Quincy Quarry Towers

I’ve been looking at this massive hilltop tower overlooking Boston for months and actually gifted it a year ago but I was to far away I think for my tb’s to work.

I couldn’t find the road up to it a year ago, since it was dark out and I didn’t do any advance map work before my road trip, so I just tossed some tb’s in a neighborhood which was below the hilltop and tower, BUT yesterday I got down to business and found the access road to the top of the highest hill around Boston.

Bingo, I located the towers and gifted accordingly, 5 tb’s inall for maximum effect.

The reason I couldn’t to the top of the hill a year ago, was that the very top of the access road was closed off, but in the past year it has been opened to the public because they have built a huge apartment complex and golf course on top of the hill and pretty much right up next to the towers.

I’ve gifted 1000’s of towers at home and abroad and this is not your average tower, it is the largest tower in New England !!!

Here’s 2 pictures i took of it from 500 yards away.

There is several rows of bunker buildings and they must be at least 60 feet long, which houses the genertors and controls. The tower must stand over 600 feet tall.

With this disabled I can only imagine that they must be reeling from my $5.00 worth of orgonite and the $5.00 in gas it took me to get there and back .

Eric, the other shoe that needs to drop when we report our gifting efforts is to then report the effects of our gifting, which you’ve done from time to time. That entails carefully observing conditions, including atmospheric and ambience, before and after gifting; even better when it’s in terms of long range observations.

I’ve been mentioning this in various threads to a several people, including Old Hands like yourself, who post on this board and I can’t stress the importance of empirical evidence enough these days.

If you never heard of orgonite but stumbled onto EW while surfing, it would be the substantive before/after observations in the gifting reports that would make a lasting impression, don’t you agree?

Let’s not leave our readers starving for substance, okay?

A disgruntled reader, in response to my ‘substance’ post, I think, hammered me last week for ‘demanding progress reports,’ and I take all criticisms seriously, which is why I mention this. I hope my encouragement in your thread is an example that may show that his impression of what I’m trying to do wasn’t completely correct.

If I were more skilled at diplomacy I could probably make my point clearer and I apologize for the deficit but, on the other hand, if we don’t maintain a reasonably high standard for substance in posts, then this board effort would probably go the way of other less-than-credible board efforts. I surely don’t want that to happen and I suggest that it’s up to the older posters to follow the lead of some of the newcomers, here, and start posting more before/after observations relative to their sometimes heroic-scale gifting efforts. I don’t think anyone here is exempt from this responsibility.

By building up a widely diverse body of empirical observations of orgonite’s field effects, we’re ensuring that when the $#!+ hits the fan concurrent with more public exposure for orgonite, there will be a substantive record available. The brief, six year history of this effort has abundantly shown that there are any number of chest pounders, poseurs and disinformants already in place who will likely be favored by the What To Think Network when those media freaks can no longer igonre orgonite, so will try their best to ‘own’ the information, which is to say, discredit and bury it.

This is an aspect of the world odor’s war on humanity that really needs to have more attention paid to it, I think.


Don, I guess I have to go back to the tower to get an idea about the change in dor levels.

There is no more smog in Boston that’s for sure, but that has been the case for years. I don’t now if the new orgone generator displaces chemtrails, since I haven’t seen any in a few weeks.

If I notice any changes in people or the enviroment I’ll certainly report it .

Ok, not sure about this , but I’m reporting it anyways.

We have had almost a week of deep blue skies and puffy cumulous clouds.
The kind we all used to see when we were children.

I actually don’t remember 5 or more days in a row of deep blue skies and puffing white clouds as an adult .

It’s still very cold and the temperature hasn’t gone above 32 degrees in a week, but

putting the deep freeze aside, the sky has been brilliant blue !!!

Maybe it’s a coincidence to gifting the tallest tower within 30 miles of Boston last week ?