Psychic Reich? Carol got the following email

Carol got the following email from one of our zapper customers last week. I always assumed that Dr Reich was at least energy sensitive because he advised people to ‘look for DOR’ in the atmosphere to determine where to aim the cloudbuster and he evidently had a feel for when it was time to shut the cloudbuster off. I think he assumed that everyone had this level of sensitivity simply because he did. That’s a common misconception among energy sensitives and psychics.

The fact that he despised mystics may have been on account of Theosophists having entirely overwhelmed the general subject–sort of like how the human wave of newagers (the current generation of Theosophy’s teat-suckers) tried to overwhelm this unorganized movement in the first two or three years, also as they (the hippie movement was organized around regurgitated Theosophy) had more successfully done to the previous, shorter cycle of human awakening in the late 60s.

Some of us can probably understand his need to distance himself from those shallow, complacent, goose-stepping know-all conformists for the sake of a more rational and independent examination of these vast, new aspects of science. I wonder if his prison experience sharpened and amplified his intuitive processes in a way that wouldn’t have happened if he were free. I’m sure he suffered, there.

I’m offering the following account with the caveat that it’s not first hand information, so it shouldn’t be considered authoritative.




I was so surprised and happy to have seen your husband doing Reich.
I was born in the town where the prison was where he died. My sister’s
best friend’s father worked there at the time and knew him and i even
heard thru them a story about what Reich had told him to do if he died.
I was told this probablpy 30 yrs. ago.

I was told that Reich told this
man to open a box if he passed on (i assume it was an orgone box)
After he died and the man opened it, it had the exact date and time
of his death.

My brother-in-law who was told the story told me the story
because i had had his The Function of the Orgasm book. My sister and
brother-in-law were divorced years ago and i left Pennsylvania many years ago,
so i have not had any further conversations regarding the info. That is
what i remember…


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