Psychic intel re. Georg (Egoli.buster)'s situation right now

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Hello everyone,

here is a transcript of some psychic intel I picked up on recently, regarding Georg’s current situation. Don has just requested I post this, so here it is.


Friday 17th March 2006 1.36am

The first thing I get is ‘kraal’, I don’t know what that word means but I see it written. I can see some kind of rough shelter within an oval-shaped plot of dusty land, enclosed by a rickety fence. I get 268km from Johannesburg, for some reason.

The shelter is roughly circular and has a thatched roof going up to a point in the middle. The wall of the shelter is smooth and is whitewashed or painted white. I can see a black lady wearing colourful clothing standing outside the door of the shelter.

I can see a goat in the enclosure, a man is leading the goat, she is a brown nanny goat with a white chest and long horns. The goat is heavily pregnant A bare-chested black man, who looks as though he is in his early thirties, holds the goat by her horns, he twists the nanny goat’s head by the horns and pushes down, and in such a way makes the reluctant goat lie down on her side on some flat stones on the ground near to the shelter. As the goat is struggling, another black man approaches. This man is elderly, and his hair is mostly grey. He is carrying what looks like a dagger of some description. He kneels down next to the nanny goat, muttering to himself. He stabs the dagger into the belly of the nanny goat, draws it along, puts in his hand, and pulls out the unborn kid. He then stabs the nanny goat in the heart. He places the unborn kid on another small flat stone on the ground, holds it there with his left hand, and then crushes the kid’s head with another stone held in his right hand. He wraps the small body in rags, to make a small, bloody, bundle.

This is the same or is similar to the small blood-stained bundle I saw in the chatblast not too long ago, when we were examining Georg’s current circumstances.

What I am getting is that recently there have been 7 such rituals, involving goats or chickens, that have been performed with the express intent of trying to do harm to Georg’s health and business. The elderly black man carrying out the rituals is paid to do this, it is his bread and butter, it is how he earns his living. He lives in a village a short distance away. The house belongs to a nephew, who was the man leading the nanny goat, and the nephew’s wife. The wife works in a local school, she is not a teacher, she works in the kitchen and also cleans. The school is a religious school. The music teacher in the school, a large middle-aged black lady we saw in the chatblast not too long ago, approached the nephew’s wife, and in such a way arranged for the elderly man to carry out the rituals to aim mischief at Georg. She paid for the animals that were used. She was instructed to do this, and also funded by, a local government official, who I’m not seeing clearly, but is a black man.

As I try and look closer at the black government official, what I see is the inside of a warehouse or some kind of mostly windowless building with quite a high roof. I see the lady music teacher walking inside this building, she has gone to meet someone there. The building houses trucks and other vehicles.

I’ll now tune in and look at Georg, etherically. I’m getting an OK from his higher self to do this. I’m scanning him from the top of his head down. I can see what looks like a kind of etheric scarf wrapped tightly around his throat, and being pulled tight, in an attempt to silence him. It’s quite difficult to focus on Georg, as I draw close to him to try and look, a young black warrior points a spear in my general direction, and makes stabbing movements… well his higher self may have ok’d my peeking, but this etheric protector isn’t so sure!

Then having checked me out, the young warrior lets me draw closer to Georg, so I can have a better look…

I can see a black spider-thingy clamped to his lower spine, there is a cord from this that disappears somewhere underground, this is the same as we got in the chatblast. I can see a small puncture wound a small distance above one of his ankles, there is poison from this wound that has weakened his system a little lately.

Tracing back along the spidery-thing’s cord, I see at the end of it an attractive-looking black lady, she looks as though she is young but I get the impression that the opposite is the case. I get ‘hive queen’ with this lady. The elderly man who carried out the ritual connects to her in some way. I can see a large black vortex swirling, too, but I’m not getting its location right now.

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Sorry that this is a brief note, but I was on my way to bed a few minutes ago, and I saw an african voodoo guy come up behind me and try and cut my throat, etherically speaking, of course.

Then he showed me images of what they want to do to me, which would make rather a mess, to be honest

At the moment I feel pressure on my throat, as though I am being throttled.

So much for an early night and a book!!

Not that this is scaring me, but I would be grateful for any blasts, thank you!

(Egoli.buster) #3

Tracey Anne,

that’s a remarkable report. the description of african rituals is very spot on, I think. but what baffled me most is how you’ve seen the wound above my ankle.

I’ve been battling with that now for over a week. It broke out 1 week after the trip to Zimbabwe with Kelly (Laozu)

thought it may have been a spider bite or a be;lated alergoic reaction to all the little thorns I had in my socks when crawling through the dense wet bush in early March.

I’m getting better now thanks to all your support!



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Hello there Georg,

it would appear that your friend Ali Harun in the German Forum chatblast also picked up on the problem above your ankle; here’s the link to his post:……t2253.html

I’m really happy to hear that you are now feeling a bit better,


(Egoli.buster) #5

Thanks, recovering rapidly now. The economic blockage is also gone for now.

Gotta draw that 268km circle around Joburg and find that sellout Sangoma, hehe…

Well I get we can whack him etherically if he tries his voodoo stuff again…


(Don Croft) #6

The distribution of orgonite in Africa, for which Georg has developed the momentum almost singlehandedly, has now begun in earnest in East Africa, thanks to our Ugandan and Kenyan compatriots. We believe that part of the reason Georg gets hit harder than anyone else these days by occult/corporate sewer rat agencies (including their assets among the dirty magic practitioners in South Africa) is that much of this has depended on his efforts to supply orgonite to the African gifters farther north.

Reversing the near-famine drought in Southern Africa by (almost singlehandedly) disabling the HAARP arrays along the Indian Ocean coast and distributing scores of cloudbusters in the Kalahari and other dry regions didn’t endear him much to the occult/corporate order, of course.

I hope that everyone reading this thread will consider sponsoring a box of orgonite devices from Georg to the more rural East African gifters. Judy Lubulwa Mwangi in Nairobi is making and distributing orgonite in Nairobi and, of course, Dr Kayiwa has been extending his efforts within Uganda and to Congo and Sudan. Anyone who wants to contribute to their high profile efforts can contacty me at [email protected] and I’ll facilitate that. The only thing lacking there right now is money and we’ve got plenty of that in the West.

Carol has told me that Tracey Ann’s psi talent and focus are quite astonishing, by the way and those of us who participate in the chats are quite entertained as well as blown away.

When Tracey tells us that ‘she only looks at the pictures that are in front of her,’ I say, ‘Right, and Mozart only wrote notes on paper.’

When you find a skilled psychic who also has a conscience and genuine humility consider yourself blessed, reader–it’s a rare commodity these days in the West.

Kelly got smacked pretty hard, too, and by now realizes that it was caused by dirty magic. He got rid of the malaria quickly with his zapper, fortunately.

The African magicians (the good guys and the bad guys there) are quite powerful. I’m hoping Cesco will post something about his experience with that. Thank God the rotten ones can’t stand up to properly tossed life force!

In last Saturday’s chat Tracey found a CIA-instigated agenda to neutralize Judy and at the heart of it was a female traditional magic tosser who was making Judy quite ill. That was a case where Tracey’s skill rather eduated us. The old woman, who is mentally impaired, had apparently been an outcast all of her life and survived on whatever she could earn by making hexes on people–not actually an evil-hearted gal; just an outcast who needed to survive and to have a feeling that she has a function in life.

We opted not to send much energy at her–just a bit. Tracey told us that the gal thought she had offended some spirits when we did that, so she stopped hitting Judy. She was at the end of a chain of connections that apparently started at a high level in the alleged US Gov’t, including Langley. We focused on ‘doing’ each rat in the CIA hierarchy that were involved in this case and a government official in Nairobi was the one who was charged with arranging the trouble for Judy. Below him there were two more levels before the old gal in a village was hired to attempt the hit but those two guys, including a doctor in a women’s clinic, hadn’t a clue what it was about, nor did the magician.

What I discovered in 1970, working in a sugar mill in Southern Louisiana, is that dirty magicians are an institution in American culture, albeit the black subculture.

I was under the gun, then, because of my interest in promoting interracial harmony and it was the top voodoo guy who wanted to neutralize me. I’d gotten similar treatment by the dirty-magic network in Germany the previous year when I was in the US Army and that was my introduction to metaphysics. I followed my instincts and kept my faith and the young voodoo guy, whom everyone around there seemed to fear, simply gave up. At one point, when he had caused a sudden thunderstorm in the middle of the work day which induced everyone to suddenly leave (they got afraid when the machinery all suddenly broke down) that young guy came up behind me with a machete. The reason I’m still alive, probably, is because I ignored him. I didn’t mind dying, after all–I love a good adventure.

To be affected by dirty magic one has to be in denial that it exists or to be afraid of it, generally, though in Georg’s case the sheer volume and will of the effort threatened to overcome him. Most people never encounter that level of occult/corporate reprisal, of course.

In Africa there seems to be more or less a stasis between the genuine healers among the magic practitioners and the hexers but, as Kizira Ibrahim’s efforts in Uganda may indicate, the good guys may well have decided to stop tap dancing with the rotten ones and just start moving the net balance over to the positive end by using orgonite. Maybe we’ll soon see whether my hunch is right.

My next introduction to African-style magic came when I lived in the Virgin Islands in 1971/2. The same venom was directed at me then, too (go figure) but I discovered that there were more good folks watching out for me than there were dirty magicians trying to arrange my demise in that case.

When Carol was besieged by voodoo men in Kenya in the fall of 2001 she was also approached by some very friendly and powerful witches–all women–who extended their protection to her. Even though she’d been psychic all her life she’d never directly encountered focused evil, directed at her. She had even met Ted Bundy at a party when she was a teen, during the time he was Spokane’s Golden Boy and a student of the Jesuits. He later took the fall for a bunch of satanic ritual killings that his familyl (and probably his teachers) were involved in, of course.

She spent her time in a part of Kenya where there’s a lot of suffering and voodoo. David Ochieng and Atieno Odondi live in that region and hadn’t heard about Carol until after they contacted me last year to say that they wanted to distribute orgonite and it’s now clear to me that Carol’s initial gifting and healing effort in that small area is what sparked the expansion of the movement in Kenya, later on, though David Slinger’s two cloudbusters and several ocean gifts near Mombassa, Kenya, may have been instrumental in our friends’ intreraction with dolphins, recently.

David S had returned to New Zealand a few years ago but orgonite is ‘a gift that keeps on giving,’ of course. The exceptionally friendly ambience in Mombassa which David Ochieng noted in his report may well have been due to David Slinger’s earlier efforts, for instance.

If you want to learn about magic there’s just no substitute for direct experience, just like with gifting.

I want everyone in the West to get a glimpse of the profound, creative power that some of us are witnessing, unfolding within the Dark Continent. Before long I’m sure that many Western gifters will travel to Africa to assist our heroic Black brothers and sisters in their efforts and an experience like that can’t be had any other way.

Here’s the link on Georg’s site for sponsoring orgonite to these brave, resourceful folks:……tegoryID=8

The photo with the caption, ‘TBs for East AFrica’ shows Georg, Doc Kayiwa and Croft at the headwaters of the Nile. The Doc is the ‘etheric conquistador’ of Uganda, Southern Sudan and Western Congo and if was still a doctor in the US he’d have enough money to do the whole continent but Uganda’s been hit, hard by London’s economic reprisals ever since Musaveni booted them out of that country in '86, so the Doc’s range is pretty much limited to what he can earn and what is donated by people in this network. The man gets the most bang for his buck, though, and if you want to support his efforts, contact me, okay?

See the photo on Georg’s site of the decrepit ship he was constrained to ride on to gift the South African coastline recently? It’s a tough life for him, but we’re glad he survived that journey [Image Can Not Be Found]


(Egoli.buster) #7

Quote Don: “See the photo on Georg’s site of the decrepit ship he was constrained to ride on to gift the South African coastline recently? It’s a tough life for him, but we’re glad he survived that journey [Image Can Not Be Found]” Har, har, har…

I like to travel and gift in style. Unfortunately I had fever, the food was not really gourmet class and I had to interrupt lazing at the pool, or whatever it was, every 18.5 minutes to toss one out.

Thanks to GPS technology we were able to exactly fill the gaps that were left on our way out on our way back so we got that beautiful bead line. Dolphins accompanied the ship for 2 x 30 minute at about mid-journey out. The crew said it was unusual for the season and that they came so close.

On the way back the sea was quite rough. (vomiting bags were widely distributed) so we so no dolfriends at all, just choppy waves…

I still feel the swell of the waves and am slightly nauseous, but I don’t wanna complain. it was a fine cruise.

one week from now it’s back to sea for a sailing (more luxury holidays in the service of orgone) gifting run to Cape Town.