Previously Silent Dublin Gifter Speaks Up

Don Croft
17 Aug 2008 21:57
Subject: Previously Silent Dublin Gifter Speaks Up
I think you’ll enjoy the following and will feel free to contact Vincent if you want. His first email to me got sidetracked but I got this one, so apparently the sewer rats are dropping the ball in his case. I’ve advised him that assuming a public profile invites contact from clever, parasitic, agency and programmed $#!+birds as well as from genuine people Cool and I also suggested that he learn to toss energy back at those MI6 sewer rats. I wonder what a ‘low profile’ looks like to terrorist-agency sewer rats, by the way Laughing ~Don

hello Carol and Don

My name is Vincent O Halloran and im writing from outside Dublin Ireland .

My friend Ted and I have been gifting around here for the last year or so , inspired by your work .

A week or two ago i sent a mail with some idea of what we have been at . i dont know whether you got it but the computer here has been acting strangely since then and any time i was on my mail i got a warning that my mail was being directed to the uk in the days after i sent that mail . mi6 i suppose .

initially we felt that we wouldnt contact anyone about our gifting and try and keep a low profile but looking back i know they were on to us from before we even started . we felt that having a low profile we could be more effective . probably we were wrong there . i suppose reading your reports about the surveillance that it was something we might be able to avoid . ireland doesnt to my knowledge have any sinister agency but no doubt all the other other agencies are here and active . we have had the black helicopter around here on and off since we built the cb .

initially i got interested in the gifting to try and alleviate the chemtrail problem , and the spraying was quite bad , i know that Christy Murphy felt that the problem went when he was actively gifting and making cbs but when i contacted him last year he confirmed that the problem was back and worse than ever .

so we got gifting , particularly focusing on the towers , they are everywhere here .

the whole thing to date has been an incredible learning process , and it is just amazing what orgonite does . heres a word of thanks for your work and bringing this wonderful material to people all over the world .

i have been prompted to write again to let you know that we have got lots of towers and have noticed the healing effect on the environment , massively so . i was overjoyed to hear about sylphs and then to see them with an awareness of what i was looking at was amazing .

our main focus initially was to focus on dublin and its hinterland and then to proceed outwards .

we were happy to hear that there is someone else gifting somewhere in ireland from etheric warriors . it would be great if you could pass on my details to brian as we thought it would be good to meet up and try and combine and coordinate our gifting efforts .

we have a plan that we are working on to gift the whole country but there are many barriers , money being one and the attacks that paddy spoke about hitting home here too .

Brian was telling you about the really wet weather we get for the summers , noticeably this summer and last summer . it didnt click with me for a long time that it was haarp that was causing these literally miserable summers because i was used to reading all about haarp and drought . anyways we understand now that this is all part of promoting the global warming agenda , i feel it is also really hurting the spirit of the people of Ireland . you cant help but get a bit down when you havent seen the sun in a week and it is pouring down with rain when it shouldnt be .

the rain seems un natural too , like tropical monsoon , normally we got heavy rain like this in summer thunderstorms but they would only last a short time , these belts of rain last for hours . sometimes all day long .

i dont know if they can do this instantly with the technology or if it takes a given period with the stuff turned on to bring about these weather patterns . i did notice about a month or so ago on the satelite imagery that i was looking at to see who was getting chemtrailed that day in europe peculiar kind of washboard effect lined up over ireland and the uk . this was noticeable for a week or so .

the lines remained static and as the ordinary cloud passed over it lined up along these lines . it was like a giant magnetic field over a huge area . my hunches is that this was the energy pattern of haarp that is now bringing serious rain and flooding in ireland . i could be way out of course . im not sure whats happening in the uk with the weather because i just find it difficult to look at television .

so that is that observation , i have a few pictures from the website saved and i will try and locate them .
needless to say we are hoping to visit the dolphins soon and bring many gifts . ive just got some gelcoat resin to coat the tbs in as the ordinary polyester to my knowlegde isnt that water proof at all , so i hope to leave a stringin the tb that we can dip into the gelcoat afterwards .

i am in the process of writing a gifting log from memory which i can send to you when its up to date .

well thats it for right now , i just want to let ye know for the record that ireland is being gifted and that we are quite dedicated to this cause and hope to continue making orgonite and gifting for as looong as it takes .

a personal thank you to you Don , your writing has helped my awakening and for this i am grateful , thank you . you etheric warriors amongst others have taught me alot , specifically of what Love really is . hopefully this mail gets to you and finds you well , i will try send it from other addresses than i used the last time .

thanks again
Vincent O Halloran

oh, the other thing is to send my regards to all other gifters arond the world particularly those who gift alone . i feel lucky that when i told ted all about it he was open to it and understood . we usually have a good bit of fun while gifting and then take the hits afterwards . most other people i try to tell about the whole thing give me blank stares and you can tell they fear for my sanity : )

oh my mobile number for Brian if you want to pass it on 086 6055095


I also mentioned to Vincent that the chemtrail remnants taht cover teh sky at times are harmless. The difference, now, is that they no longer spread out but drift downwind and eventually dissipate, like anya other cloud does. Before orgonite cloudbusters this stuff very rapidly spread out to white the sky and destroy all the rain-bearing clouds on the way to the ground. All of that happened within a few minutes and could be easily witnessed. The problem was that very, very few people were prepared to observe it at the time Cool

Fortunately, busting the death towers produces so much healthy orgone in the atmosphere that even those seeded clouds dissipate quicker, as these guys have happily discovered. the stationary HAARP washboard stratus clouds that are seen in satellite images have not a thing to do with chemtrails, of course. Those are the result of standing wave and perhaps scalar HAARP transmissions. Busting up HAARP arrays and weatherballs is the way to erase those offensive lines in the sky Wink


06 Sep 2008 11:59
Subject: Re: Previously Silent Dublin Gifter Speaks Up
Here is a further report from Vincent which he sent me yesterday. We have been in touch now for a little while. Please note the enthusiasm and heart power which speak from his descriptions, I hope this will inspire many more people in our islands to start gifting, this is the real stuff.


Gifting Ireland log August 2008

To begin , thank you to all the people gifting orgonite all over this planet .

Right, this is going to be from memory as I didn’t take field notes in the first year or so of gifting Ireland

We have concentrated on Dublin city, our immediate area which is Kildare, Wicklow, Dublin counties notable places, rivers, canals, towers along main routes in the country ie Dublin to Cork, Galway, Sligo.

Initially I made some orgonite to have around me and gave some to a couple of people who I could trust and who I knew to be fearless. For a long time I was skeptical but I can see that there is no harm in that .
What happened then is that orgonite transformed my life and the lives of others. Or I think orgonite protected me so I could get on with things without interference.I was convinced and ready to gift with gusto.

I started on the towers and got such good results that I had to tell Ted a friend since childhood all about it. Amazingly he was open to the whole thing, many others that I tried to inform about the situation and the healing powers of orgonite literally couldn’t handle the truth or were so programmed by culture that they couldnt accept anything about what I was saying. Some were glad to accept some orgonite but didn’t want to hear what I had to say – yet!!

Between the two of us whether in company or solo we have gifted many towers and places of note.
With the aid of a map I am going to jog my memory in order to know where has been done. This will help us with our further gifting in the future. And hopefully work as some kind of base for future people gifting in the area. I asked Christy Murphy where he has gifted so those areas weren’t a priority and he felt to his knowledge that he didn’t know of anyone else gifting here.

Usually every Irish town has lots of towers with the exception so far of Naas where we found towers alright but not as many as other towns of its size. What we do is try to gift every tower and for good measure scatter a few tbs around too and we are always on the look out for water to gift especially in towns. In Ireland lots of towns have towers on the outskirts at business parks shopping centres etc and many more on buildings in the town centre. The suburbs of south Dublin don’t have as many towers but lots of panels on buildings. They also have the fake trees there. The m50 motorway which skirts around the city has lots of really atrocious looking towers.

Christy Murphy sorted us out with great metal shavings, aluminium, brass , bronze , steel and we started making more and better tbs and after a while we started getting great crystals from Gladys which we now charge on the cb . i also found a disused amethyst quarry on Achill island on Irelands west coast where you can rummage away ,
I found a full bucket of quartz bits on one sunny day there. in fact the little jar I put on the cb for charging the crystals usually collects some rain water ( sometimes a little too much rain water !) which I mix thoroughly with the resin too and I feel that it makes good orgonite . I am not absolutely sure on this one but I believe the orgonite is energetically good .

So looking at a map here is a list of towns we’ve gifted ,

Dunboyne Clonee Blanchardstown Swords Navan Kilcock Maynooth Leixlip Mullingar Athlone Tullamore Edenderry Dublin city Balbriggan Clane Sallins Naas Longford Enfield Trim Ballina Easky Sligo Achill (mountaintop array) three rock ( mountaintop array )
Howth head
south Dublin suburbs, more needed
north Dublin suburbs, more needed

Phoenix park large obelisk
Killiney head obelisk
Maynooth college ( catholic priest training grounds )
Hill of Tara ( seat of old high kings of Ireland ) we figure good places can benefit from gifting too
Castletown house
Carton house with old castle
Birr castle ( bad place )
Holy cross abbey
River Liffey Clane to Lucan
Clonfinlough stone
royal canal Leixlip Moyvalley

Dublin to cork any towers on route
Dublin to Sligo any towers on route
Dublin to Galway any towers on route

Galway city scratched the surface
Cork city scratched the surface
more to come
Connolly’s folly ,
massive obelisk at phoenix park , the state guest house Farmleigh
Trim Athboy Ballinlough Oldcastle Crossakiel Clonmellon
Loughcrew passage grave

Kells Navan
Dublin city centre , the Liffey down to Poolbeg power station and the Shellybanks
Connolly station really nasty towers

Weatherball at Baldonnel airport
Weatherball at Broadhaven bay ( can be seen on google earth ) ungifted as yet

Irish financial services center
Millennium Spire – circle of tbs a few hundred meters out ( huge landmark in Dublin city centre , apparently full of tech , Christy said the zapchecker picked up strong fields for a long way out )

Dolphins in the Shannon estuary approx 120 tbs along the estuary

Davos, Switzerland – only ten tbs as was paranoid about customs – no worries for travelling with orgonite from now on though
haarp – Tullamore , 3 Rock Mountain , Moynalvey ,Eeast Clare

Mountain array , Achill island

Towns , mostly focusing on the towers in the towns and on the outskirts as yet but these towns could definitely do with more orgonite later
Lucan , Leixlip , Naas , Mullingar , Edenderry , Ennis , Kilrush , Tullamore , Navan ,

North city centre suburbs ( within m50 ) serious amount of towers

Mountaintop array at Saggart

Swords , Ballina ( haarp I think ) Trim , Sligo town , Longford

Jesuits near Clontarf , and Clongowes Wood College, Clane ( Jesuit boarding school , nasty energy )

Carrick on Shannon, Newbridge, Carbery, Derrinturn, Allenwood, big tower, Rathangan to Newbridge, Boyle, Clonard,
the area around Lahinch and Doolin in Clare.

We have done gifting runs through the countryside and gifted towers in rural areas usually on agricultural land where we have to pop through a couple of fields to get the gift in the right spot. Quarries tend to have a tower located at them. Usually the really ugly towers are located on higher ground in the landscape, this means it’s relatively easy to find them if you have any kind of decent map. I got a car for gifting because the fuel cost for the work van was costing too much, a tiny Nissan Micra , it’s way lighter on fuel but the other side of the coin is that we are down lower so its more difficult to see out over the hedgerows .

As was noted on EW it seems that gifted towers are turned off after they are gifted. I don’t know from observation if this is or true or not for the ones we have gifted but it would make sense. It would seem the logical thing for the parasites to do, turn off the por generating ones and crank up the nasty ones. This is why I feel that it is essential for every tower to be gifted. We have made that our mission. We intend to do this and will keep gifting until we get it done. Unfortunately we can’t drop everything and do that instantly but we have made a great inroad on the project , and have gotten wonderful help and encouragement along the way from the likes of Christy Murphy and more recently Don and Paddy in Scotland . It must be noted that whenever we gift we just know that we are protected so a big thanks to as Don calls them – the operators : )

Judging by empty cans of resin we have made somewhere about 1500 tbs. I have made a fewer bigger pieces but we don’t use them that much for gifting as yet , the humble tb is our main gifting tool .

Ted is all for getting one tb per tower and I am on the side of getting lots around especially if the tower has a lot of bad feeling off it. So we seem to find the middle ground which would be one tb per tower if its not too savage and three to four if its big and nasty or if there is more than one tower. You seem to find a way of knowing what it will take. My main worry is that they will be found so I tend to try and gift out of sightline of the towers if there’s cover to be found .

We have developed a good way of gifting from moving vehicles , there have been a few misdirected tbs I might add , Ted seems to have a knack for hitting road signs , bridge walls , things like that , stuff you couldn’t hit if you tried ( sorry man [Image Can Not Be Found]) .

We got a Canadian canoe and that has been an adventure and have focused on our local river the Liffey which flows to the sea through the capital city of Ireland, Dublin . There are two canals the royal canal and the grand canal which run around the city too and go to the river Shannon which runs down the center of the country and splits it east/west , and we have begun gifting them . We have gone to gift the dolphins in it too. Chillie the dog has even gifted some tbs into it. I put a tb on the edge of the boat and tell him to ’ get the orgonite ’ he responds sometimes with his paw which knocks it into the water. He knows when there is a tb about to be thrown from the van and usually hits the floor to give me a clear shot.
At the start we had one succor punch with us, which I got from Andy at ct busters and that was great protection. After some time though Ted was getting attacked badly and I gave it to him and found myself sp less so I tried to make one from directions on Ryan McGinty’s website but couldn’t manage all the resistors and capacitors so I turned my terminator zapper into one with a crystal I had bought years ago before i ever heard about anything about orgonite or gifting. It is on the go all of the time these days.

Observations as from memory now. Initially when I started to gift I was largely concerned with the chemtrails and was observing them a lot, the pattern of spraying and I might add that it was the chemtrails that got me motivated to gift in the first place. I would do some towers and even see slyphs in the sky but the chemtrails would be laid down thick and heavy so this got me really motivated to gift further and further afield. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos at the time that we began gifting in earnest.

Energetically the real pivot point was when we made the cb . After that got settled in and running well, the skies around here became so beautiful that I was filled up with emotion. The beauty of the skies was so incredible. I remember looking up and seeing the skies of my childhood. Constable is the artist who really got into cloudscapes I think, I must check that , but he would have been in heaven around here . The skies were so dramatic, especially march april and may of this year. The clouds seemed ’ in focus ’ and anywhere else I went at that time out of the range of the cb the sky scape seemed drab and out of focus . Large banks of cumulous clouds filled the sky as far as the eye could see. It was incredible to see but especially exciting to know that what we were doing was having an effect on healing the atmosphere and freeing it from the chains of bondage that had been imposed on it by wrong minded thinking, ever so subtly and under our noses for years. I hope that we are causing a lot of trouble for those wrongdoers who would do this to the planet in this corner of the world. I’m glad to have gotten the opportunity to be an effective spanner in the works of evil, and look forward to causing more problems for them in the future .

Apologies for the haphazard nature of the gifting report as it was done from memory. We have begun to take more careful notes now and never go gifting without a camera. anyone in Ireland reading this it would be great if you feel inclined to get gifting , its easy and great craic. ( Irish word for fun, not the drug )


Don Croft
14 Sep 2008 03:59
Subject: Re: Previously Silent Dublin Gifter Speaks Up
Thanks a lot for posting Vincent’s exemplary gifting report, Paddy! This is a fine addition to the public record, which is our general protection from getting upstaged by plagiarists and chest pounders, as well as a phenomenal inspiration for our readers to get busy with this empowering work.

When Carol went to Ireland, five years ago, to gift some of the sacred sites she was shocked by how vital the area already was, compared to other areas she’s gifted. She was also a little astonished by the aggression of the MI6 surveiillance but those $#!+birds are pretty slow-witted in terms of catching gifters in the act, as long as the gifter won’t tarry. I’m really glad that Vincent and Ted were mindful of that.

Ireland’s vitality makes it possible for diligent gifters to get more dramatic confirmations than might be had in the US and some other areas, where the $#!+birds made deeper inroads into the earth’s vitality.

I agree with Vincent that it’s essential to disable ALL the death towers and weather weapons in a target area, though gifting even one tower is worth a visit to a town, certainly. It seems to Carol and I that after this has been done a sort of barrier has been broken, so that if the $#!+birds erect more towers, after that, they can never regain an advantage.

I never discourage folks from ‘overgifting’ since the next stage after disabling the weaponry is to help transform the population by distributing orgonite more widely, as was done in the most exemplary way, throughout the vast Toronto metro area at the behest of Steve Baron over the past five or six years. DB gifted around ten thousand death towers in and around Los Angeles, essentially obliterating the infamous smog, there, and inviting Sylphs by the legion, many of which we’re seeing in contemporary HOllywood films. He overgifts, by the way. I need to mention DB’s accomplishment from time to time because some clever but sleazy and lying opportunists are trying to take credit for his accomplishment, now. Grid willing, they’ll fail.

I’m personally more inclined to Ted’s approach, since I like to cover as much territory in one sortie as possible, confident that someone will eventually wake up in the area and will take the gifting to the next stage but I hope and trust that anyone will rather follow his own intuitive promptings than to imitate my habits. Lots of folks intentionally do things differently from my way, which is an encouraging sign in any grassroot movement and proves that this one is not a personality cult. I’m sincerely gratified that this must frustrate the clever, agency $#!+birds on both sides of the Atlantic who have tried, unsuccessfully, to infiltrate and subvert this unorganization for the past eight years.

My favorite part of gifting reports are the descriptions of the visual confirmations. I think this is also what our readers find most assuring and encouraging, so thanks very much for that, Vincent and Paddy. The best sign of health in the sky, for me, is the abundance of white, fluffy cumulus clouds that Vincent reports seeing. Ireland has long been plagued by persistent gray overcast and drizzle and this, like the formation of deserts, is not natural. Sylphs, which are also beingg seen in Ireland’s gifted areas (thx!) are extremely reassuring and are signs that the energy balance won’t likely be tipped back to the negative side again. The %$!+birds are now in a reactive position, after all. Watch how aggressively the chemttrail jets attack Sylphs and how easily the Sylphs simply weave the long, seeded clouds into lovlier garments for themselves. Sylphs and chemtrails apparently form in the same levels in the atmosphere (below ‘ice’ altitude), though I’ve twice seen Sylphs around lower cumulus clouds.

Speaking of confirmations, Jan in Czech Republic told me that the night sky in his gifted industrial city now looks justt like the night sky in the mountains—clear and full of stars.

Trevor Constable was an inspiration to me when I first started reading about orgone tech (a year or so before I found out about orgonite) and he’s a real pioneer. Don’t hold your breath for praise or acknowledgement from him, though–he’s kind of opposed to our approach and has attacked us publicly. I wish I could reassure him that what we’re doing can’t upstage his fine accomplishments. I’ve heard that he’s doing some new stuff but I don’t think he’s published about it, yet. In fact, what he did was more akin to Dr Reich’s own accomplishments; what we do with orgonite devices is to restore balance to the environment–Reich and Constable rather shaped the environment in a dramatic way, even accomplished temporary desert reversal in the US and Israel with some intelligent cloudbuster applications. One can’t exert his/her will with orgonite, which also means that one can’t do any harm with it. Reich’s devices were rather more risky and potentially dagnerous. Only people who have a talent for it can produce consistently good results with those tools. Constable has that talent. It was Constable who prevailed on Ken Adachi to call our orgonite cloudbuster, ‘chembuster,’ instead of ‘cloudbuster,’ by the way. An orgonite cloudbuster is an essential, long range atmospheric balancer. Thousands of these neutralized the chemtrail campaign, six years ago, but the real worth of orgonite cloudbusters probably won’t be known for many more years from now and disabling the chemtrails is incidental in the long term, I think.

I met a woman, today, who remembers what chemtrails looked like when they were sickening and killing people and also recognized that they were no longer doing so. We’re in Sedona, this weekend, and she told me that she’s aware of at least two orgonite cloudbusters in town. She also has seen Sylphs, here, including rainbow Sylphs and those peculiar but lovely clouds that have a lot of pink and green in them. Lots and lots of people, here, know about orgonite (and have zappers Wink ).

Vincent was spurred on by the persistent appearance of chemtrails. I think all of us have been at least partly motivated by dis-satisfaction with the status quo. I’m particularly inspired by my keen desire to undermine and ruin the world order, for instance (specifically, this leering, murderous, satanic US corporate governnment) but what counts more is what we accomplish with our towerbuster tosses, I think. Maybe motivation doesn’t count for much. Here in Sedona, at the Raw Spirit Festival, we’re surrounded by phenomenally healthy, happy, inspired and intelligent people but I don’t think one of them has lifted a finger to bust a death tower or build a cloudbuster, even though about half of them know who we are and are interested in this work. So, maybe there’s a lot to be said for genuine anger and dis-satisfaction, after all Wink . That said, Carol and I are having a ball in Sedona, this weekend! Go figure…we’ve sold hardly anything. David Wolfe, who has been promoting our zappers, reminds us of DB Wink

I gather that the people who are inclined to charge crystals for towerbusters are generally the energy sensitives who derive some euphoria from the process. I don’t feel much from it, so I forego that step but whatever feels good and is harmless is worth doing for anyone.

This is quite different from blind imitation, which tends to inhibit intuitive processes and generate dogma–good fodder for our detractors, who trumpet the incidentals as a way to distract attention from the really powerful stuff. That’s been tough on some of the energy sensitives whom the $#!+birds set up to make pronouncements that they can manipulate and use to undermine the network. It’s too bad that taking the spotlight in this unorganized movement carries that kind of risk but all of that potentially helps us refine our characters, after all. No wonder there aren’t more legitimate forum efforts, though. Years ago I naively assumed that there would be dozens of EW-quality forums before now, and dozens more good, reputable psychics finding and kicking predator’s butts online. Lots of them whom we don’t know are apparently doing it quietly in their own way, though.

It’s an interesting distinction (inspiration/imitation) and I hope our readers understand that it’s not necessary to have a talent for energy sensitivity in order to generate the same quality of visual confirmations from their gifting efforts. It’s awfully easy for people to make innacurate assumptions about this stuff. Human nature is unruly, after all. I’m pretty sure that human nature assumes that rules are made to be broken but it’s a courtesy to our readers for us to rein in the more speculative yearnings and to occasionally remind them that our subjective impressions are not authoritative.

I do like it when people share their impressions of why and how orgonite works, though. I, for one, remain mystified about that.

We’re all intuitive, of course, and if we’ll act on our heart promptings and inspirations in a timely way we’ll achieve success with our personal puzzle-piece contributions, regardless of whether we’re talented psychics or not. The Operators give all of us our puzzle pieces but we need to pay attention and have a little faith, then carry out those promptings and keep our eyes open. Another aspect of this work that Vincent exemplifies in this report is the synergy of systematic campaigns and intuitive guidance. This is the way that huge goals are achieved in a timely way. Not many can do this full time, so it’s always a challenge to take on a very large goal. Several contributors to EW have achieved this, which is why I invited them to post for the record and for the readers’ edification.

Fortunately, these opportunities keep coming, so when we miss the opportunity it comes around again. This gentle concept is probably hard on the drama queens and solopsists.

If you (like me) are not particularly psychic or energy sensitive but would like to be (I’m not in a hurry, really), just wait a bit because I think that we’re all world-class psychics after we abandon the physical garment…and life is short…ZOOM Cool

I’ve just asked Vincent to post his reports directly, here.


15 Sep 2008 07:49
Subject: Re: Previously Silent Dublin Gifter Speaks Up
Great that spire has been done, nasty bit of work. Nicest people of any city in Europe (saw Commitments film there, best film experience I’ve ever had), wife went there with son and was retina scanned at Birmingham airport! Mind you taxi drivers are no different, took 20 mins to get from airport to hotel (been here before? etc), but only 5 mins on way back! Reminds me of a story of American taking 30 mins to get from Trafalgar Square to Leicester square (5 min walk)!

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