Quick Photo Collection Of Local Sept Results

Barker managed to get some of the control and orgonite vegs last night and just picked them up, shot them quickly, washed them and packed them up with some water for the trip up to Liverpool for the lecture saturday.

Keep in mind these are in the ‘poor’ soil and still considerably larger than the good soil. Not measured or weighed them yet. Also this is only part way through the growing season which has a good 6 to 8 weeks left to go.


By [blackiceuk/url:3kdvkwlx, shot with [Canon EOS 5D Mark II/url:3kdvkwlx at 2009-09-04


The lecture went well on saturday even if there were only 4 people there and none of whom were at the earlier lecture.

So no results or evidence from the locals which is somewhat annoying.

Interestingly two of the guys using an allotment both had on those copper bracelets so I could directly tie those in to Lakowsky’s work and then onto the orgonite.


PS: just to prove it took place :

Hi Mark… this initial report is remarkable! The photos tell the story very well. I hope you don’t get discouraged by the lack of response amoung the group you tried to get started. The one that comes through for you has already demonstrated that there is something to this.
I’m betting that as the results come in, there will be more support for this initial finding. Great job

getting a commitment and accurate data collection is the hardest part of any trial. I had figured the replies would be 50 / 50 but not 0.

See what happens closer to harvest time as thats still at least a month a way.


I’ll send out a press release when the final results are in this fall.

I am also booked in to do a longer feature article for Fortean Times this fall on the subject but have not talked to the editor in detail about it or nailed down the timing.

I have gotten a couple more personal results from people, one psychological and the other plans.

Meeting up with two artists on Tuesday to discuss its use. Martin is sitting on (maybe even litterly) 500 or so TB’s in London.