Psychic Scientist

Carol and I met STeven J. Smith and his psychic wife, Deborah, in Portland last night and visited for a few hours.

They seem genuine to us and Steven feels confident that he can explain how orgonite works. He prefers to write essays rather than to post and I offered to post his essays but I told him that until he gets some direct experience with orgonite I doubt that he can properly discuss it, so he agreed to take some orgonite that Carol made and brought along to sell at David Wolfe’s Do in LA next weekend.

He and Phil Schneider were friends, by the way.

I’m posting this as a little heads-up and to get your curiosity juices flowing. I won’t post some of the personal history he told us that are his credentials but since he was not university-educated he’s able to cut to the core of any scientific enquiry, I think in the same way Tesla did. He feels confident that he can develop a free energy device but, like most of the really effective people on the planet, he’s constrained to live right at the poverty line.

I told him that if his insights about orgonite pan out for our very discriminating readers, then it seems likely that someone will come forward and finance his physical research toward creating a marketable free energy device.

Wilhelm Muller was murdered before I could afford to buy one of his magnet engines so I really hope Steven ponies up pretty soon

They’re both obviously highly skilled, trained, experienced and grounded psychics. His wife is quite protective of him, which is refreshing to see because Carol looks out for me, that way.


I think it’s okay to tell that the NSA (mainly) and some foreign agencies have thrown a lot of predatory psychics at these two but they’re still standing and most of those are not so we’re kindred spirits in that way, at least.

He referred me to check out NSA: CITADEL OF EVIL, but I forgot to write down teh URL. This is good stuff to read for anyone who is unsure of just how abyssmally unsalvageable the US Government had become since WWII.

I know, from direct experience, how irredeemable the NSA and all the rest of the Washington, DC, cancer is, of course but you might want to check that out. I’ll post the URL when I get it.


This may interest some of our associates who get sick for no apparent reason and can’t recover, even with appropriate diet and treatment:

Steven and Deborah told us that a new technique that the NSA and presumably other criminal agencies use to get rid of troublesome people is to use barely functional people as living voodoo dolls: a form of sympathetic magic that’s hard as hell for psychics to track.

The ‘instrument’ is caused to become familiar with the target until a psychic link is established. This can take some time, evidently. They told us that the NSA uses people who have downs syndrome for this, typically, and various social agencies are used to round them up. The same agencies are used to collect millions of children and damaged adults, worldwide, to use in predatory programs, of coruse. I’m not exaggerating when I use the term, ‘millions,’ by the way. This is pretty well documented. I wonder if John has some relevant material on . Only the developed countries have these programs on a large scale because they require a lot of infrastructure and staff.

The instrument, after the psychic link has become developed well enough, is caused to have specific symptoms, then the target also devlops those symptoms and may die in the course of it.

They also told us that one reason Carol and I are still breathing is because we move around a lot. It takes a lot of time and whole lot of coordinated effort by a lot of professionals to kill someone like us and when we move they have to start from scratch.

We were getting quite sick after we moved to Coeur d’Alene, three years ago but when we moved to the countryside eight months later, we began to recover. We’d been poisoned with beryllium in the house in town (again). It’s a lot harder for the agency freaks to get at us where we’re living, now. When we moved to the countryside we also got more proactive with healing. Doc STevo is repairing my heart, for instance, and my heart health is probably better in some ways, now, than ever–no more heart murmur (birth defect) and the arhythmia is going away for the first time since childhood. David Wolfe and friends are showing us the benefits of superfoods; we finally started consuming that stuff and it starting to pan out for us, too.

When the agency psychics attack frontally you can feel them; when they do it through MOnarch-programmed drones who are not conscious that they’re tools, it’s harder to identify; when they use sypathetic magic to hurt someone it probably requires some very intense, perhaps cooperative effort by several psychics to find the source (the NSA freaks who are doing the torturing) and neutralize them.

The NSA and other predatory agencies are quite adaptable but maybe victory over them is a numbers game: enough orgonite out there may eventually make it impossible for them to operate, anywhere.

I’m quite sure that the only reason they don’t just shoot us or railroad us into prison is because they’re terrified of thus drawing attention to simple orgonite’s awesome power to destroy their parasitic hegemony.


Only thing that springs to mind at the moment is the people used in Gang stalking

Citadel of evil, wonder how he knows about all that

"How do you control a person who is able to walk through solid walls, or kill with a single glance? A person who can see the future, and knows what you’re about to say or do. A person who can make you eat broken glass and enjoy the experience, or make you point a gun at your own head and pull the trigger. A person who can influence the weather, start fires by mere thought (pyrokinesis), or blackout an entire city by touching an ordinary power pole (electrokinesis). "

Sounds like the Heroes series.