Psychic Defense And Boosting Tips

This post is inspired by “Your Advantage Over the Corporate World Order.”

Psychic Defense Tips

I first learned about psychic defense from an older book written at the turn of the 20th century. The copyright on this book is expired, although Kessinger Publishing has been reprinting it for the last decade. The book is titled Art and Science of Personal Magnetism: the Secret of Mental Fascination by Theron Q. Dumont. It is a book regarding personal power and magnetism, how to use it, and most importantly, how to defend yourself against others using it on you. I’ve found that the chapter on psychic defense given in the book actually applies to all forms of psychic attacks and not just mental magnetism, so I’ve included excerpts from it below. I think the users on this site will found it intriguing – newer ones will find some helpful tips and more experienced ones can probably at least gain a few insights from it. I’ve included my own comments throughout the passage in brackets, and the excerpts are followed by own techniques. Enjoy.

Chapter XX


“….The secret is this: In defending oneself against magnetic projection in any or all of its forms, you have but to project [boost] toward the other person a strong DENIAL of his power to influence, affect, or master you. That is the whole thing in a nutshell.

….In this denial you do not really destroy or lessen the power of the other person, in general. You only neutralize his magnetism so far as it affects yourself, or those whom you wish to protect. In other words, instead of destroying his weapons, you merely turn them aside, and cause them to glance off, leaving you, and yours, harmless….You render yourself a non-conductor, and the force glances off you without affecting you in the slightest.

….You simply state in a few strong [positive] words that you deny the power of the other person. You will find, as you experiment, that in the very words “I DENY” there is a mighty dynamic power of defense. It is the mental idea back of these words, which, figuratively wipes out of existence the other person’s magnetism, at least so far as you, yourself, are concerned. It is the great SHIELD OF DEFENSE. Let the full meaning of the word “DENY” [its origin lies in the ancient Indo-European word “ne” in which we get words like “negate”] enter into your mind – you will find it contains a new meaning and strength, when considered in this connection.

….Practice a little, imagining that another person is hurling [psychic attacks at you]…and that you are interposing the shield of denial in each case.

….You do not destroy or weaken the other person by use of the shield of denial. His magnetism remains just as strong and just as much in evidence, as if you did not use the shield – the only difference being that by using it your render his weapons powerless against you or those who you may wish to protect; and thus create immunity for yourself, and your proteges, buy interposing the shield of defense. But you do not impair the power of the other person against others whom you do not directly shelter behind your shield. [This certainly relates to Dooney’s chat. The more people that join in, on an energy basis, to help protect or shield someone, the better.]

….If he denies your power, he is immune, and you cannot affect him; just as if you DENY his power, you are immune. In case both DENY, then the battle is drawn, and neither win. The Denial is not a weapon of aggressiveness – it is merely a shield of defense…. Of course, if you use both shield [Denying] and sword [boosting], you will have a double advantage, providing he does not also use the shield. [Boosting is a very speedy process to counter attacks with, as the orgone energy is at a higher vibration from the emotion of love than base orgone energy. It often surprises your attacker before they can compose their minds enough to protect themselves.]

….you will be amused to see how “broken up” such a person becomes. He will become bewildered at his failure to influence and affect you, and will often become embarrassed and, in some cases, actually entangled in the currents on his own magnetism [in their case, foul energy]. [This certainly sounds like the common reaction of some of the baddies being boosted.] It may even happen (if often does, really) that such a person will become so confused by his apparent loss of power, that he will lose his assurance and consequently his ability to attack. In such cases, he becomes an easy subject for a magnetic rush or broadside [a quick boost/blast] on your own part, which will quickly drive him into a disastrous retreat.”

A common mental dialogue I have to remove an attacker’s power over me is the following: “I deny you any power over me. I deny you power over my body and its health. I deny you power over my mind and its mental states. I deny you power over my feelings and emotions. I deny you power over my energy field. I deny you power over my chakras. I deny you the power to hurt or affect me in any way. Now, in the name of Yahweh, be gone!” Sometimes I reiterate “deny you power” or “be gone in the name of Yahweh” in my mind for extra effect. I use this as an example dialogue, your mental dialogue to deny your attackers power can differ as you like, as long as it has the same intention and result.

I’d like to add a couple of other tips of my own – the Ball of Light Technique and Orgone Shield.

The Ball of Light Technique is a simple technique to augment your boosting. I got the idea from a book on universal oneness. I like to call it cosmic grounding, as it is a great supplement to Dooney’s earth-grounding exercise. It’s also simple to do after a little practice.

After grounding, imagine in your mind’s eye a giant ball of bluish-white light in the center of the universe surrounded by nothing but darkness. The light illuminates warmth, love, and compassion. I like to associate the light with the Creator, Yahweh, but you can associate it with what you like, as long as it generates love and positive energy for you. Feel yourself being basked in its warm, loving glow. Then, imagine an energy chord of light running from the ball of light to your heart chakra. See the ball of light pouring in orgone love energy through your heart chakra and radiating it from your heart chakra throughout the rest of your body and into the energy field around you. Finally, for boosting, imagine the ball of light channeling an extra amount of unconditional love energy into your heart chakra from the chord. You should feel a certain synergy (harmony or oneness) between you and the ball of light if you did it right, and sometimes you can feel all your chakras from base to crown blossoming open to accept the energy. The exercise takes a little practice, but after a month of doing it for a few minutes every day, you should feel a noticeable increase in the energy you can generate from your heart chakra for boosting. With this exercise, I learned how to boost before I even knew what boosting was.

The Orgone Shield: ground, cosmic ground (ball of light technique), and then do Carol’s pyramid exercise. Boost a few times and imagine the energy leaving your heart chakra from your chest and slowly expanding outward like a bubble until it envelops you and forms a blue orgone shield around your own golden energy field (that you produced earlier with Dooney’s grounding exercise). Imagine psychic attacks and negative energy as bouncing off of the blue energy shield like little, black tennis balls. Then, deny your enemy any power over you through mental dialogue, like my own above. Power can be added to mental dialogue by taking a quick but very deep breath before saying it in your mind, as this forces life force (orgone energy) from the air into your body at an accelerated rate and gives your thoughts more power. This technique is great for fending off attacks.

For both exercises, I hold a piece of orgonite to my heart chakra with my left hand and a large quartz crystal in my right hand. The orgonite helps with boosts and generating energy, while the crystal helps with concentration and focus. Also, I have tried boosting in river and ocean water with excellent results. It helps a lot to have your feet and head wet sometimes, especially if you’ve been feeling blocked or having trouble boosting.

I hope you find this helpful.