RAIN From Gifting In Drought-ridden Southeast US!

Don Croft
28 Aug 2008 21:49

Subject: RAIN from gifting in drought-ridden Southeast US!
Hey Don,

Just want to update you about the rains in W. NC. You probably already know, but the remnants of tropical storm Fay gave us many inches of steady, soaking rain for about 24 hours and it’s raining again right now as I type. All the rivers are huge and the ground is saturated. This is the first rain we’ve received in at least two months and more is predicted all week.

I don’t know if my gifting has anything to do with it, but I did recently complete the last three sections of my fairly large county, so now my entire county plus portions of all surrounding counties have been well gifted. Lots of water gifting too. I attempted to tune my CB by having each pipe a different length, only because I read that that may help bring rain. I did that one day before Fay turned sharply towards the NE, but could be coincidence. I didn’t watch the weather to see if a front was pushing it.

On two of the last three runs, I encountered rain either during or after gifting (that rain didn’t make it to my house, though). Been having a lot of fun gifting too! So far, I’ve been able to receive permission to hike from two landowners at the bottom of two different mountains with big arrays on top. Those were nice picnic hikes with my girlfriend and dog, each about 2 miles one way and STEEP! Almost ever time I gift, I seem to receive gifts. Gallons of free berries (u-pick), free minerals found hiking up mountains, free brass and aluminum, etc.

Sometimes when I know I can’t easily get up a mountain, I’ll use my mountain bike which works great. Sometimes you have to hike-a-bike up but you can get out of there in a flash! I used this technique a couple times lately, one of which was to gift a huge 200 foot white cross located in a high-security religious compound with tall barb wire fence. I flew through the guard gate at full speed, luckily a car was coming out at the exact right time so the gate was going up, and kept peddling uphill until I found the access road to the cross tower. I’ve since found another 200 foot white cross tower about 20 miles away. I guess that’s a smart way to hide a death tower in the Bible Belt. J Each cross tower had the usual generator at the base.

I’m not sure if the drought has broken yet, only time will tell. I was planning on heading to E. TN sometime to further help abolish the drought. Do you know if that area has been sufficiently gifted yet? If so I don’t want to waste a trip, but if not I feel that area would be good to work on since it’s upwind from me. Also, whenever there’s an opportunity, could my area be “looked atâ€? to see if there’s anything major nearby that I missed and that still needs gifting? I would really appreciate that, and I understand there may be more pressing concerns at the moment.

Question: Do the small wooden pole towers need to be gifted? A couple times I’ve shown up at the location of a cell phone tower, according to the website locators, and all I see is a small wooden pole, pretty much like the ones used for small power lines (but without typical power lines), with 6 inch long thin metal rods sticking out and alternating on two sides all the way up, with a small antenna at the top. These seem to me like the real cell phone towers while the big tall paneled monstrosities are death towers. I’ve tossed a TB anytime I’ve seen one but they just don’t seem too harmful.

Well, that’s it for now. Just wanted to give you an update. Oh yeah, I may have access to a high tech aura camera; do you think that would capture orgone energy coming off an HHG?

Thanks for everything,



Great work, Jonathan! I’m certain that your thoroughness is resposible for gettting all that rain past the HAARP barrier. This can be expected by anyone who will commit to disabling all the death towers and weather weaponry in such a large area where rainfall should be expected. People who live in deserts need to travel much farther to achieve that much success.

It might be useful for you to track the rainfall of your county compared to rain in the surrounding counties.

Another confirmation is that a lot of rain didn’t cause flooding where you are. A cloudbuster apparently ionizes the atmosphere where rain is formed so that when it reaches the ground it soaks down instead of running over the surface.
When Georg caused all that rain in the Kalahari the same thing happened—almost no flooding.

I’ve never known whether making the pipes different lengths on a cloudbuster makes a diffference, though a fellow in New Jersey claims that this is so. I do know that thoroughness in disabling the death towers and weather weapons guarantees an end to artificial droughts, though, and that’s what you’ve been doing.

The way to tell a death tower from a legitimate communication repeater, I think, is to see how much power goes into the structure. All the death towers and weather weaponry use massive amounts of electricity, for instance, and cell repeaters have very small power supplies. In Africa they’re often solar powered, for instance.

Watch for Sylphs, okay? When you see them it means you’re winning decisively against the $#!+birds of the world order.


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