Powerwand ideas

I did something with the powerwand lately that I found to be highly efficient. Maybe someone has done this already?

I was at work and being plagued and distracted by the usual suspects. The PW was running at home, and I simply thought of it as being within the deadly orgone field they were attacking me from (the physical location I don’t know). Turns out energy was black with specks of red, and it was sputtering around the powerwand as it got to work. They were outraged, and it didn’t take long before they seemed to iniate emergency protocols.

I’ve done this with several different sources of attacks, and the result is the same. When I tried this at home it was shown to me I can of course imagine ten of them within the DOR field representing the physical one. The attack dies down very quickly as they are losing their power and have to scramble to deal with the sudden changes. I think this will work best when the heart is involved.

I think anyone can do this, and result is measured by how much the unpleasantries goes away.

Something else I tried was to give the operators permission to use the PW. The result was different than I expected, more in line with personal healing for me. Which is good too, of course.

Any ideas in regards to utilizing a powerwand, feel free to post it in this thread.

Hey frode, i dont have a powerwand yet, but i have noticed just using the succor punch placed dead center of 3 roughly equal sized hhg’s, greatly enhances the energy. Boosting, blasting, and even using thought forms against birds is much much easier for me, sometimes automatic. Sometimes I just think of what and who and its happening instantly. Even when its not automatic, it always easier.

Hi Edward, thanks for adding your technique in this thread, sounds like a very powerful thing you’re doing.

I’ve been using the technique I mentioned in the first post from time to time since, it always stuns them when suddenly they have one (or more) etheric powerwands right in their midst. Smile Serves them right. Doesn’t matter if I don’t know where they are operating from sometimes, a good heart and a good intention is enough.