Radar Ball Lombardy

Placed in Remondo’ Gambolo, in a province called Lomellina, about 40km distant from Milan, and 12 from Vigevano on the road to Pavia.
Gambolo’ museum https://www.olevanolomellina.it/lomellinamusei/gambolo/
Wearherr ball and antennas are inside the air force 112 squad.

Minimal gifting 9 tb 1dodec tb 1 coffe tin ep. gited water tower in Gambolo, church of Madonna della Stradella, ley line in the area goes from Genoa to North Europe. Thanks, as you were, enjoy.pics.

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Good work Silvio!
Yeah the far majority of WBALLS We"ve come across are on secured fenced areas with guards carrying guns protecting them…
Very telling how important the PTW place them in eh?

Thanks Gare! [Image Can Not Be Found] Could it be possible that the radioactivity levels are high near these? They feel kind of nukey. There were prostitutes in the nearby they were armed with rubber rings, luckyly not much of a interference perhaps they are used for remote viewing [Image Can Not Be Found];

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Recently before the weather ball gifting I was travelling on the underground metro and was shoot a very small implant, kind of half of a rice grain, on the neck near a vein. At the beginning was inflamated and a bit soar, then only midly painful at touch and sometimes it would become active and it would pulse and induce a kind of buzzing I also noticed for some times I sudddenly would feel it more near some particular people or most of times not really feeling the implant pulsing or being a nuisance with normally being out and about. Also when i pressed the skin to feel it it started pulsing, it felt like I was meant to be enraged by it.
Anyway after a few weeks I manage to scratch the little tiny implant off and now there is nothing, I was using zapper and I fasted skipiping lunch during work which may have helped the body getting rid of implant. I also boosted the implant and whoever may have done it.

I had a chance today to be a bit down the line from the weather ball for work reasons, so I went to gift a place called Garlasco that is 10km only from the Weather Ball.
There was a Italy Telecom offices with tower. The photos show the outskirts of the village, the big tower antenna (not the one at the Telecom site) with drums next the Sanctuary of Madonna della Bozzola, not in the photo but near the drum antenna there is a water tank with antenna panels mounted on the water tank.
The sanctuary of apparition of Mary to a dumb deaf 13yr old girl in 15th century. It is called Madonna della Bozzola, on the same road closer to the village a strange house with pinnacle, pretty weird also one house on the same road has a sign warning something in German language it looked like a a army warning like a halt and order to show documents or permission to pass, I did not take a photo since next time I have more towers to gift in and there are also about 3 or 4 electricity power lines passing on the south of Garlasco.
The story with the apparition of Mary is that this girl had become dumbdeaf due to losing the parents cause of war and was caught in the sudden storm and asked protection when Mary came in a globe of light and told her to go and announce the villagers to build the Sanctury which was where she had the vision near a small statue of Mary in the middle of the country land. She told this was for the purpose the sanctuary a place where Mary would make office miracle for people of the Lomellina land.
The only curious incident was when I went to a bar to have a sandwich and the woman of the bar hit the litter bin next the bar, I told her it must have been there before she said 13 yrs since the day I work here etc. i told her maybe it was ok to move it to another place for a change. After she left the bar when the husband arrived and said to herself “within 3 months time”.
The other curious thing is the house with really pointy pinnacle, just a normal house?

A peculiar pinnacle as a part of a house in Garlasco, on the way to the Sanctuary, near there is little water canal.
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The drum tower, in the fields next the sanctuary of Garlasco
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The Sanctuary of Madonna della Bozzola, with fountain octagonal on circular plant, inside the church thera are walls full of ex-voto the frames that contain a silver hearth or something that testifies the miracle or grace happened to the person that placed it.
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The 15th century painting,of the Madonna.
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“The other curious thing is the house with really pointy pinnacle, just a normal house? A peculiar pinnacle as a part of a house in Garlasco, on the way to the Sanctuary, near there is little water canal.”

I’ve subjectively concluded that stone Baal pillars were the first Death energy tech, directing and concentrating the Death energy from the sacrifices performed around them. Later, crafty Masons built stone buildings with metal roofs and capacitor/needle tip spires, and that was more-advanced Death energy tech. Those buildings often or as often as possible placed on key points on the energy grid, the World Grid, that they diabolically injected and inject Death energy into, then and now.

Notice how ‘sacred’ buildings around the world have the needle-tip tops? There are Cambodian/Malaysian ones that tipped me off – someone pointed out that they look so EXACTLY like electronic capacitors, and I concurred.

Fast forward to today, ‘cell towers’ are the latest version. With all the old tech, the old buildings still on the grid, still working their malefic purpose. The Powers That Were are very concerned about those old buildings, saying “‘it’s historic, don’t EVER tear it down!’” You see?

There’s a place in Pittsburgh where they tore down an old church for an apartment building, but kept/saved the bell tower. It does not look ‘good’ from an architectural perspective, to me. Now I see, or subjectively conclude, that they ‘saved’ the key piece of the tech, the capacitor needle. Which has ‘cell phone repeater’ panels all over it, by the way.

Wow, just had an ‘a-ha!’ moment… that’s why sacred geometry was integrated into the great Cathedrals. And the World Grid, hijacked, pirated for so long by black magicians, is festooned with their deliberately-fabricated energy channeling structures/amplifiers, the great Cathedrals being just one example, Mayan human sacrifice pyramids another, Stonehenge, Gobekli-Tepe, the Round Pillars of Ireland…it’s a big list. All so mysterious . Bwahahahaha, as they say on the internet.

We know that sacred geometries may be used for white magic or for black, it’s simply about focusing and directing energy. The 108 has showed us how powerful such geometry is when used for good purpose, for the direction of Positive Orgone Radiation. While the same six pointed star that is contained within the 108 is also the very ‘Seal of Solomon’, known from the historical black magic Grimoires.

I suggest that we’ve been collectively told ‘no such thing as ghosts’ and ‘no such thing as Ether’, and Reich was killed and his books burned, because the black magic guys wanted the field to themselves – and have had it pretty much to themselves – for a very, very long time. So sorry, bad guys, white magic is back at the table, and POR trumps DOR, every time.

Jeff, thanks great stuff very interesting comment!
Also it made me remember of another example I found not so far from therea while ago. I have the photo here.
By the way inside this Sanctuary of Madonna Bozzola I saw a symbol of JHS in the style of the Jesuits with the 3 arrows, they Jesuits were those who originated the Synology (from Siam China) because they they were gainin a lot of knowledgefrom being the spearhead missions in Asia, Vietnam Cambodia China India. Those culteres were very evolved in Astronomy, Astrology, Magic, Geometry, Healing, etc.

Here is a place called Ossona, further up north on this line, the small chapel is a what is called a Lazzaretto a place where during plague people fatally infected by the plague where assembled in order to keep them separated to prevent further spreading of the disease and eventually buried. Check the second photo and you see a pyramid tip top roof in metal tower. Again this is supposed to be a normal house, and is next door to the Lazzarett.

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Thanks, Silvio…free-associating, how about how it’s the law that you have to have a lightning rod on top of any structure? Well, that’s just because the Powers That Were care so much about us , want to protect us from fires? So the thesis goes, anyway. How about the attempt to force the Amish to put wiring in their structures? The thesis there being so the property value isn’t hurt when the Amish eventually sell that house . See: ‘bwahahaha’, previous.

Also don’t forget kingpin storm god Zeus was the lightning bolt thrower. Zeus the rebranded Baal the rebranded Adad, re: my noting of ‘Baal pillars as earliest Death tech’, previous.

It’s why that famous cell phone company uses ‘Rule the Air’ as their motto, you know, the guys with the cell towers which are the new-school Death tech version of the aforementioned Baal pillars? It’s why that famous shoe company has a shoe called ‘Air’. Baal was ‘Lord of the Air’, you see, and his Baal pillars were stuck up on mountain tops, in ‘the high places’, just like ‘cell tower arrays’, which are up there ‘so you get better reception’ .

Thanks Jeff, for bringing up my favorite subject in matters orgonite-related. It’s indeed for the first time in a very long time that so many ‘white wizzards’ are taking back etheric territory. The thing I like most about gifting is how by destroying ‘the old grid’ we can help people break loose from old doctrines, opinions, etc… Such a consolation when reading ‘serious discussions’ in the (mainstream) media.


My pleasure – I’ve also thought that, while the grid is worldwide, and the energy pirating/hijacking machinery is worldwide, massive, multitudinous…the fact that orgonite gifting is steadily and incrementally disabling it/flipping its polarity to postive may have the unintended benefit of making our transition to a better world also incremental, as well – versus cataclysmic or catastrophic.

With a possible future (wait, I mean it’s happening right now ) being Bad Guys just slowly tiring of their old, er, hobbies , and slowly morphing into, well, let’s just say healthier pursuits. Most of us (all of us?) move through change in that way, couple steps forward, backsliding sometimes, then getting back to whatever our personal ‘work’ is, right? In meditation, they say, if your attention strays from the candle, don’t harsh on yourself for being a ‘bad meditator’, just bring your focus back to the candle.

At the end of his life, General Westmoreland, the guy who demanded the ‘body count’ in Vietnam, wept to his daughter for forgiveness on his deathbead.

Re: white magic and black, I think the Salem Witch Trials were the barely-closeted Black magicians (masquerading as ‘religous leaders’) offing the white magicians in the community.

Yes, the Pilgrims came to the New World for religious freedom, all right – it’s just their two-faced, top-of-the-control-pyramid headmen didn’t mention which religion. Kind of like why ‘One Nation Under God’ is on our Money. They just don’t mention it’s Molech, whose little image is hidden on one of the bills.

Parasites fear exposure, and I expose them here, now. With highest love and blessings to them and the hope that they might yet see the error of their ways and turn to a better path.

Ah ah there are continuos energy and psychic attacks every time i am out in town. brilliant the bashed me relly well today. And the guys actually show who they are [Image Can Not Be Found]; Je suis oblige’

For me is very well explained, their energy pirating is photocopy there is so much evidence is no longer a conspiracy theory. See about 8 km North of Madonna Bozzole there was a battle in farily recent era the Battle of the Sforzesca on 21st March 1848, passing from there there was really crude vibes.
Look st the obelisk monument, the same army was to clash again in Bicocca of Novara and over there another architechtural monuments gives away the real creed of the estabilishment. An egyptian style pyramid with egytptian symbols to commemorate both armies fallen soldier. Bet the the army commanders didnt tell their own soldier they could opt out dying for a foreigner god.

Funny today there was earthquake 25km South in Salice Terme a SPA near Voghera and Tortona.
44.91°N, 9.029°E
Not yet gifted, Battle of the Sforzesca
[Image Can Not Be Found]

I am boosting you now, Silvio, and those to whom you are connected – “another architechtural monuments gives away the real creed of the estabilishment. An egyptian style pyramid with egytptian symbols to commemorate both armies fallen soldier.” Baal pillars as capacitor/needle tips to gather and focus the Death energy of the sacrifices, yes, ‘the real creed of the establishment’, unchanged since prehistory.

In Norway we have a good example of such obelisks/pillars being used. The smaller ones are made of stones collected
from different parts of the country. And in the middle a 17 metre tall one.
One can only speculate to the etheric purpose of this, to tie together and trap the different energies of the entire country?
Could be, since it commemorates the person who collected (through violence) the different parts of Norway into one nation.

(Gifted, of course)


Hey Frode, great photo from Norway, I can see there is something like 30 pillars plus the mega obelisk/pillar in the middle its obvious these guys are fixated with the pillars obelisks it must be that these structures is what serves the purpose of their lords.

Jeff and all symphatetic people. Today I felt protected, I boosted one ofthe guy that showed up yesterday and felt the spasm in my solar plexus, and a sense of vengeance and hate that this person was trying to infitrate, it was actually attached to other things, such as chaotic thoughts as a way to gain control, I think I was also boosting in the wake and they tried to interrupt me with some sounds. I boosted that and it was easy. I had an headache in the morning but I was in a much better mood. More or less this was the dynamic. Some of these guys maybe involved with something they want from the city of Milan.
If they are looking for a particular relation I think it would be okay to exchange photos. [Image Can Not Be Found];
Anyway by chance for work reason I was near the big tower of Post Office which I once went to pre-gift, so today I did more damage to their DOR powers. I gifted some towers near the shopping mall which manage to unificate the previous gifting run so there are a dozen towers gifted in these part of South from Assago Milanofiori to Rozzano Quinto Stampi. Gained more intel for next time.
It was pouring rain again this morning, after half an hour of gifting the rain stopped. It could be a coincidence, or it could be that we are reaching the balance.
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[Image Can Not Be Found]
The alps from Milan, there is already a lot of snow. The plants that are not big are still green, so is the grass, but nobody talks about it. Altought they fashion is showing it a lot of women are wearing overcoats of natural colors, and not so much in syntetic and plastic fibers. [Image Can Not Be Found];
[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Don’t forget the smalls ones that are built all over the place! This one is placed in front of a Kardecist spiritist center and also over geophatic stress, in an avenue which was built over a fettid water stream in Piracicaba [Image Can Not Be Found].

Silvio, I used to suffer from this same kind of 3rd chakra attack. I learned a trick that is very usefull against chords and is very easy to do, I teached it to my younger sister with succes. It’s based on Dooneys rose technique https://www.donebydooney.com/exercises.html

During the attack pay attention to the points in the surface of your body that are feeling painfull. This is where the attack energy is entering the body. Imagine a clockwise spinning flower or rose right over the painfull spot, sucking the incomming energy. Them ground the flower making a steem that conects with your grounding chord or directly with earth. This will redirect some of the attack energy and ground it, preventing it from causing more damage.

They might be accessing the solar plexus through the sides of the belly, the back of the plexus or the back of the base of the neck pay attention for pain in those points. Keep your aura charged with the triangle exercise. Making it under the sunlight feels more efficient.