has an interest in orgone accumulators:

Thanks for your quick reply, Mr Don. I’m just getting into orgonite and orgone accumulators. The one who popularized the revival interest in the orgone stuff had said in a video that it’s better to use powdered metal. You have good products, and it possibly can be improved with powdered metal instead of metal bits? I like to have things as improved as possible, progressive development. Anyway, if the $35 zapper does the job, why not? I just need my cancer cured. And, for me, cheaper is better, being as I’m on a shoestring budget. So, I’ll check out your friend’s site and see what happens.



I visited Karl Welz, who I think is the fellow you’re referring to, in 2003 to make it clear to him that I wasn’t undermining his business by having given away his ‘secret’ (orgonite) a few years earlier. In the meantime he had developed his radionics tech by leaps and bounds so I know I did no harm to his livlihood. He still goes back and forth between hating and liking me, I think, and his recommendation of powdered metal and powdered crystal probably work well for radionics, which is his forte, but not nearly as well for field orgonite, which is our collective forte.

Karl W did his best to keep orgonite a secret; Carol and I are the one who popularized orgonite (I’ve always credited him as the source) and ethericwarriors.com, a reputable international forum centered on this work, demonstrates some practical standards for this unorganized movement, which is why one won’t likely find it or us with a search engine unless one is diligent and discerning or unless one is just looking for zappers. The fakers and liars are favored over us. I think Welz is legitimate but is either mistaken or misleading in his criticism of our approach.

Dr Reich was quite energy sensitive and he used this ability to achieve amazing results with his technology. We also rely heavily on reputable people, including Carol, who are energy sensitive and Carol and I started this movement in 2001 as close partners/mates. She and a few other psychics whom we trust generally review new developments (also come up with them from time to time) to see whether they can be adopted to the basic approaches we use with orgonite. They all feel that powdered metal and especially powdered crystal are less suitable for field orgonite and personal orgonite but that they’ll work adequately well in a pinch, at least for field orgonite.

When Doc Batiibwe and I distributed field orgonite in the warzone in Northern Uganda in 2004 we were only able to get brake drum turnings (powdered metal) for the metal component of our orgonite and we certainly produced the requisite observable effects, including the immediate ending a long drought in the region and apparently driving the presumably CIA/MI6-sponsored mass murderers from the country, too. The East African gifters have ended some other regional conflicts with their orgonite, which has (recycled) machined aluminum as the metal component, same as what most of us use in the West and Asia.

We’re being challenged more than ever to exercise personal discernment because the NSA and a few other agencies have loaded the internet with clever and often charismatic liars in the past decade or so. I don’t see how it’s possible for one to really learn much except for reading books that are written by legitimate authors. Fortunately, the NSA are unable to prevent out-of-print books from being offered, free, online as PDFs. I have a small list of links to ‘primers’ on the homepage of ethericwarriors.com

I hope you’ll use the basic zapper to start and you ought to be sleeping under your orgone accumulator blanket every night, too, if you’ve got one or can make one. Get or make a small piece of orgonite for your bedside table to keep that blanket positive, of course. I have one made of layers of aluminum foil and plastic film, all sewn into a ripstop nylon covering. I made it for a prospective sea crossing in my open sailboat because in my experience orgone accumulators restore one, very fast, after hypothermia and exhaustion. Reich was renting his orgone accumulator boxes out to people who often cured their cancer by sitting in them every day, which is one reason he was destroyed by the feds.

The Idaho state gov’t tried to take us down a couple of months ago but backed off, thankfully. We think it was just a feeler for the feds, who we believe are constrained to handle this zapper/orgonite movement with kid gloves on account of rising human awareness and accountability. We think it’s time to stop allowing parasites to rule us by default, now. Twenty years ago (before the internet) it would have been easy for these corporate parasites to suicide or imprison us, of course.


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