Puerto Rico ! there is an Orgonite Gifter in Puerto Rico that's getting prepared

No confirmations or intel to report other than there is an Orgonite Gifter in Puerto Rico that’s getting prepared for
this comings HAARPICANE season by gifting the island and the sea down there.

If I get some feedback from the Island I’ll post it here.

I say bring it on HAARPICANE and let’s see what you can do this season. [Image Can Not Be Found]

The locals on Martha’s Vineyard are all concerned that this summer season is RIPE for a HAARPICANE to hit
New England with the consistent low pressure and monsoon like rain we have been having all summer.

Maybe the HAARPIES plan on hitting the Vineyard with a HAARPICANE to time with the annointed one’s visit the last week of August ?

Vernon Jordan is already here and the Rothchild’s will be here this weekend.
I noticed that Verizon removed the last remaining payphone on the island, which Vernon regulary used to
make untraceable phone calls from the steps of Alley’s General Store.


Hi My latest report from Puerto Rico.

Hello Eric, here is some brief info about the cloudbuster I built.

2009-08-16 : At night, I created my first cloudbuster. It still needs some finishing touches. I didn’t have enough resin, so I had to use some tb’s I had at hand to complete the cloudbuster. Halfway during construction, there was a sudden rain that lasted less than a minute. !?

2009-08-17 : The morning today was raining heavily. The worst of the rains ended at noon. After that the sky was cloudy, but we got almost no rain where I live. At night we had clear skies. The news people were saying that the storm was weakening.

2009-08-18 Where is the Storm? At 4:00 A.M. I was watching the sky. We had a clear sky, and I thought that it was odd because I was expecting the worst of the storm today. My wife told me later that the storm would not come. It vanished, it is nowhere on the map. And Hurricane Bill is on a course that will take it far away from Puerto Rico.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Notice the Haarpicane tracking away from Puerto Rico ?
Great job down in Puerto Rico gifting !

Great results and confirmation. I don’t know about previous gifting around there, but when we started pouring years ago on the Arctic Circle north Finland,
the first mini-cloudbuster (consisting of only one tiny copper pipe with a piece of snow quartz overall size of the device being probably less than an ordinary Hhg)
cleared the sky above my apartment and busted a beautiful harmonious round hole in the thick cloud layer covering the whole sky. Being new to the business,
I did not document this. The point is, I have similar kind of experiences that if a region is newly gifted, the results might be more visual. Kind of a fresh show.
Perhaps it is the Operators convincing people of the signifigance of gifting. That’s my approach though. With such visual confirmation it was just natural
continuing the research with the orgonite.

South/Meso America seems to be in the spot from what I know about the activities down there. Hopefully more networking is to show up.