Questionable Stones for Orgonite

For a number of years we’ve advised folks, privately, that there are (now) three makers of orgonite devices–none of whom are listed on the EW vendor roster, of course–which make you feel kind of crummy when you get near them. It takes some skill and clear intention to achieve this, which is why there aren’t more people making orgonite this way.

Haphazard combinations of stones are more likely to just make sensitives feel antsy rather than poisoned. The rest of us can’t tell carelessly-made orgonite from ordinary orgonite but that’s okay, especially since the haphazard stuff busts towers and clears smog as well as the simple, good stuff does.

The poisoned orgonite feels obvious to anyone, though you’re not likely to ever encounter that–the poisoners have a very small clientele. You might have gotten stung by one of those clever vendors during your path to the ‘genuine’ side of this grassroot movement, though, and I hope you’ll just consider that ‘tuition.’

One stone which can apparently achieve the ‘poison’ effect all alone is onyx. I’m bringing it up because some rumor monger(s) began circulating the claim that Carol adds onyx to her Harmonic Protectors.

That came to our attention yesterday when one of her customers asked for a refund on account of this rumor. Thankfully, the customer changed her mind after Carol explained that she won’t use onyx for her commercial items–because it tends to shut down the heart chakra. The black stones Carol favors are Obsidian and Apache Tears, among others. Luis Santacruz, a gifter who had been educated in Yaqui traditions in Mexico, told us that obsidian was considered more precious than gold in the old days.

She didn’t ask who told this gal that lie becuase she doesn’t want to put energy into the situation but, as usual, it’s a good idea to publish rumors because that’s the best way to quell them. The rumor itself can become free advertising.

I’ve asked Carol to name some other stones to avoid adding to orgonite but that’s going to take some time to compile, so will be done in the next post, hopefully by her. Citrine and serpentine should be used carefully, for instance. As an additive to orgonite, the white gold powder (ormus) is apparently not healthful but gold itself is very good.

Carol spent a lot of years experimenting and working with gems and minerals before she learned about orgonite and she and a few other vendors who are energy-sensitive are extremely careful not to send out items that have compromising or disharmonious elements in them.

Lots of folks have an innate sense about the use of stones and these lucky people hit the ground running when it comes to adding them successfully to orgonite. As with any other art or science, though, this talent improves with experimentation and time.


hey! interesting thread starting here, I really hope Caroll can share which stones are harmful…

in regards to gem combination, I found that it can be helpful to start by following the ‘color code’, that is, combining stones that are within the same tonalities, which also correspond to the colors of the chakras. Then, one can start combining by relating the gem’s properties… this process is a bit more complicated since much of the info on gemstones comes from new age sites… I just ordered the book Don recomends in the Gifting Compendium (I don’t recall the name right now . So intuition is very important in all this too. Intuition and experimentation of course, actually making the devices and trying them on, feeling the energies… for example, I now find that combining citrine with labradorite is a very positive and empowering combination (even if it combines two diferent tones, yellow and light blue). The SBB’s are probably the best example of how combining many different stones (12?) in the right way can be so beneficial.

Don, can you say why or in what ways one should be careful when using citrine?