Re:my life experience with the orgonite

Every new dawn comes with a new thing, a new invention and anew experience. Previously it was just like a dream to me, when I saw all that happened due to the use of the orgonite in various activities. Orgonite first excel in improving our crop production. I practically realized all these when we used it in the semi- arid and the arid regions, like the Turkana and the regions of Lodwer where our brother thoroughly gifted without rest. In fact right now the region is as healthy as the other areas .The rain torrently fall to the extent that flood was even severely experience. This another miraculous thing that I came to realized in my life as the result of the orgonite.
When I went to Hola in the Coastal region, really the place was very dry beyond human habitation for those who were living there were living under constantly problem and suffering, but later after some period of time the whole of that region become what all could admire to live in for the rain had came and water the whole dry land till farmers got attracted there after along time of draught, thanks to the inventors. [Image Can Not Be Found]
On the aspect of peace maintenance, so much courageous to mentioned Migingo in the middle of great Lake Victoria. The fishermen in these Islands had been suffering under the tyrannic leadership of the armies from the neighboring nation. When we took the orgonite there life really changes from a battle field to a peaceful ground for business and even farming. On that concept, to mention Southern Sudan which had been under the turmoil? For great men like John Garang started the fight and died while the fight for the liberation of that Southern Sudan was still going on. But through the constant and real determination of gifting pioneered by our sister Christine and Dancan among other cohorts, the Southern Sudan now is enjoying the fruits of their labor. Even though at times some opposing groups can still come up with hijacking and ambush but we have what to count on as that achievement spearheaded by our colleagues. Not forgetting the nation of Somali, Somalia for many years have been struggling with constant hazard from shifters cargo hijackers now of late the Alshabab .But due to the orgonite that our fellows have thoroughly gifted there, we have a hope for now the Kenyan government together with other united forces have shown interest and now they are having much concern by the status of Somalia and soon there will be a liberation.
From all these it’s my privilege to count on the good experience that I have lean from the orgonite and thanks a lot to the initiators