RE :Orgonite In Nanyuki

The horticultural farmers in Nanyuki for the last three to four months had been very much blessed with the orgonites which we had given them some months ago. Really through the interview that we made through enquiringly from a section of of some farmers reveals to us that there are some species of flowers especially the ones which are grown specifically for the export which do well in the acidic soil and can also do well with our native mbolea the orgoinite.So this one forced us to make sure that we supplied them with a lot of the orgonite so as to increase their production.

Also around Mt Kenya where we also gifted just in the same same flowering farms,we also had a similar feed back flowers are doing extremely good .Also here we got another unique thing,such lowers which are being grown under the use of the orgonite are quite resistance to some kinds of diseases this made it to be very much economical.

Even in Somalia areas where we had gifted the orgonite are doing very well, even rainfall is now adequate.So on the agricultural sector,orgonite has made a half of that nation to have a new face which is quite promising for life. Fatuma is doing well by training them on the core values of the orgonite and the zappers.
I appreciate Don very much for sending me 100 zappers ,i know i m going to distribute it among our East Africa colleague.Really we got it at the right time when now Doctors are on Strike in Kenya.So some of the cases we may handle just with the use of the zappers so as to minimize some unnecessary suffering.

Right now Nicholas and Chris is doing marvelous gifting in Migingo Island in Lake Victoria,since they invade that area with the orgonite now there is peace.Even right now tomorrow a m going to send them some more zappers to help those people.

Those new places where we started gifting is highly giving us good result,we also got an easy time through using our motorbikes that further minimize our expenditure in transportation. I know we will do very well.

I finally appreciate Don’s effort of supporting our kikundi with the motorbikes,i again appreciate Carol’s pendants which she send are very much helpful t o Nicholas and Chris who are now in gifting mission in the Island of Lake Victoria

Mrs O