PW Construction Question

another one: I suppose the heating of the resin doesn’t affect the plastic coating on the electric wire coming from the crystal? It’s not melting or anything causing a shorcirtcuit? or do i have to add an extra protection?

Thanks for answering this perhaps obvious question, but hey, wouldn’t want to screw up my SP crystal


Hi Dirk, the plastic insulation of the mobius coil can take alot more heat than that produced by the resin, just in case you may want to add a little less catalizer to the resin, which will lower the curing temperature but it will take longer to cure. Be sure to add enough for the chemical reaction to take place though, if you add too little it will never solidify.

I use minimum catalyst and speed up the curing with a halogen lamp that helps warm the resin. My catalyst lasts 4X longer and its easy to regulate how much heat the resin gets with the lamp. Might help?