Psi Ma Takes Back A Pirated Maine Vortex! ;-)

Don Croft
23 Sep 2008 15:01
Subject: Psi Ma Takes Back a Pirated Maine Vortex! [Image Can Not Be Found]
Carol, Don and Marcus [orgonite4u] hey,

Fun local can-do article just posted at If you mention it among friends, pls remember that the author, yeoman gardener, chose to use a pseudonym. TIA

Meanwhile en route to the annual Common Ground Fair, had a stunner giftie-ho experience. Left pre-dawn-early and decided to leave the driving to “us”, whoever our helpers may be. Ended up on roads I’ve never traveled, a much longer route, but hey a gorgeous autumn day. Suddenly got big dor-whoozies, and nearly veered off the road at Dixmont, Maine, when I saw a farm country mountain with hugely tall twin antennae, vertical alternating white and red, and 3 or 4 stubbier excrescences with monster gray drums. shee-ut.

I began watching for an access route. The road up the mountain was “gated” and posted, allegedly by a tv station-- “private; violators will be prosecuted.” There seemed to be a surv-camera on the post across the way. I drove further along the country road; brought out hiking boots, hand spade and marcus-tactical-tb’s. Pretty, long, meandering hike through beech wood, maple and oak forest, ferns and moss, over granite ledges and boulders.
Forest floor had an abundance of white oak acorns (large and particularly desirable), but not a single squirrel fussed at me. The place had an oppressively bleak overlay, on older powerful energies. Heart pounding, felt dor-blasted. I walked, accompanied by a native American ghostly presence. Secreted an hhg I’d had in the car, and marcus-made tacticals deep in the forest at various levels. Hard being near the top of the mountain, with its icky up-thrustings and generator plant.

The pall lifted as I started down the mountain, and I sensed an elder’s nudge to vector sharply away from my starting point – to a giant of the forest, apparently an old boundary oak, spared in the clear cutting of colonial days and 19th century agriculture. Its branches were the size of most impressive trees. I rummaged around in my pack for anything I might have left, and thanked that splendid tree with a db.

Just a glory day.


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