Rain Rationing - HAARP’s Telltale Rain Intervals

Rain Rationing
HAARP’s Telltale Rain Intervals

Below are some of my personal observations concerning weather control.

How to tell if HAARP is still manipulating or controlling the weather in your area

When you look at radar images of precipitation of a single storm that follows a diagonal pattern flowing from north to south for example notice if the rain moves through and is gone in an hour or less!!!
Check your calendar next time and see how they love to start the process every Monday? That is what I have noticed over the past several years of watching the weather like a hawk! Their intervals are programmed precisely to lull us into their routine so we more readily accept it!
This is possibly an indication of weather manipulation, it’s either no rain at all or you get as little as possible! In all likelihood the HAARP weather control network was unable to stop the rain completely (most likely due to some degree of gifting in or near a specific area) but the network still has enough of a foothold on the weather to use it’s electromagnetic fields to move it along quickly so the precipitation does not SATURATE the land. This will keep the water table from reaching aBALANCED level necessary to sustain plant life and other important things such as cleaning pollution out of the air. Mother nature does this on occasion but when an area is behind on rainfall the network is used to limit or RATION the amount of precipitation to cause or sustain a drought.
I remember when I was a kid how rain or precipitation used to FORM NATURALLY above us all the time and storms would start without notice all the time.
Orgonite will RESTORE your area to a pristine state once again!
People have been programmed to believe rain only comes when a STORM arises and they have to WAIT for it to reach their location! I promise you that if you gift your area and put your heart in it you will be SUCCESSFULyou probably only need to gift a little more to realize amazing strength and resilience of the thing we call orgonite. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP!
When we were gifting the southeast several years ago we just had to locate most of the antennas and gift them to stop the DEADLY drought.